Angelica Rodriguez a Reader Found Your Wallet – Email Me!

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“Dear PoP,

My friend found a green Cole Haan wallet and a white umbrella in a cab today. The wallet belongs to a Angelica Rodriguez who lives on Capitol Hill. The wallet not only contains credit cards and cash but also important documents like a social security card and health insurance cards. Would it be possible for you to make a post to help locate the owner? You could have Angelica e-mail me the street address on her driver’s license and I could go drop it off.”

If Angelica is reading this or someone knows Angelica please have her email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail and I’ll put her in touch with the reader.

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  • Simple solution: Mail the wallet to her. Or, turn it in to the police, who can actually look up her info & find her.

    • Or just go drop it off. You seem to be willing to do that anyway and you have her address. And you have her photo, so you can be sure you’re giving it to the right person. Or if she’s not there just leave a note.

      But kudos for not stealing the good stuff and trashing the rest.

  • Here’s the only person with that name listed on Facebook in Washington DC:

  • Take it to the police so they can return it.

  • Note to readers: Never carry your social security card in your wallet. It’s not a valid form of ID, so you don’t need it as such and it’s far more valuable than your credit card (which can be canceled at any time).

  • there’s a new new device called a telephone … (sorry, cool of you to be cool)

  • Try googling the name and finding her on linkedin, you’ll then know where she works and you can call her directly. Realistically, if you have access to the Internet to email PoP, then you have access to everything you need to find out something about most people. Or maybe I’m just really good at Internet stalking…

  • Call the customer service number on one of her credit cards. They can contact her on your behalf.

  • I agree, never carry your social security card on you. I never carry my credit cards in my wallet, unless I’m traveling or know I need to purchase something. If I were to loose my wallet, the only important item would be my DC Drivers License, DC Vehicle Registration, and Gieco insurance card. If you have an address for Ms. Rodriguez, send her a note providing your telephone number asking her to give you a call because you found her wallet. I know she will be please to know, there’s some honest good people left in society.

    • Slightly off topic, but out of curiosity, why do you carry your vehicle registration and insurance card in your wallet? Doesn’t it make sense to leave them in the car?

      • saf

        No, because then anyone who steals your car has them.

      • GDopplerXT, once you’ve had your car broken into an ransacked you’ll undertsand why poeple keep it in their wallets

        • but what if someone steals you’re wallet?

          Who cares if your registration card is in your car when it’s stolen anyway? the title is what’s important and should always be kept separate from the car. You keep the registration in the car in case you get pulled over. So you let your friend borrow your car, they get pulled over, and then boom…no registration card. sweet.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Or you leave the registration in the car and it gets stolen but nothing else in the car is stolen and you get pulled over and boom no registration, so you get an extra thing on your ticket to make it cost more.

        • True, this has never happened to me. I’m not sure why someone would steal the registration card though, but that probably doesn’t mean that they don’t.

    • Or, just mail it to her. Really. It works.

      (My wallet was recently stolen, and someone was kind enough to mail me back the stuff that got thrown out — my ID, business card case and a few other items. Very little hassle for anyone involved and — it worked! amazing!)

  • The links posted are not her..actually tried to stop by the address on her ID (which might not be current) and no one was home. I’m hoping someone knows her and I can drop it off rather than entrusting the police to actually return it, but if nothing comes of this I will just drop it off at the police station.

  • Since no one else had said it, it’s awesome that you are going to this trouble to get the wallet back to her! Someone did this for me a couple years ago when I left my wallet on the bus and I was so thankful! Taking it to the police station will be a much bigger hassle for her.

  • Can I just say how nice it is to read a post from someone doing a genuinely nice thing for a perfect stranger! This made my day!

  • calling the credit card company is brilliant — if they help you out… If I ever find myself in a similar situation and can’t locate the person I’ll use that strategy.

    • One time I lost my wallet in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot and the police found it. They called my credit card company and bank, and neither would give them my number (ha!). However, Bank of America did call me and conference the police man in, and he told me that he had found my wallet and to come pick it up. Weirdest phone call I’ve ever received: “Hi this is Bank of America, I have Officer ??? on the line for you.”

  • She is my friend, I sent her an email with the link to this. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • aw, I love this little online community. 🙂

  • The wallet is mine and I am in contact with the person who found it.

    Thanks to PoP for posting, my friend EB for alerting me to the post, all the helpful reader comments and to the people who found and have gone out of their way to get it to me.

  • This was really really nice. 🙂

  • Good story ending. I’m glad Ms. Rodriguez recieved the information. Enjoy the rest of your day Ms. Rodriguez.

  • LOVE stories like this!

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