Dear PoP – Expansion of Capital Bikeshare Program

Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Saturday April 23

“Dear PoP,

DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) has a map of proposed Bikeshare stations accessible via their website ( Under the section marked Expansion).  DCers can advocate for one of the proposed stations by emailing comments to [email protected] A public meeting on future Bikeshare expansion is scheduled for May 25th from 6-8 pm in room 1107 at 441 4th Street NW.”

On a selfish note – I’ll ask people who live in the Petworth area to please advocate for one on the corner of Georgia Ave and Upshur St, NW. Please! This past weekend (see photos) both Sat. and Sun. all the bikes were gone from the Georgia Ave-Petworth metro station.

Where else do you think should get a new station? Don’t forget to email your comments to [email protected].

We recently spoke about the scarcity of Capital Bikeshare bikes at certain stations here.

Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Sunday April 24

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  • Buy a bike you hippy!

  • SusanRH

    RFK needs more stations. I was at the DC United game on Thursday and all of the stations were taken and a bunch of people were trying to unload bikes.

    • should the demand during a game merit additional facilities that might remain underused most of the time? perhaps on games days they could station one or two of their vans their to deal with increased demand.

      • they need a good way of dealing with events that generate high volume to a single location. sports games, events on the mall, etc. this is eminently predictable.

        • you’d think it’d be pretty easy. you just put a bunch of empty racks there (75?), leaving them empty most of the time. people will ride to the game/event and then ride back home.

          would be interested to know how much each empty rack costs.. my guess is that most of the cost is in the bikes and the signs/communications systems, and that adding an empty rack is a small incremental cost

  • New Jersey Ave, somewhere between Florida and M Street.

  • Georgia Ave – around Columbia/Irving!

  • Would really love to see double the amount of bikes at the 16th and Harvard/Columbia station. Tried to get a bike this morning around 9:30, and I was out of luck. I don’t think this is an unusual circumstance. Hopefully these meetings and e-mails actually make a difference! The program has so much potential.

    • I don’t think they’re set up to handle commuters. Should they be?

      • I think so. I assume that most people who use the program are using it for commuting purposes. Maybe a 70/30 split, no?

        • i’m skeptical that 70% would be commuters. i think far less, but i’m only guessing. i’d be interested to know for sure.

          most people i see on cabi bikes don’t appear to be in a hurry and they are not riding alone.

        • The model doesn’t work for commuting for precisely the reason we are seeing here – the bikes need to be moved around more randomly or they end up being used up in the AM in residential areas and bike racks downtown filled up.

          If you commute on a bike you should buy your own bike and ride like an idiot weaving in and out of heavy traffic like the rest of the fools who commute via bike in this city.

          • It may not quite be 70/30, but anyone you see riding Monday through Friday is surely using it to commute. I’m not aiming for this to replace the Metro or the bus for me, but it’s nice to have to option on nice days to save a little money and often get to work more quickly.

            I also would like to see the breakdown of commuters vs. non.

            I’ve also thought of buying a bike, but thought CaBi would be a good tester to see whether I’d want to do it all the time. Also, I like knowing that my bike won’t be stolen. Though anytime I leave the bike from Bikeshare, I always have a weird feeling that I’ve left my bike somewhere.

      • Uh, I think the whole point is to be set up to handle commuters. (The fee structure is set that way.)
        And they do have some guys driving around in a van downtown picking up bikes and bringing them back north, but it sounds like it’s not working so well.

    • Housing Complex’s article about BikeShare awhile back basically stated (what I read into it): don’t expect to have bikes for your commute at 9:30.

    • +1. Commute argument below aside, I was unable to get a bicycle here at 1pm last Saturday, and frequently see this station with low #’s of bikes during non-rush hour times. There’s just a lot of demand at this station.

  • The new Park at Ledroit is an obvious location for one. Surprised it is not on the list.

    • I’m surprised, too. I seem to recall that a CaBi station (and ZipCar) were on the list of amenities for that park in one of the original drafts. Bummed to see it gone. We need another bikeshare station in Bloomingdale, the 2nd & Fla Ave station doesn’t serve the residents north of RI Ave very well and I know several of us who have bikeshare fobs. Good to see 1st and RI on the list; that location will see lots of use.

