Brutally Violent Night – Multiple Shootings, Stabbing, Including a Homicide at 7th and Quincy St, NW

A reader writes in and sends the above photo:

“Just before 10 Wednesday night… At one point at least 6 cars cop cars and one officer on bike patrol were outside CVS at GA & NH. Had at least one guy in cuffs. Officers also digging through trash cans. Cops stuck around for about an hour. Any idea what was up? Also hearing about a shooting along 700 blk of Quincy around the same time.”

From MPD:

“Units received a call for a shooting in the 700 blk of Quincy St. NW around 10pm. An unconscious adult male was located suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The male is deceased. Homicide Branch is investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM(E).”

From @dcfireems:

Around 10:19pm: “shooting – 900 blk Wahler Pl SE”, “EMS evaluating 2 patients”

Around 11:20pm: “Stabbing – 18th st & Benning Rd NE”, “1 priority w/ traumatic injury”

Around 11:45pm: “shooting – 700 blk Yuma St SE”, “1 PDOA, 1 other an adult male traumatic inj, priority 1 being transported”

From @dcalerts:

Around 9:17pm: “Police Alert-SHOOTING Shooting @ 2117 hours, 1200 Brentwood Rd NE LOF 2 B/M’s armed with handguns no clothing.”

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  • You would think it would be easy to find 2 guys with guns and no clothes.

  • “Around 9:17pm: “Police Alert-SHOOTING Shooting @ 2117 hours, 1200 Brentwood Rd NE LOF 2 B/M’s armed with handguns no clothing”

    Surely these two were apprehended quickly. Who ever heard of nude gunmen?

  • Very odd, I spend a lot of time hanging in my backyard at night up in Petworth, and just last night was thinking about the risk of encountering dumbass shooters walking through the alley.

    The stress we all endure from exposure to these violent kids and their love of guns is actually shortening our lives!

  • There we’re three homicides last night.
    One in Petworth and two in Southeast with others in critical condition with life threatening injuries.

    Wild night…
    The word is spreadin’ fast in the streets.
    These crews are about to beef hard as hell.

    • Make that four murders

    • It is nights like this that make me question DC’s refusal to let law abiding people exercise their right to bear arms.

      • funny, nights like this make me question the “right to bear arms”. sh!t like this don’t happen in britain, china, and countless other countries where nobody is allowed guns.

        you want to see messy nights, just wait until “law abiding people” start toting handguns around.

        • yes it does.

          • In 2008 there were “42 gun-related deaths in Great Britain”. In 2005, there were 31,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. If you take into account that that U.S. population is 5x that of britain, it’s still shocking.

        • What is the difference b/w China, Britain, and the other countries you refer to?

          • Good question.

            I guess the volume and mindset of the criminal element of each country. The U.S has A LOT OF PEOPLE comparatively hellbent on killing, thieving and engaging in completely selfish and uncivilized behavior. Gun laws or no gun laws, the problem is that we have a lot of these ethically retarded individuals and a lot of them are in DC.

      • why? what would have changed in these situations if everyone had a legal right to own handguns? i guess the stabbing would have been a shooting?
        i wish there was someone that could make a cogent pro-handgun argument, but its always stupid reactionary claims. guns can help fight crime, sure. but not in any of the situations that come up on this blog.

      • You can get a gun in DC, and its not that hard. All I had to do was take a 2 hour safety class that I learned a lot from. We have a very reasonable gun law here. I hope to never use my glock 17 for anything but practice but I sure do love having it around!

    • I did not mean to make light of this tragic situation–when viewed in light of SP’s update that four young men lost their lives senselessly, my posting of a 70s uptempo music clip was in very poor taste indeed.

      My very poor attempt at humor–I did not know it was gallows humor when posted–was focused on SP’s use of the term “hard” (i.e., “beef hard”). These mean street motifs described by SP are as played-out and clownish as Elvis’ sideburns, fly-away collar, and polyester leisure suit in the clip that I posted. There is nothing hard about these crews waging armed insurrection against one another (i.e., ready supply of guns, ready supply of bullets, ready supply of get-away bicycles, paucity of cooperative witnesses)–sadly nothing that will distinguish any of these young men from the countless who have gone before them who have thrown their lives away so callously.

