New Bar and Restaurant Coming to old Social Space in Columbia Heights to be called The Getaway

Back at the end of March we learned a few details about the bar that was coming to fill the old Social space at 14th and Meridian Pl, NW. I’ve got a few more details to share, starting with the name – The Getaway. You’ll may recall the 70s/80s car chase theme. I’m digging the name. You?

I’m also able to share some of the menu options which will include:

Wings, Calamari, Burgers, Crab cakes, Steak sliders, bbq, flatbreads, salads, fish, chicken, pasta/pesto and more.

The Getaway is still aiming to open in early May and I’ll post the menu in full when it is finalized at that time.

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  • I’m not sure the building matches the theme. In any case, you can have the best theme in the world but if you food, drinks, and service suck then the theme may not be enough to bring customers back

  • With a relatively generic menu a la Americana – I hope they strive to be the best at it. If you are going to make sliders, make the best sliders. If you are going to make crab cakes – make the best crab cakes. Otherwise, as a consumer, why would I not just go to Ruby Tuesdays and spend half the cash for the same menu items? A cool “ambiance” doesn’t fool me – I want solid basics of a dining establishment: good food and good service. The lack of basics, was the Social’s downfall – I hope the Getaway has learned from their mistakes. Good luck to them and welcome to the neighborhood.

  • What, no lamb lollipops?

    Does anyone in this neighborhood really go to a restaurant for a theme? Poon is very optimistic that this place will be superior to Social, but if Poon could have counseled the owners a few months ago, he’d have suggested nixing the theme and just opening a good restaurant with a good bar.

  • As long as it has more vegetarian options, a bigger bar, and less “wasted space”, I’m in.

  • Dear Proprietor(s):

    Please consider grilling your calamari.


  • not sold on the stupid theme, but just make sure the food you do is exceptional, and people will come.

  • Super excited this is opening and I’m pretty optimistic. Menu so far is nothing special-it’s basically the same thing you find anywhere else in DC…I mean, look at Social’s old menu and you’ll find the same stuff all there. I just hope they do something else to draw return customers- I’m thinking killer happy hour specials?

  • And if exceptional food is too hard, then keep the drinks cheap. And people will still come.

    • And if you keep the drinks “cheap” then the rent won’t get paid

      • Cheap drinks mean people will order six of them and come back a couple times a week. A $14 martini isn’t something that people are going to get every day on their way home from the office.

  • I think the concept is perfect for the neighborhood. We need a casual place to eat in this area.

  • PoP, did they give you any idea what happy hour or brunch specials will be like? That will be key for drawing in the neighborhood crowd!

    • I would hope that they cater to the neighborhood crowd, because in that part of Columbia Heights, there isn’t really anybody else! It’s not a tourist or shopping destination at this point.

  • Super psyched. That’s the biggest patio in the area…will be great for the start of summer. Heard rumors of boozy fresh fruit smoothies which would be perfect for summer happy hours!

  • So, those awesome leather sofas from social…what do we imagine happened to them? I’ve been wondering since they closed. Did/are they being auctioned?

    • My guess is that they are up on the top floor that Social used for private parties. It looks like there’s a bunch of stuff up there from old Social.

  • Are the new owners in any way related to the old Social owners or is it a completely different person?

    • I have met the new owner and also knew the social owners and it is a completely different person. Expect a totally different vibe.

  • I really hope the food is good, we need another good sit-down place. I am not terribly optimistic after hearing the menu, which sounds (a) very generic and (b) very broad, two signs at the outset that they aren’t giving a tremendous amount of thought to food. Commonwealth wasn’t perfect, but at least it had a slightly different theme, and the good range from decent to very good, at least some thought went into the menu. That was a loss. Lou’s, another generic place with awful food, hasn’t replaced it, not even close, and I’m not holding my breath for Lou’s 2.0. It just seems, often, DC restaurantors think of concept / space / marketing / theme / drinks first (in some order), and food last. I wish food and the chef would be the driver, rather than, as it often seems around here, an afterthought. Hopefully my pessimism will prove to be mistaken, but man, is that really their menu concept? Ughhh…

  • Can they paint that horrid shade of brown? I’m sick of seeing it everyday

  • if 1 more person posts a comment requesting vegetarian I may be tempted to open a vein.

  • Another point … we live in a neighborhood with (a) no traditional sit-down pasta / Italian place (I don’t really count Pete’s) (b) no non-fast-food Chinese place, (c) no sushi place that isn’t an afterthought addition to a Thai spot (amazing to me how few sushi options there are between here, U Street, Petworth, Mount Pleasant, actually), (d) no Indian place, (e) no seafood place, (f) no Middle Eastern / mediterranean / Greek place, (g) no French place, (h) no Ramen bar, I’m sure I could go on with concepts that would do amazingly well.

    Why, then, does someone opening up a restaurant say, how about ANOTHER generic American bar and grill? How about another burger joint, while they are at it? Columbia Heights is saturated now with pizza places, (soon) burger places, el salvadorean / mexican places, Vietnamese places, chicken places … if you are opening / reopening a restaurant, and I know this is a crazy idea, why not focus on a cuisine which isn’t already overrepresented in the neighborhood? As we see from the tremendous success of Pho 14, pick any cuisine we don’t have, and make it good, you’ll be flooded with customers night after night.

    Instead, they seem to be doing EXACTLY the same sort of fare you can already get at Ruby Tuesdays, The Heights, Lou’s, Meridian Pint, soon the new Diner / Tryst spot, and going down to U Street, a bunch more places like Ulah Bistro. I don’t understand the business model, and I really hope they reconsider having a chef with a focus that makes them stand out. Because as advertised, I see no reason I would ever take the extra five minutes to walk there instead of, say, The Heights or Meridian Pint.

    • “I don’t understand the business model”

      Quite simple, really. The margins are so incredible, you don’t need to make it up on volume.
      1. Unpack glop from those white boxes that fell outta the Sysco truck
      2. Drop into deep fryer
      3. Plate, serve
      4. $$$

  • They will have to do something about that godawful funeral home across the street. Nobody wants to look at a funeral home while eating, and they certainly don’t want to look at a shell of an *unfinished* funeral home while eating.

    Bonus if they can get the trash that lives in the house on the corner to clean up their mess. I felt like I was being cased for mugging every time I entered Social. Blasting classical music from a speaker facing the house should keep them inside.

    • Guess you were looking for the full gentrification package, if you don’t like it you should take your wonder-bread ass back to Arlington.

      Blasting 9mm’s and shell cases should keep you off he block.

      • nice leap of assumptions.

        • Not a leap of any sort, the language is symbolic. The idea that you can move into a community and do away with what you find unsightly or people you are intimidated by wreaks of entitlement. Thought’s voice is that of an outsider. He or she is clearly not from this community. To refer to people – especially people you do not know – as trash is base and unintelligent. Yet you have found a reason and time to criticise my remarks as “leaps of assumptions.” Unless you are Thought, trolling as Anonymous, you would seem to be on equally base and unintelligent footing.

          Good day.

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