      • Nevermind, the 1st and RI station is not on the list. Must be heat-induced delusions. I could have sworn I saw that on one of the official station announcements! Wishful thinking 🙁

        • It is on the list, no? It’s on their map of proposed stations which has a color-coded map showing the “heart” of Bloomingdale (1st and RI) as being one of the most logical places for a new station given population density, employment numbers, interest, etc.

  • Increase capacity and add a new station in Adams Morgan.

    At the very least, shuffle bikes from Adams Morgan (always full) back to the Woodley Park metro racks (always empty) during evening rush hour.

  • how about at the corner beside of el limeno, across from the hitching post? if not there, then definitely at georgia and upshur.

  • 16th and U is going to be slammed once Vida Fitness opens in May.

    • I’m not sure if Vida fitness will be what does it, but I agree that this station already seems overstretched. I think it should either be expanded (if that’s evening possible) or another station nearby should be added. How about something on 18th Street or V street?

  • Yay for a station at 14th and Clifton!

  • Totally selfish and not very likely, but 5th and Kennedy! Or at least in front of Moroni Bros/Ras!

  • What I emailed in, I don’t live in the Woodner, but near by:

    3636 16th ST NW. This is the location of the Woodner Apartments. Residents of 16th St in this area live about 10-15 minute walk from Columbia Heights metro along with Giant and Target. Having a bike share at this location would get a lot of use from people making short rides to the Metro or connecting to Adams Morgan (from which there’s no direct public transit route) or even downtown.

    Let’s also not forget that the Woodner Apartment building is DC largest single-structure apartment building with over 1,000 rental units! I think a dozen or so city share bikes would be quite regularly used here.

  • We definitely need more bikeshare stations in Columbia Heights. The rack in front of Giant on Park Road is ALWAYS empty, even at midnight, or 6 AM. They could double the quantity of bikes in Columbia Heights and they would still get used. The only thing holding me back from an annual membership is the bike availability situation in Columbia Heights – there aren’t enough CaBi bikes to go around!

  • The Shaw metro…hope that one happens

  • I’m all for the bikes. However, driving with every road is under construction and a million times more bikes on the road is a recipe for erractic driving as drivers try to pass bikes, road rage, bicyclist injury and death. I say create more bike lanes before we create more opportunities for people to ride bikes.

    • (some)people hated Fenty for advocating bike lanes, so I doubt we will get more bike lanes anytime soon. Like until we get bicycle traffic bottlenecks. More bikers on the road will just show auto drivers the futility of speeding down residential streets. More injuries are inevitable though.

      As a biker, I’m just happy CaBi has been such a success but I’m still on the fence about joining.

      • I’d like to turn an entire street (11th? 13th?) into a bike/transit expressway. But in exchange I’d like to see a parallel street (e.g. 16th, Georgia) turned into an auto-only street with timed lights, so that there’s at least one ray of hope for those of us who drive.

  • shaw matero???? What would you call 7th & T???? That is 500 feet from the north metro entrance

  • I think another Mt. Pleasant station would be great, and something at 17th and V streets NW.

  • notlawd

    +1 to 5th and Kennedy! but I was more reasonably going to recommend Georgia and Missouri, or even Georgia and Kennedy. That intersection is crazy busy.

    I have my own bike, but it would be nice to have the option to take it home sometime when I am already out without my bike.

  • Georgia Ave/Petworth – I absolutely support expansion and additional stations in the area. Like everyone else, it is always empty. There simply need to be more bikes and more stations throughout Columbia Heights and Petworth in general so that you’re surprised when you come across an empty one. Perhaps adding ‘mini’ stations between larger ones would help. The program has so much potential and I realize figuring it all out can take time. The last thing I’d hope for is a ‘high-speed’ rail transit program where trains can only go half their potential speed. Potential means nothing if it isn’t utilized.

  • 16th & Columbia and Upshur or Randolph & Georgia

    are they only going to be making new stations, or will they be expanding some of the more popular existing ones?

  • bike racks take up space and cost money to operate. the more bike racks you have, the more bikes, and the more vans you need to distribute those bikes (so people don’t complain). The concept is expanding and it takes time. if they try to much at one time it will fail. also their fee structure was based off their perceived current demand. by having to expand quickly you could expect increased fees.

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