Dear PoP – Capital One Customers Should Check Their Accounts

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“Dear PoP,

This morning at 6:38am, someone managed to pull $500 out of my Capital One checking account at an ATM. This happened despite me being sound asleep with the card in my wallet. The Branch Manager at 650 F St. said I was the 4th customer this morning with a fraud issue (which makes me think there’s been a recent increase in this type of situation) The thing is, I likely wouldn’t have noticed this for a few days if I hadn’t stopped to get cash this morning. Two separate ATMs said I had already hit my daily limit on cash withdrawals, which led to me calling the bank etc.

I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, but folks should check their bank accounts just in case.”

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  • ” What’s in your wallet “

  • “Give it to me.”

  • Probably related to the Epsilion (sp?) breach of data on Sunday.

    • By all reports that breach of data only concerned names and email addresses, so unless OP (and the others) subsequently fell victim to a phishing scam, I don’t think this is to do with Epsilon.

      As photodork mentions, this sounds more like it might be skimming.

    • Definitely. I got skimmed a couple months ago–right around Christmas. I figure they were counting on me not to notice because they started December 23rd and went through the 27th. Wachovia noticed the high activity and alerted me after putting a hold on the account. I was able to get cash the next day with my ID and the money was back in my account within 36 hours. I sucked for a little bit, but could have been a lot worse.

  • Definitely sounds like a skimming case. Always check out the ATM before you proceed. Often cameras are placed up underneath the lights and a device is placed overtop of the card slot.

  • I got hit by skimming last year, right after I bought a new car. Someone stole $1000 out of my checking account and my card was still in my wallet. This happened in August of 2010. I bank at SunTrust. The bank returned my money with no problem. I later got a notice in the mail that several people were arrested in New York in connection with my case. They have been charged and are awaiting sentencing now. I filled out a victim impact statement. The people involved in my case skimmed ATMs in DC, MD, VA, DE and NY. You just never know. Check the ATMs and also gas station card readers before you swipe your card. This is very very common.

  • OP here; thanks for the info. The branch manager described a process that sounded almost exactly like skimming. Capital One’s Claims Dept. on the other hand seemed incredulous that anyone, anywhere could have gotten my pin #. Based on that particular interaction, I’m not very confident they’re going to reimburse me, but that could just be cynicism on my part.

    @ Dittle, I’m hoping that MPD can pull camera footage from the ATM and get a good photo. It would be nice to hear that these folks got what’s coming to them.

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