Your Afternoon Animal Fix

If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos or news please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.

“This is Teddy of Capitol Hill, next to Ebeneezer’s coffee house… Teddy is about to move to our new home in Truxton Circle!”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

By far the most famous, most photographed cat, Oliver, in PoPville! Keep ’em coming Mr. T!

Ed. Note: Unfortunately last year I wasn’t able to make t-shirts for the 2010 Coolest Pet in PoPville winners (it was just way too expensive though one day I will make it happen!) And I’m thinking if there is enough interest to defray the cost, an Oliver t-shirt could be coming your way as well (with Mr. T’s permission of course…)

“Toby, U Street’s big fat dynamo!”

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  • Sure, if anyone actually wants an Oliver tee shirt, you could certainly use his image/name/etc. He’s a big fan of PoP! 🙂

  • How the hell does Toby sleep in the urine-soaked mess? 🙂

  • I want a Toby some day. Stupid landlord won’t let me have pets.

  • I think I am in awe of Mr. T’s ability to get good pictures of the cat. Mine looks so cute but when I get the camera he moves so I can’t get that picture.

    And mine definitely wouldn’t let me get a straight on picture that clear.

  • Mr. T is a pro, that’s why Oliver is picture perfect (please note I resisted the urge to say “purrfect”) His pictures of birds, boats, food are fantastic.

  • @AngryParakeet @ET Thanks! 🙂

  • “How much for that kitty in the window?”

    Mr. T, you’re killin’ me. Oliver, wow, striking resemblance to my old momma cat, Silver (may she rest in peace). But she hadn’t been that thin since 1991. Good cat genes, bet he’s smart!

  • Oliver is pretty smart, and overall a great feline companion, but sadly he’s not perfect. He has a habit of obsessively grooming the base of his tail and now has a balding spot back there. Also, whenever I walk up the stairs, he tries to ambush me and attack my ankles. He also likes to walk on the kitchen counters even though he knows he’s not allowed. Once I caught him here:

    • Poor little guy! A friend of mine had a cat which did the same thing (obssessive grooming to the point of developing a bald spot). At first the vet put the cat on Prozac — that didn’t work (in part because the cat didn’t want to swallow the pills) — but eventually they figured out the reason behind the excessive grooming was allergies.

      A prescription diet free of allergens helped my friend’s kitty, and from what I’ve read, a cat food like Evo which is free of grain and other fillers/by-products should do the trick as well. I just figured I would mention it in case you haven’t tried it yet and might want to – Oliver’s a cute cat regardless. Ok, maybe less cute when he’s attacking your ankles!

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