      The true “hard” response–call me naive, I know–would be for any of the young men involved to overcome their upbringing and actually make something of their lives. Sadly, that would be following the path of greatest resistance–the true measure of any hard decision.

  • I wonder if any of these folks were involved in supplying drugs to the elderly man from yesterdays pot post.

    • Do you know how many drug dealers there are in DC alone?
      I’m not gonna say too much on here but I’ve seen drug dealers literally ALL OVER D.C., people you would never thought would be hustling. Old, young, black, white, male, female, etc…

      I’d be willing to say 1 in every 35 people in DC sells some type of illicit drug

  • They must all be pissed now that it’s looking as if a rougue cop was involved with killing biggie smalls. Or the arrest of the 17 year old yesterday for a previous homicide. The orders are out.

  • I like it better when the news in PoPville is a new restaurant and a pretty tree.

    • Agreed. I do however enjoy the posts and pics of the pigeon-slaying killer hawks in DC. Good stuff

  • If you’re not blaming Mayor Grey for this then you’re not paying attention.
    For the love of god bring back Fenty…. please! All is forgiven, I promise I won’t say anything bad about triathlons ever again!

    • Please explain how Mayor Gray’s election has led to increased violence in DC.

      • LOL. I think “Oh Crap” was referring to Mayor Grey of Crawford who controls all criminal activity that goes on in this town via his magnetic powers. I don’t think he was slighting Vincent Gray.

  • any specifics?

  • Does anybody know the address of the Quincy St shooting? I live on the 600 block and saw all the cop cars last night, but couldn’t tell which house was the center of the activity. Really I’m wondering who the victim was. This is horrible!

    • to my knowledge, it was 718

      • I tried to buy that house! Yikes!

      • and, i actually live on the 700 block. if in fact the shooting did occur at 718, the house is among a cluster of homes at the end of the block, some of which i would describe as “sketchy.”

        to be clear, my comment is not to imply anything about the inhabitants of these various residences, rather is simply based on observations that i have made about the behavior exhibited by a select few.

        im not sure which house(s) among them are problematic, but i have definitely witnessed several instances in which people were loitering on the sidewalks (presumably inebriated) and involved in, how should i say, potentially contentious conversations. and i couldn’t tell you if 718 was one of the problem houses – i never really took the time to identify the exact “problem houses.”

        now, at the same time, as i walk past these houses everyday on my way to/from work, i am routinely greeted by a gregarious lady who spends much of her time sitting on her porch.

        “hey baby, how are you this fine morning? have a good day at work, baby.” honestly, that daily exchange fuels me more than my morning coffee. i really hope that she wasn’t affected by this tragedy.

        • if there is a house that is “problematic” in the respect that you believe there is drug dealing there, do yourself and the community a favor by going to the PSA meeting and telling the officers. i’m specifically talking about cars pulling up, people going in and out at odd hours, what look like drug deals. they’ve taken down some other drug houses in the neighborhood based on community input.

          if it’s problematic in the respect that people just like to hang out outside and are noisy…well, not much you’re gonna be able to do about that. if you can’t beat em, join em. sit on your porch blasting John Denver, smoking cigars.

      • I don’t think it’s appropriate to provide the exact address on the PoP website in this case, out of respect, confidentiality, and possible error.

        That said, I’m pretty darn sure that the homicide was on the north side of the 700 block, the odd-numbered side.

        And I have lived nearby for ~10 years, and this is the worst thing I have seen in that time. It has been a great place to live and raise kids. I think it be a mistake to tar all the residents of Quincy Street, Petworth, or DC with the same brush.

        • i meant no harm in mentioning the address – just relaying what was reported on the news (perhaps inaccurately) per the request of another commenter. my landlord, who lives above, me saw the same report on NBC4.

          ultimately, you’re right, the address doesn’t matter. this is a tragic situation, and i hope that this event serves as a catalyst towards creating safer neighborhood.

