Coffy Cafe Coming Soon Signs Arrive in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to see if you’ve noticed or heard about the new shop opening in Columbia Heights on 14th st. between Park and Monroe where the old “Mozel Fashion” store was. It’s called Coffy Cafe and says it will serve cupcakes and crepes among other things. It advertises a logo of a woman’s head with a huge afro and says it will have a “mod 70-s feel”. The glass is covered in bright orange and pink paper right now. Let us know if you find out any more details!”

This is the space I mentioned back in the end of March that should open in late summer. I’ve been emailing with the owner who is super enthusiastic. Stay tuned for more updates as build out progresses at 3310 14th St, NW (just north of Park Rd).

Another reader writes:

“Dear PoP,

For all the haters that said “Coffy” was a stupid nonsensical name, we can see now that it’s really “Coffy” as is in Pam Grier from 1973. Now lets just hope those crepes will keep them in business!

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  • Crepes and cupcakes. Cripes, this city is so predictable.

    Here you go, fledgling entrepreneurs: pie & custard shop. That one’s free.

    • Pies – You mean Dangerously Delicious? Which is actually pretty gross?

      Or Custard – like Rita’s which was in Columbia Heights, almost across the street from where Coffy Cafe is coming, but had to close down?

      There’s a reason your tips are free.

      • I should have said frozen yogurt. Custard is so 2009.

        Also: just because you think something is gross doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge moneymaker. I think the cupcake places in town are disgusting, but that obviously doesn’t mean they aren’t profitable.

        Also: I was joking.

  • What’s up with all the old folks in wheelchairs chain smoking out front of that building?

  • I think the concept sounds great. There is a ton of competition for coffee in the area, what with CH Coffee, Tynan, and Starbucks, so the key is offering stuff that the others do not (or at least a very different / superior atmosphere). Crepes, while perhaps common elsewhere in the city, are not in Columbia Heights, so if they do that well, I think they could be in good shape. And while cupcakes are indeed ubiquitous in DC, I can’t think of any very good cupcakes offered in CH right now. Any sort of fresh baked goods, especially basked savory goods (meat pies, fresh baguettes, etc.) would be a way to stand out from the crowd as well.

    • CH cupcakes = Sticky Fingers. At least I think they’re good.

      • And they won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network!

        • The frosting – and pretty much everything else – made w/cheap Cisco vegetable shortening (Cisco Crisco?) always have me a little doubled over before I get home. There are good vegan baked goods out there, but quality of ingredients is key … right now Sticky Fingers isn’t making it.

          • And I think they jacked their prices up after winning the cupcake wars. There’s certainly room for competition here, given DC resident’s insatiable hunger for cakes of the cup variety.

          • No argument there. SF is not my fave, in fact I don’t go there for sweets, only for savories.

          • Vegan baked goods are generally extra extra sweet – sugar = tenderness and vegetable fats always have a different, less rich (slimier) “mouth feel.” Regular people might find Sticky Finger cupcakes gross (some houseguests recently brought me some as a present and I had to choke down a couple of bites) but objectively, I would consider them pretty good for vegan.

      • sticky fingers’ cupcakes are horrible.

  • What ever happened with the French bakery that was looking for a space in CH? Did they move on or open somewhere else?

  • I hope it’s open later than 7 or 8, unlike Tynan and the new shop opening in Mount Pleasant. That would draw my business.

  • A bit unrelated, but as it’s located in the same building – can the Samuel Kelsey apartments or whoever owns that building PLEASE give it a face lift? At least some new signs and awnings?

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