Cool Bicentennial Brick

I always marvel at this house off 15th St, NW because of the wild glassed in balcony up top:

But as a result of always focusing up top I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this cool brick from their walkway:

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  • I dig this so much I can’t even tell you, mon’. Who in town can build such cool window boxes? I have great southern exposure waiting for a up-on-the-wall-plant-box wonder.

    • I KNOW. I’d kill for one of these. Of course, I’d have to have my own house first. And before that, I’d need money to buy said house. Sigh.

      Seriously, this house is amazing.

  • Nice. The house appears to date from around 1876. I wonder what the years mean?

  • Amazing! Can I get a cross street please, would like to see this one in person.

  • the house is at 1454 Corcoran. I walk by this a few times a week on my nightly dog walks – I always strain my neck lookin up – it’s pretty cool, and the stained glass at the top looks wicked too.

    Never noticed the bicentennial brick. Awesome.


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