7-11 Opens on Columbia Road, NW in Adams Morgan

Thanks to a reader for sending the news via twitter that the 7-11 we learned about back in Feb. ’11 has opened up at 1755 Columbia Rd, NW (photo above from last weekend):

“new 7-11 on 18th and Columbia rd (between cvs and safeway) opened the doors today [Thursday] at 2pm”

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  • A 7-11 right between a CVS and a Safeway?! All of my wildest dreams come true!

    But seriously, minus Slurpees and days-old, rotating taquito dogs what does this add to the landscape that you couldn’t get next door(s)? I do predict a 79% increase in panhandling, though. That seems to be the primary street level impact of newly opened 7-11s.

    DC needs WaWas

  • Only bad things seem to happen near 7-11s.

  • I love 7-11. Citibank ATM’s and cheap fountain soda. I hope they put one in Petworth. I can’t imagine why they havent yet.

    • Mostly because of pan-handlers. Have you been over to the one in Brookland? It’s like Night of the Living Dead out front – “Chaaange! Chaaaange!”
      Not so much at the one further up on GA Ave in SS by the car wash. Pretty nice, actually.

  • This place will be an unruly jungle on the weekends. Mark my words.

  • agree with anon. what does it add? you can get all the same stuff at either cvs or safeway at much lower prices. i live right around the corner and will never go there. anyone have a clue why you’d choose to go to this 7-11?

  • I do hate 7-11’s. I agree with the others that wherever they go, there seems to be an unruly element that follows. uck.

  • Emmaleigh504

    This is bad news. I am not best pleased.

  • I live around the corner and will never use it either since it brings nothing new. Will probably make all its money after midnight. Sad development for our neighborhood.

  • There is another 7-11 just a few blocks down the street. Dumb.

    • yeah, successful businesses are always dumb.
      they probably don’t know what they’re doing.

      • Please define “successful”?

      • I agree… with all you disenters who will “never go there” there should be more room.

        Businesses open to make money, not to make people in the neighborhood happy.

        As for the panhandlers – Just say “No thanks,” when they say “change.”

        Better a new 7-11 than an empty store.

        Great News!

  • where I come from, white people don’t have any problems with the 7-11s. That’s probably because there are no black people where I’m from.

  • We’ve been told most all the 7-11’s in our area (definitely Mt Pleasant and Adams Morgan ones) are owned by local persons who pay to invest, take the risk, and proposes the site for the franchise. We all might prefer something else but it’s better than vacant, as it has been for what? 2 years?

  • I’m more excited about the WAWA opening in Beltsville, across the street from my favorite pho joint.

  • It’s kind of silly that it’s between a CVS and a Safeway, but I agree, better than an empty storefront any day of the week. The rent is probably so high that most local retailers would be priced out.

    There are panhandlers in front of a lot of stores. Safeway and CVS both have them. They come not because 7-Eleven inherently draws panhandlers, but rather because there is increased foot traffic in the area.

  • Generally I think an occupied store is better than a vacant storefront… but in this case I’m not so sure. After the departure of the Popeye’s, there were a LOT fewer rats in the alley behind that block. But the other night I saw one right behind the 7-Eleven, and I suspect with a new dumpster/food source, there’ll be more to come.

    I haven’t seen any panhandling yet.

    Oh, and the 7-Eleven is not _between_ the CVS and the Safeway. It’s next to the CVS.

    • On the other side from the Safeway, that is (between the CVS and what used to be a lingerie store).

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