2922 Sherman Ave, NW Getting Renovated

Thanks to all the readers who sent in photos. Anyone know if 2922 Sherman Ave, NW is gonna be rentals or condos?

And nearby it looks like there is major work going on at the old Coco Libre space at the corner of Sherman and Harvard St, NW. We noticed some movement back in Dec. ’10 but has anyone heard if a new tenant is moving in?

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  • someday this will be a very nice area.

  • Awesome to see yet another building on the street getting a facelift! I’m incredibly excited over all of the positive changes happening now and those yet to come.

  • I live next door to this building.

    Manna Inc. is working with the owners who have owned it for more than 4 years while I’ve been there. It has been empty at least that long. The plan is to add a level to this building, and turn it into condos for low-income tenants.

  • i was walking through CH this weekend and was thinking about all these buildings that i think are empty but will someday soon be full of folks (addresses guessed):

    1319 park rd nw (next to the wisteria)
    1344 park rd nw (across from giant, next to sticky fingers)
    3511 13th st nw

    i guess this building gets added to that list. this is going to be a lot more people, am i right? good thing and some new challenges, i think. but absolutely yay to progress on empty buildings.

  • This building has an interesting history. Ever seen the movie The Super? Last I heard, the original tenants were supposed to fix it up and move back in but had funding problems for the past few years.


    • A portion of the original tenants will move back in. I believe 8 units are slated for the original tenants and 7 more units will be sold at market rate. The old building had 12 units it it, but 4 more units will be created with the addition of a 4th story on top of the original structure. The building is supposed to be a co-op. There has been some behind-the-scene changes in regards to how involved Manna Inc is for the construction of the building, but I do believe they still represent the 8 original families that want to move back in. B&G is in charge of the reconstruction.

    • There was another City Paper article on the same building in November 2003: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/27528/slum-kind-of-wonderful

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