          • It won’t change until the population does and that’s a long process. This crap happens because all the things that lead up to it are permitted by parents, neighbors, etc. Until there are enough working folks with families and real lives at stake any social change is only hopeful.
            My neighborhood used to be called 9 mil Alley because of the dealers fighting. Even found slugs in the woodwork of my house. About five years ago grammas started selling their houses and new families moved in. Totally different place now. A retired cop was at my house and was really surprised by how much better it has become.
            Hopefully this happens on Quincy street.

  • failing in an attempt to buy a house on Quincy st may have been the best thing to ever happen to me.

    too bad it’s rocket science to figure out where the criminals live and hangout…

    someone should start a blog called “where are the hot boys?” (not that kind of hot boy my gay friend! but that does make it more fun)where they call out all the gangster houses.

    • there’s nothing magically bad about Quincy St. this time it happened there – next time it may be on Randolph, or Longfellow, or [insert other street where drug-related activity and violent crime exists].

    • yeah, im not sure that i would call yourself lucky to miss out on a house on quincy, or anywhere else nearby. i love the neighborhood and have found the residents, new and old, to be quite friendly.

      some houses are pretty beat up, as mine was prior to purchase. however, from a real estate perspective, the area is a stone’s throw from a metro and can be downtown in under 15 min (which in many ways defines prime real estate in NW). there has also been an influx of restaurants and other amenities that have sprung up over the past few years, with more on the horizon.

      crime, as we learned last night, is fairly active across the city. while the petworth area certainly has its share of violent crimes, the so-called “nicer” areas across the park in upper NW experience plenty of crime, as well. i believe that there’s been a recent outbreak of home invasions in the tenleytown area.

      in varying degrees, of course, but city living is city living.

    • I think this is actually a good idea. We need to shed light on the dirtiest parts of our city. I could make a list of about 6 or 7 places within 5 mins walking of my home at 3rd and Emerson.

      • go to your PSA meeting. tell the cops who work your neighborhood where trouble is happening.

  • Stop smoking weed and then we won’t have drug dealers killing our kids.

    Seems simple enough.

    Reduce demand, and supply will follow.

  • I tell people this all the time – perception and reality are two very different things. Read the stats for yourself.

    When comparing a 1500 foot radius for the last year for :

    10th & Quincy St NW (I changed from 7th, because it would otherwise be skewed by lack of incidents due to Old Soldier’s Home)

    17th & P St NW (Heart of Dupont, beloved by the fancy crowd)

    Here are the results for the last year:

    10th&Quincy 17th&P
    Homicide 1 0
    Sex Abuse 3 1
    Robbery Excluding Gun 58 58
    Robbery With Gun 6 3
    Assault Dangerous Weapon
    (ADW), Excluding Gun 15 33
    Assault Dangerous Weapon
    (ADW), Gun 6 0
    Total Violent Crime 89 95

    Burglary 49 46
    Theft 114 314
    Theft F/Auto 73 221
    Stolen Auto 38 27
    Arson 1 0
    Total Property Crime 375 608

    10th&Quincy 17th&P
    Total Crime 464 703

    The numbers speak for themselves.

    Petworth shows one homicide, vs. 0 for Dupont. You can choose to accept that means you’re more likely to get murdered, but I’m not sure I’d agree with you.

    Your likelihood of being robbed in either location is nearly the same. Your likelihood of being assaulted with a dangerous weapon is higher in Dupont. The likelihood of you being a victim of theft is significantly higher in Dupont.

    • statistics are largely meaningless. people in Dupont are far more likely to report crimes…

    • As Logan below says, without providing per capita numbers, comparative crime statistics are meaningless. Also, remember that Dupont has an extremely large number of non residents who spend time in Dupont, for work, because it’s on their walking commute home, or because they socialize there.

      Comparing the crime stats of a neighborhood with giant crowds to a neighborhood with relatively small crowds, is like comparing the number of flies that land on an elephant’s back to the number that land on a mouse’s back.

      • The discussion here is about crime with respect to livability. The fact of the matter is that more crimes happened within 1500 feet of the address in Dupont than that in 1500 feet of the address in Petworth.

