African American Civil War Museum Moves into Awesome New Building

I was happily surprised to see that the new African American Civil War Museum has opened up at 1925 Vermont Ave, NW. The building is amazing. They were previously located in a small space at 1200 U St, NW. The new building is located behind the old Grimke School. Their Web site says:

“We Have Moved to the new space at 1925 Vermont Ave NW Washington, DC 20001. The new location will be our permanent home. It is located across the street from the African American Civil War Memorial. We have some great events leading up to the Grand Opening, July 16-18. Be sure to save the date.”

I was able to stop in and snap a few photos. Founding Director (and former Council Member) Frank Smith tells me that by next weekend about 65% of the exhibits would be installed.

You can learn more about the background of the museum here:

“In January 1999, the Civil War Memorial Museum opened to the public. Using photographs, documents and state of the art audio visual equipment, the museum helps visitors understand the African American’s heroic and largely unknown struggle for freedom.”

Lots more photos after the jump.

Exhibits are still being installed.

Great lecture area.

Founding Director, Frank Smith

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  • very cool!

  • I’m curious about the history of the building they’ve moved into — Google Maps lists it as “Dept. of Corrections.” Was it some sort of correctional facility previously?

  • That’s terrific. Looks like a great space. Mr. Harold Jones of the museum recently spoke at my workplace. He gave a wonderful presentation and is a great speaker.

  • Grimke School was surplus space and DC government used it as administrative office space, including for Dept of Corrections and Fire/EMS.

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