Facebook Group: “If Boehner shuts down the government I am taking my trash to his house”

Thanks to all who sent emails about this. From a Facebook page titled, If Boehner shuts down the government I am taking my trash to his house, they write:

Speaker John Boehner is ready to shut down the government, including DC city services like trash collection.

Well, if he won’t allow us to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to pick it up, maybe we should just BRING IT TO HIM.

Update, 8:37am, 4/7/11: Thanks everyone for your excitement and enthusiasm for this civil action. We’ve seen this really take off in less than 12 hours. If the shutdown does occur, and we move forward with this event, we’ll provide details on location(s) and we’ll make sure it’s done in a sanitary and respectful way. Please don’t list any personal addresses for members of Congress on this page.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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  • In what civilized society is trash collection not considered an essential service?

    • That’s Gray’s own personal decision to punish DC residents and then blame it on the Republicans.

      On the other hand, the trash is only going to get skipped 1 week, then it resumes.

      • No anonymous poster, it is not Gray’s decision.

        it is Congress’ decision.

        • Nope. Gray is authorized to make those decisions himself. As such he has decided who and who isn’t authorized to work, congress delegates that authority to agency heads.

          Read the District’s Federal Shutdown Power Point presentation before you open your mouth.

          • I love ignorant people cloaked in manuals trying to act informed.

            I live in an apartment building, so my trash will be hauled away, but make no mistake of who’s fault this is. It’s John Boehner’s for being a weak-willed, lazy drunk who can’t control his fucking caucus.

      • i wish people could actually speak for knowledge rather than political agendas.
        i know. i know. i won’t hold my breath.
        but when i see this ignorant anti gray crap i just disrespect the anti-gray crowd even more.

        • What’s ignorant about it?

          Gray’s only suspending trash for a week and there’s no one telling him he has to do that.

          • “to punish dc residents”.

            i guess that was an informed statement. what’s your source?

          • If he doesn’t have to shutdown trash service (which he doesn’t because he’s authorized as an “agency head” to designate trash an “essential Service”) then he’s making a calculated political decision.

            Seems like a p—y decision to me to score cheap points and rile up residents.

  • houseintherear

    The trash should be taken to the Cap Bldg. The entirety of Congress is responsible for this ridiculousness, not just Boner.

    • Yes, but you’ll never in a million years be able to get away with it — unless you want a swarm of cop cars to come from all directions.

      More of the blame lies with the tea party congressmen, anyway.

    • This post gives me hope…finally someone smart enough to see through the BS and understand its not just one sided…if only there were more of you out there…

      • Actually, the issue in this case is pretty one-sided. Republicans have adopted a position that essentially guarantees the government will be shut down.

  • Immature. Like destroying company property when you’re being laid off immature.

    Don’t be a part of the circus people.

    • I agree (though I missed both trash days this week, so I could really use a place to disponse of it!)

    • That’s right, just sit back and do nothing, to give the impression that you’re fine with Congress shoving its Boehner down DC’s throat.

      • You’re way overconfident in your ability to affect the outcome or that anyone with a vote in congress cares that you’re disenfranchised.

        Obama doesn’t care, the Democratic leadership doesn’t care and the Republicans don’t care.

        It’s you and maybe 50,000 people out of a country of 300M people that cares.

        And if you want to see DC lose it’s existing autonomy, go ahead and have your temper tantrum.

        • Lose it’s existing autonomy? We ARE losing our autonomy when the Fed’s shut down – we have to too.

          No one cares. So, then why care? Dump the trash on the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court, and most especially the Mall.

          DC doesn’t care either. It wouldn’t matter if we did.

          • Well, because you’re a responsible human being, not a 20 something twit who’s never been through a furlough before.

          • Yes, the govt is being completely irresponsible, and pushing their irresponsibility off onto taxpaying citizens while they continue to pay themselves for jobs they have refused to do.

            Twit back at ya.

          • We teach people not to act like children in kindergarten, regardless of what other people are doing.

