Dear PoP – CVS Moving in Woodley Park

“Dear PoP,

So with sherrys and the rug place moving I thought I’d ask the people in CVS if they’re actually moving into the spot. They confirmed. Said either in December or January.”

Sherry’s was located at 2315 Calvert Street NW and is moving to 2627 Connecticut Ave, NW.

Jamshid’s Antique and New Oriental Rugs was located at 2313 Calvert St, NW. Interesting to see that the closing sign out front now says, “forced out”.

The CVS is currently located at 2616 Connecticut Ave, NW. It’ll be interesting to see who eventually fills that space.

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  • Interesting. That CVS is the worst CVS ever. Maybe the move will help.

  • I always thought this CVS was quite ridiculous. Is there any other CVS in the city that’s not “CVS/pharmacy”? It’s quite rare you see a sign that just says CVS and doesn’t actually maintain a pharmacy.

  • two story mcdo’s!!! or maybe a 7-11??

    also, yes that cvs is just awful in so many ways.

  • This really is the worst CVS ever. With the most insane cashier. Sometimes he is crazy nice, sometimes he is crazy mean. But he is always there, crazy, and impossible to avoid.

  • Anyone complaining about Wal Mart coming into to DC should first direct their anger at CVS. CVS’ labor practices are absolute shit. And we see that refelected in their customer service. Walgreens can’t expand soon enough.

  • Yeah CVS sucks in general. Who cares if Woodleys was a “bad” one. At least it was relegated to a small space. now their tacky corporate signage and empty window displays will be glaring at me on that prominent corner taking up 4 or 5 retail spaces. I just hope they aren’t allowed to brick over this facade with their usual suburban strip mall look they use when building out a store from scratch. See the Petworth CVS and the Adams Morgan CVS for examples… The Cleveland park CVS is better so I am hoping the Historic District in Woodley prevents such an assault on the senses.

  • When I lived over there Sherry’s was at the corner of CT – where the Chipotle is now. It moved to Calvert and is now moving to CT. Weird!

    That is bar-none the worst CVS ever. They didn’t sell any baby supplies – no diapers, no formula, nothing. The shelves were always depleted of other things too. You would think in a high rent/high tourist area it would be a lot better!

  • When let go from U-Haul, most end up at CVS. And vice versa.

  • Has Sherry’s moved already? I haven’t been by there in maybe a week, but they were still open at their old location the last time I noticed. I wonder if they’ll have a moving sale. They had some amazing deals back when they moved across the street.

  • Sherry’s is a pretty solid liquor store. I think the new space is bigger, which is nice. Glad they’re not leaving the neighborhood. They and Open City are the only neighborhood establishments I frequent.

  • Love Sherry’s — nice people and decent prices. The CVS sucks. Talk about claustrophobia.

    • If there wasn’t already one a mile up the street, I’d like to see Walgreen’s move in across the street. Maybe some competition would help. Then again, the Cleveland Park CVS is only marginally better than the Woodley Park CVS.

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