Bookhill Bistro Opens up in Georgetown

Thanks to a reader for sending a heads up (and photos) of Bookhill Bistro which just opened up at 1639 Wisconsin Ave NW. It’s Web site says:

“Bookhill Bistro is a full service restaurant featuring globally influenced cusine. We have two levels of dining as well as a private room for parties and a back patio.”

You can see their menus here.

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  • Georgetown has been in need of another $13 burger option.


  • So uninspired! Even the descriptions are boring, spice it up a little!

  • Could be really good. Simple, well done food with great, local ingredients – is that really hard?
    I’ll try it but $13 for a salad will make it tough to do often.

  • Overpriced. Not surprised. Who has that kind of money to waste that these places keep opening up?

  • Iceberg lettuce with beets & goat cheese – at the top of the appetizers – SERIOUSLY? Between that and the badly written chef’s bio (“Harvard of the culinary world” – such hubris), I’m sure I can find other places to toss my dining money.

  • You’d have to be a complete idiot to opt for the American Breakfast on the brunch menu. For $12 you get 2 eggs and your choice (i.e. you don’t get all of them) of bacon, ham, or sausage. Seriously??? That’s just an insult.

  • This isn’t actually too much more than other brunch places. But I think the prices are still nuts–I mean, I could buy a dozen organic eggs and 2 packs of veggie sausage (I don’t eat pork, but can’t imagine it costs much more) for $12. And it’s not like it’s hard to cook. I’ll pay that much for a meal, but only if it’s something I can’t make myself.

  • All of these comments are why you live in Mt. Pleasant and not Georgetown. Sorry if I don’t want to eat in a rundown, crap-smelling place just to prove the point that I’m keeping it real. Some people have money, some don’t. Those of you who wish to make a point of it every single opportunity are the ones who are missing out. Who knows if this place is worth it until you try it. Chances are it isn’t, but who knows, there’s always a possibility.

  • Yes, who knows? Probably the people who’ve eaten there and find it overpriced and mediocre.

    But thank you, Anonymous, for adding to the list of reasons why people from other parts of the city might not want to come patronize restaurants in the neighborhood by reinforcing the perception that not only will people have to pay too much and get too little at Georgetown restaurants, but they’ll have to face a snotty attitude from Georgetowners as well.

    To all residents of other DC neighborhoods (including the lovely Mt. Pleasant): please come try Georgetown places. Some aren’t bad, and some of the people are nice too. We’ll try not to be snotty (and when we come across the Park to visit Meridian Pint, try not to run us over with your fixies.)

    • Hi Paula,

      You’re an idiot. Not one person has commented that he/she has eaten there. And issues with reverse-snobbery were my original target. I’m not rich. Nor do I live in Georgetown. But I do get sick and tired of people using their frugality as a badge of honor and suggesting those who don’t are dumbass rich snobs.

      I think people who don’t normally dine in Georgetown may have previously been burned at the Peacock Cafe, Cafe Milano, Paolo’s or any of the Waterfront places. That’s fair, as IMO these places are all overpriced. But, as I originally said, this doesn’t mean every place will be like those. And it’s not really to fair to pass judgement until you’ve tried them.

      But thank you, Paula, for trying to pick a fight for someone advocating that people give a place a shot before shooting it down. Did I mention you’re an idiot?

  • “Let dogs delight to bark and bite, for God hath made them so.
    Let bears and lions growl and fight, for ’tis their nature, too.
    But ladies, you should never let such angry passions rise:
    Your lovely hands were never made to scratch each other’s eyes!”

  • I have read a lot of comments on a lot of blogs of the years and this is the first in which I have been greatly disappointed and angered by such stupid comments. I do live and work nearby and from Daily grill to Café Milano to Billy Martins Tavern (which some of you had raving reviews about one or another) their prices are if not the same within reason and without any doubt in my mind Bookhill use fresh ingredients not frozen meats or fish. I know all the chefs in all of these places and I like each one for what they are, but for you ignorant people whom seem to have no clue on what it is your talking about please do use a favor and SHUT UP!
    I do this for a living and I have compared the pricing, the food quality and Service and it is a lovely place.

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