            Hey, knock yourself out if you want to have a temper tantrum.

          • Civil disobedience is a acting like a child? Expressing your displeasure through legal activities is a temper tantrum?

            belittle much?

            Will it do any good? Doubt it. Marches and Rallies don’t do much good either. People hold them. People attend.

            When do we teach our elected officials that to take money for a job you refuse to do is theft? Kindergarten, right?

          • “Expressing your displeasure through legal activities is a temper tantrum?”

            Pretty sure dumping on private property is not legal…

          • Depends on your civil disobedience and what you’re fighting.

            You’re not permanently disenfranchised; you chose to be disenfranchised.

            Move 5 miles and you can have your federal voting representative back.

          • And for what it’s worth, Boehner doesn’t own the property, he rents a basement. Furthermore, the front yard in houses in this part of DC are city property. So you’ll be dumping your garbage on city property. So the property owner will be requiring the DC government to clean up the trash. But oh wait, the trashmen are on furlough so all that trash is just going to blow around DC for a week. Oh and we already have a budget deficit that’s not going to get any better by dumpig trash in front of the speaker of the house’s residence.

            It’s a dumbsh– move by any stretch of the imagination.

            But go on with your big bad Che Guavara self.

          • “Move 5 miles and you can have your federal voting representative back.”

            No one CHOOSES to be disenfranchised. That we live in an area where it was decided for citizens by the federal govt is a valid point. That we are choosing to continue to push for a change to that law is our rights as citizens.

            But thanks for makign sure I understand your point that I am somehow a child. Insulting, but whatever.

            Go on with your insults. I am sure you learned that in kindergarten too.

          • Move 5 miles and you can have your federal voting representative back.

            I’m sure if we all voted to strip gun rights of the residents of Alabama, they’d buy that argument.

    • First of all, it started as a joke. No one is seriously going to be leaving their trash on Boehner’s law. Ever heard of direct action to draw attention to a problem?

      Secondly, this about how DC become an unwilling pawn in whatever tussle Congress is going through. It’s about DC rights, not about national politics.

      The only people who think this is “immature” are the people who don’t get the joke or the political point about DC’s lack of self-government.

      • Oh, I’m pretty sure that quite a bit of garbage is going to end up on Boehner’s lawn and the Capitol steps. In fact, I’d love to see a fleet of garbage trucks make the regular rounds and dump it all down there.

      • “No one is seriously going to be leaving their trash on Boehner’s lawn.”

        I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I’m seriously considering it.

        I entirely agree on your other points though.

    • You sound like a really boring person

    • Congress already made me part of the circus, much against my will. I don’t really have a choice in the matter. Come Monday, I am no longer going to be allowed to work for the good of the Republic. The least I can do is express my displeasure at the situation, especially since I am prohibited from participating in the political organ that has spawned this idiocy.

  • Have people started buying toilet paper and canned beans yet (like during a snow storm, fearing that their credit cards might get cancelled)? lol

    DC people need to relax.

  • I support this. DC government should be independent of Congress. Speaker Boehner is the leader of the party that opposes DC autonomy. As for the budget. He initially said he wanted $32 billion in cuts. Democrats found $33 billion in cuts but Boehner moved the goalposts. Both the shutdown and the fact that it ties the hands of DC government are because of the Republican Party. As their leader it is perfectly appropriate to target Boehner.

    • I disagree.
      A) Look at the circus that is DC government. Alleged payoffs, quid pro quo, riding in $2000/mo suvs, Elinor Norton Holmes, Marion Barry – shall I continue? And I know this probably happens in other state and local governments, but that doesn’t mean this should be looked over as the norm. Until we clean up this city (starting with NOT electing clowns to public office), Who in their right minds would let this circus be self governed?

      B) Democrats had full control for two years and didn’t do a darn thing to get us closer to statehood; probably because we’ll vote for them anyway. Republicans are ok with continuing to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people just so they don’t give democrats another sure-thing in both houses.

      • what’s wrong with eleanor holmes norton?