        Statistics can be interpreted however you want. If you choose to believe that crime data is relative to the number of people walking down the street (ie: that the statistics are on a per person basis, or the mugger assault X percent of people passing by), then sure, Dupont is clearly “safer.”

        Crime rate for Dupont = 33 Assaults/X potential victims = 33/X
        Crime rate for Petworth = 21 Assaults/Y potential victims = 21/Y

        Now, if we assume a block in Petworth has 10 times less people than a block in Dupont (Y=X/10), that would make the Petworth crime rate 210/X, or 6.3 times higher than it is in Dupont.

        That assumes that an assailant assaults a given percentage of victims walking down the street. I, however, don’t buy that. I believe the number is not a rate per victim, but a rate per assailant. If suddenly there were 10 times as many people walking down the street in Petworth, I don’t believe that the same assailant would be assaulting 10 times more people. I’d argue that he’d maintain his frequency of assaults, despite the larger potential victim pool.

        You can argue it however you want. My real point here is that there is violent crime ALL over the city, including the neighborhoods that people think of as “safe.” Examine the data and judge for yourself.

        choose to believe that the mugger assaults with a certain frequency, not related to the number of people who pass him.

        • Only a statistics lover could convince themselves that Dupont is a dangerous as Petworth…

        • Right. Dupont is safer. You’re more likely to be mugged walking down Quincy than 17th. Let’s be honest about our respective neighborhoods, while still being proud of them and appreciating their awesomeness. We have to be honest in order to lobby for things like increased police presence. Neighborhoods like Dupont have BIDs that can pay for more po po, whereas we have to do our own residential activism to get what we want.

          Assailants aren’t necessarily like venus fly traps. As in the movie Aliens, “They go where the meat is.” How many of the muggers in Dupont do you think live there? Probably none. If Petworth suddenly had the same amount of foot traffic as Dupont, a portion of the highly-mobile assailants of Dupont would start to mug in Petworth — and the crime rate would rise even higher.

          Really, what I think would help your side of the argument is getting crime stats with assailant’s place of residence, so as to divide up opportunistic vs. calculated muggings.

          • I don’t have any illusions that Petworth is safer than Dupont. I’m merely trying to show that people get mugged quite frequently there too (admittedly, less often with guns).

            If we want to talk correlation of data, I’d be curious to know what percentage of assaults in Petworth are drug related (people buying/selling/otherwise involved) vs. those in Dupont. I’d be curious to see if you’re more likely to be a victim of truly random crime in Dupont, since muggers assume people have more cash/toys there…and clearly we Petworthians are straight outta lo cash.

  • Unless you provide per capita crime statistics, including the fact that many more non-residents frequent Dupont than Petworth, you can’t say anything about the “likelihood” of being a crime victim.

    • This was meant in response to rooty tooty.

      • I considered that, but I really don’t think that the per capita statistics really matter in this instance. I’m discussing likelihood (or really, history) of a crime occurring. Whether the block is more or less densely populated, or whether it is traveled by residents or non residents really isn’t relevant. IMO.

        If you were one of the 33 people who got assaulted with a dangerous weapon within 1500 feet of 17th & P, would it really matter to you whether or not the block was more densely populated? I think the more relevant statistic is that on average, every 11 days someone got assaulted there. Similarly, within 1500 feet of 10th & Quincy, every 17 days someone got assaulted.

        I fully recognize that for each of those assaults in Dupont, a *lot* more people passed by. Would the number of assaults in Petworth increase 2x if there was a 2x increase in pedestrian traffic? I don’t think there’s a clear argument to support that.

        So, sure, statistically speaking – I’m less likely to be the specific person to be assaulted in Dupont. But the total number of assaults is the total.

  • I came from St. Louis, which has its own share of kids running around thinking they’re gangstas, and there was always a spike in crime when the weather turned warm. The kids are no longer cooped up inside like in winter, but are out and about and more likely to find trouble. Maybe Metro should step up the police force when the weather hits 65′.

  • Ehn, I can’t say I’m real convinced by the warm weather argument. When we have one of these crime waves the comments are either “nice weather brings out the thugs” or “if it’s this bad in the middle of winter, what’s summer going to be like?”

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