Dear PoP – Demo Completed at Georgia Ave and Newton St, NW

“Dear PoP,

Not sure if you’ve posted about this already, but they’re making progress on phase one of the Park Morton project (“The Avenue” at Georgia and Newton). They’ve torn down the old car wash and vacant building.”

We mentioned this project in the beginning of Feb. ’11 and you can see photos before the demo here. Wild.

Below is a rendering of the 83 unit apartment project by Landex:

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  • It just keeps getting better and better!

  • I’m not too keen on public housing being replaced with even more public housing, but I guess it will look better than the old place.

  • booooooo public housing

  • it isn’t all public housing. That particular building, I believe, is going to be at least half market rate units.

    • What is market rate when half of the building is public housing?

        • The cost of comparable units in nearby buildings. It’s not a particularly hard computation and I would imagine that the market rate units would still be more affordable than many of the units in the neighborhood.

          • I think what Fairy and Anony mean is, people will not pay as much for a market rate unit in a building where half the units are public housing compared with an identical unit in a building that is completely market rate. So you can’t just look at what comparable units nearby are selling for, unless they also have significant public housing components to them.

    • Are there instances where market rate sells well in half public housing complexes? I believe decentralizing is the way to go but question the reality of the approach.

  • My understanding of this project, (and I realize that plans may have changed since I last looked into it) is that the families in the current Park Morton buildings will have the option to move to “The Avenue” once it is completed. Then the Park Morton buildings will be razed and replaced with a mix of market rate and affordable housing. It will include both apartment buildings and row houses, and Morton St will be extended to Warder. If that is still the plan, I think this project will be a huge net asset to the community: those living in Park Morton now have the option to stay near the area in a new building while the current Park Morton land will be redeveloped. There will not necessarily be more public housing in the area than there is now. If anybody has alternative information about this project, or if the plans have changed, I would love to hear about it.

  • They are replacing ALL the public housing units (153 on-site and 22 scattered in the Parkview community + 7 homeownership units)and adding 317 market/workforce housing.

    These will almost all be rental units and it remains to be seen the exact mix of market and “workforce”. The “workforce” housing is a real wildcard and it will be interesting to see if this is provided for our hard-working police, firemen, and nurses or if it is just a lighter way of dressing up mostly subsidized housing.

    The new updated commercial space will be welcomed on Georgia Ave and hopefully this residential redevelopment will break-up some of the well-established pockets of crime.

    This is a link to a revised version of the original plan which may have changed:

    Please add if you have any updated news but the Landex Corp has not returned any phone calls.

  • this is a project similar to that of HUD HOPE VI. Arthur Capers was one too in SE, beautiful development now.

    Depending on how well they pick the former Park Morton residents to come back (there are guidelines) it could be good.

    I have faith…

  • Sounds like a win-win to me. The pace of residential construction on Georgia Ave. within three block radius of the metro is staggering. And all the buildings (including this one) seem quite attractive to me. Once those are completed and filled up, there will be a very different vibe in that area …

  • Can’t tell you what all of these numbers mean but they may be useful in determining income limits for “affordable” housing in DC. My suspicion is that “affordable” ain’t really all that affordable. Note that for all the talk about Section 8 this and public housing that, the median income for the Washington, DC, area, which is what the limits are based on, is $103,500.,a,1242,q,646852.asp

    I like the design of this building. It’s certainly less amenable to mischief than the open courtyards model of the existing Park Morton complex.

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