        • She’s achieved absolutely nothing for the city in 20+ years as the district representative. Her tactics don’t work.

          Why should we keep paying her salary for zero results?

      • saf

        And how is this different than so many other cities, counties, and states? It’s not.

        So, recognize that right is right and all US citizens deserve representation.

    • Sorry to break it to you but raising taxes is not the same as cutting the budget. I’m not interested in startinga tax debate but there needs to be some serious efforts at cutting spending – the american people need to do it on a personal level and the government needs to do the same for the country. Oh and the Dems cut funding for abortions/planned parenthood in DC ONLY yesterday that’s BS!

      • Where were the Republicans when the deficit started getting out of hand, during the W years? Following along in lock-step, is where. Saying that the Dems are spending us into the poor house is disingenuous. Grow up.

  • Sure, the weeping orange man isn’t the whole problem, but he’s a decent-size chunk of it. Start there. Plenty of garbage to go around.

    This facebook event is more about DC autonomy than the shutdown in general, but it proves once again how neither party is fit to lead. Both need to be ground up & fed to diseased hogs.

  • Isn’t this a budget that should have been passed by the previous congress? You know, the one where Democrats held both the House and the Senate?

    • Yes but Nancy’s condo doesn’t have a front yard like Boehner.

    • Remember the filibustering GOP minority? That was less than a year ago, and people are already forgetting.

      • That wasn’t the issue, the issue was EHN didn’t like the gun riders.

        We’ll nothing’s perfect, but if you wanted autonomy now, you needed to sacrifice law abiding gun ownership then.

        DC had a choice and they rejected the compromise.

    • Meh. Mere details.

      Regardless, Congress is a pissing contest, nothing more. No one wants to do the *right* thing. They just want to do what they *think* is right and say NO as much and as often as they can.

      Petulant children. My pets would do a better job and as much as I love them, they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  • You shouldn’t have to stroke a Boehner in order to keep a government running.

  • I think it’s hysterical – but I could see how it could become an issue sanitation/trespassing issue really quickly. Seriously, F–K Boehner and his crying, spraytanning, budget blocking BS.

    • Dude is speaker of the house and third in line to the presidency. People should note that he’s got a secret service detail.

  • Yes, except they should list the addresses of the Republican members of Congress who are responsible for this mess, chiefly Boner.

  • pablo .raw

    At first I thought it was just a way to call attention, but according to the latest update on fb, looks like it is really happening!

  • Before people can dump their garbage, they should show proof they voted.

  • In the end everything ends up in the Anacostia regardless of whether trash will be picked up from our trash cans or from his front lawn..

  • Pretty pathetic that this all boils down to an insistence by the (don’t tread on me/states’ rights uber alles) Republicans that they get to tell DC citizens what to spend their own tax dollars on.

  • Republicans are certainly the ones blocking D.C. self-determination. But the blame for the shutdown should be divided between Boehner, Reid, the House GOP freshmen, and to a lesser extent the White House.

  • The entire situation is most unfortunate. The issues supposedly are not about budget cuts nor spending. The disagreement is supposedly about policy issues that include (1) funding planned parenthood (2) funding public television (3) EPA regulations ?????

    These are important issues, however they can be dealt with separately. Re planned parenthood, we pay now or later. Teenage pregnancy is way out of control and very costly. Re public television, it is important, however our public broadcast outlets could be significantly better. Re EPA regulation, this issue could have a major impact on our health & well being. Clearly some measure of control is necessary otherwise corporations will likely dump all kinds of #### in the environment.

    Dumping trash will not solve the issues. A march on the nations capitol might make a difference? A letter writing campaign? Calling various members of congress? I don’t know. But in a democracy powerlessness & apathy are not solutions, nor is dumping trash — enough said.

  • Yeah, that evil John Boehner passed a rider last night that re-institutes funding for those rotten underprivileged inner-city youths to attend private schools that the Democrats took away in 2009 and that Gray opposes. Shame on him!

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