Dear PoP – Anyone else noticing an uptick in Outdoor Sexual Escapades?

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“Dear PoP,

I have noticed a lot of cracking down on usual city annoyances lately in letters and here is another.. Due to hot humid weather it sometimes brings out the nasty in people and I mean that literally. Last night for two hours there was a couple parked in my little dead in corner having jack rabbit sex.

They were so close to my window (not to be obscene) I heard bodies smacking. Now I KNOW I wasn’t the only who heard them on our corner. Not because they were screaming and moaning but after an hour inside their car they decided to venture out on TOP of there car or some other car. I was petrified to shut my window because I did not want them to know they woke me up. My dog barked at them finally but to no avail. I did not sense it was a prostitute but I looked out my window only once and it looked like young kids 17-20? I just played the pacifist let them get on with it and got absolutely no sleep.

I do not think I would have even called the cops because that sounds a little extreme for me. Has anyone else had an experience like this and if so what did you do. Things like this remind me of how small of a city/community/living space we all live in and it does feel a bit too close for comfort at times.”

It’s at that point I’d play my radio pretty loudly – I think it’s ok if they know that they woke you up. I’d blast some The Story and see how they liked the smooth sound of host Dick Gordon.

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  • Wow. I mean who has that kind of stamina at that age? I got it on in alleys at that age too but it would have only disturbed your sleep for a few minutes.

  • i DO think it might be cool if people had to put an address (maybe an intersection) when they sent in posts like this. would be very informative. young kids screwing on the street doesn’t sound like my neighborhood at all.

  • Once while anchored on the Potomac, my boat guests got down big time up on deck under a full moon on an early June night with the breeze a blowin’. Topped off one of the best night sails ever. Good winds, good times.

  • Should have treated them like two dogs stuck together and thrown a bucket of cold water on them. Of course these days that could get you killed so forget the thought.

  • sexless old people complain about things.


      • Others’ sex lives can occur very gross or appalling, but that only makes it funnier. You generally either wish it was you or you laugh at it.

        (If it occurs nightly or with abuse, that is a new question.)

  • You should have whistled and applauded!

  • pics or it didn’t happen

  • Wow! So we get a video of a lady in a DC Office on Aging van littering but we don’t get one of this? Step up your game PoP people!!!

  • Just holler “Rent a room!” and close your window. How hard is that? Your not going to get shot.
    Geeze, way to live in fear.

  • I’d’ve probably just called the cops…I hope they used condoms..

  • LET’S GET IT ON!! LOL…good for them! People are too uptight..or jealous, or both. I would’ve enjoyed seeing a posting about someone watching me get it on on the rooftop of a certain building near 16th and V NW last Sunday evening.

  • Find some porn and crank the volume

  • My favortie local sex in public story was when Half Moon BBQ shut down. The last night of live music there lots of local artists/acts played, including some local mariachis from one of the neighboring Mexican restaurants. I didn’t witness this, but apparently a couple paid the mariachis to serenade them while they had sex in their car (the musicians were on the street) on Georgia Ave.

  • to answer the question posed in the title of this post:

    I have definitely noticed an increase in friggin condoms all over the streets which is just AWFUL.

    ..but I guess good that they’re being used? I don’t want to step on them anymore though.

  • I would have grabbed all the singles in my wallet, gone outside, and made it rain all over them!

  • I was blessed with the sight of an extremely decrepit old man (80’s or 90’s) and a much younger woman with her dress up servicing him at Beach and Tilden on Tuesday. Didn’t know what to do, so I suppressed my nausea and continued my jog.

  • Once in a while, whatever. It’s a sound of Spring.

    If it continues, however, hit ’em hard and fast with a flashlight and the garden hose.

  • It was around noon. I suspect she was a prostitute, she had kicked off her 6inch stilettos which I didn’t really think were appropriate for a park. They were overlooking the creek on the path just north of Tilden.

  • Emmaleigh504

    You were scared to close the window b/c you didn’t want them to know they woke you up? Seriously? They probably wouldn’t even notice you closing the window, and if they did they would just laugh about it later.

  • This thread is worthless without pics.

  • were they hot?

  • I’d take a passive aggressive approach – crank a little marvin gaye (let’s get it ONNNNNN), let it play for a while. As a huge fan of the outdoor, rooftop, strange location bang, I say leave the kids alone, but the music would HAVE to let them know that someone was watching/aware of the situation. Letting them know that you know what the hell they’re up to would probably force them to leave, which is what the cops would do anyways. thanks to the OP for at least having a sense of humor about all of this and not immediately going vigilante psycho-naut.

  • I heard them too. Black SUV? Shaw/Howard area?

    Ridiculous moaning and spanking.

  • For the first time in all the years I’ve lived here, I noticed a parked car on my street a-rockin’ just a few days ago. It’s a very densely-populated, well-lit street, so there’s not a lot of untoward behavior going on. Plenty of dark alleys for that. For the first couple of minutes, I sort of wondered if there was a problem I should offer to help with. Then it dawned on me. They probably didn’t want any kind of help I would be offering.

  • The only time I’ve seen this was back in 2004 off of G St at either 12th or 13th. Car pulled over to the curb, driver getting blown by the woman in the passenger seat. They weren’t trying to be discreet. Could have been the last vestiges of the prostitution ring around that area.

  • Outdoors sex is awesome.

  • Let’s hope they were using a condom at least. No need to breed more.

  • Two more reasons to leave this classless city – the observed behavior and the commenters that appauld it.

    • Bye!!! I hope you dont get too shocked to find out people have sex in classier cities.

      What capital of sophistication do you hail from? Please tell me its somewhere in the deep south.

      • Sir, I am from the not-so-deep south. I can assure you have never had sex until you have out in the fields or woods or behind the old woodshed.

        I bid you good day.

        • I’m from the not so deep south as well. I happen to know the family values and chaste living thing is all an act.

    • To “All Jokes Aside”: Do you ever get laid? you must be boring as hell in bed. We applaud your departure from the city and hopefully from the gene pool!

    • YEah, peace out dude… goodbye and good riddance.

  • This doesn’t top the two homeless people I saw having sex on the sidewalk near Connecticut and Q Street back in February. Now that was a sight…

  • I have a really poor view of people who post on POP in general. Like I love the blog, but the responders, as a rule, suck. Today is my birthday and I couldn’t ask for a better present than the light-hearted, funny, and totally unexpectedly cool responses you guys have had to this post.

    Ok, I could ask for a slightly better present, but it probably involves what this post was about in the first place. Thanks for a good runner up.


  • Was at Angles in AdMo a few years back, in the back room with the pool table and a big crowd of friends. Someone looks out the window at the then-new parking garage, and sees a car pull up with a man driving, women in passenger seat. They start kissing, his hands start getting gropy – up then down, and the effect is evident on her face. In the meantime, the whole back room of folks – say 15 or so, has their faces pressed up against the window gaping at the groping (and foggin up the window process). Eventually, they notice us, leaving them and us embarrassed. But we all applauded, and the guy took a bow when getting out of his car. Maybe they continued on when they got to the apartment.

  • Maybe they were waiting in line for will call at 9:30 and got all bothered.

  • Why do you think there are so many people born in March? It’s summertime baby!!!

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