Win 2 Tix to the Sweetlife Festival May 1st at Merriweather

I’m pretty psyched to be able to give away to tickets to this show:

Su 5/1
Sweetlife Festival feat.
The Strokes • Girl Talk • Lupe Fiasco • Crystal Castles • Cold War Kids • Ra Ra Riot • Walk the Moon • U.S. Royalty • Modern Man
Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD
12:00 PM Gates
$55 General Admission

Presented by sweetgreen & I.M.P.

Tickets On Sale – Friday March 18th at Noon thru Ticketfly

As always, to win just let me know why you want to go in the comments and I’ll pick a winner Friday.

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  • Because I freaking LOVE GirlTalk and I would have a rocking good time!

  • I really like music and yogurt.

  • Because I would take a photo of my PoP shirt traveling the world – Columbia, MD edition.

  • Because the only thing I’ve ever won on one of these contests was a trip to Brooklyn, that I couldn’t use.

  • Because I am a Modern Man who Walks the Moons with U.S. Royalty having Girl Talk about Cold War Kids and The Strokes with Lupe Fiasco and Crystal Castles because it is a Ra Ra Riot.

  • Because $55 is a ridiculous amount to be charging for that lineup.

  • Such a great line up! I’d like to see them all!!

  • Because PoP makes my life a little sweeter.

  • Because, US Royalty were in Crystal Castles watching the Lupe Fiasco (when Cold War Kids got to Walk the Moon, causing a Ra Ra Riot), and suffered the Strokes of a Modern Man, when they heard a Girl Talk.

  • Because I just met an amazing woman, and I’d love to be able to take her.

  • Because I love salad and yogurt and Girl Talk and Cold War Kids and Ra Ra Riot and beer and Maryland!

  • Because this lineup is sick and I wanna dance!

  • Because I got way too drunk at Shamrockfest and need to make it up to my girlfriend ASAP!

  • ‘Cause I looove the Strokes. And sweetgreen salad’s are pretty good too 😉 Also, never been to this venue!

  • Because I live to dance and I dance to live…

  • Because I love the strokes!

  • Because i luv luv luv music, farmers and a celebration that is sure to be so Sweet & Green!

  • Because I’ve only been to one concert in my entire life and I missed almost 5 concerts at this same venue last year because I didn’t know anyone in the city yet and I didn’t want to go alone. Now I have a lot more friends and family in the area and I am a HUGE Lupe Fiasco fan, so I’d love to see him live 😀

  • Because my birthday is the day before and I will surely be suffering through a quarter-life crisis!

  • Because my wife and I (admittedly she did most of the work) had a baby in January, we haven’t done anything fun (besides staring at the baby and announcing to each other how cute she is) for months, she loves the Strokes, and, most importantly, this would put her in such a good mood that I might actually get some of that sweet love that I can hardly remember now.

  • Because try as I might, I wasn’t able to get tickets to see either Girl Talk or Crystal Castles this year, and have never been able to get tickets to get into Virginfest. That, and Lupe’s Kick-Push will always hold a spot in my heart.

    If I go, I promise to come as a walking party.

  • because it will turn my lamelife into a sweetlife…

  • I was once taught how to play the drums and I wasn’t very good. 10 years later, the only thing I’m truly confident about is my ability to play every Strokes song. Hey air drum hey!

  • please pick me for the SW-96-TLIFE fest!

  • Because the Strokes are literally my favorite band. I never got an opportunity to see them before their “hiatus” and supposedly Julian Casablancas occasionally makes out with one of the other band members on stage…isn’t that enough reason? Also, Girl Talk came to my university every single year I was there, and I missed him every single time because of exams or something. My priorities were all backwards then, but I think I’m doing better now. Crystal Castles and CWK are also old favorites, but remind me of guys I used to see. If I win, I’ll get to take my new, wonderful boyfriend 🙂

  • On second thought, you shouldn’t give it to me. I’m not POPworthy.

  • Because I want to tell Lupe how much his music has inspired me while I’m by the stage, cause it’ll be empty on the count of everyone else being there for The Strokes.

  • Because I’m about to leave DC for a year, I’m super bummed about it, and it’d be awesome to have one last major memory I can share with my boyfriend (and 20,000 of our closest friends) before I go. Also I lost my virginity to Girltalk. Everything is true except for that last thing.

  • because i like to dance. my pants off.

  • Hi PoP,

    As an outdoor dance-party enthusiast, I have been giddy all month about the prospect of this festival which brings together my two favorite activities- listening to hardcore rockers and DJs while stuffing my face with sassy sustainable cuisine!
    To illustrate my creative zeal for this event, please see

    “Ode to SweetLife”

    Envelope my ear drums with
    Love songs and
    Incredulous guitar solos
    Enchanting my highly stimulated temporal lobe

  • I would love to see the strokes, but I’m super broke. I have nothing clever to say at the moment, but I would kick myself for not giving this a try. Good Luck to everyone that submitted comments.

  • Years ago when I was a freshman in college I had to give away my ticket to see The Strokes and I’ve been kicking myself ever since.

  • I LOVE Girl Talk and Sweetgreen’s guacamole greens and all day outdoor concerts!

  • Because Crystal Castles is great and I was there last year and want to make it two years in a row!

  • Because PoP has not yet established The Beautiful Life Festival, so the Sweetlife Festival will just have to do.

  • Musically, I am a curmudgeon, PoP. Until a few weeks ago, there were only two bands still making music that I REALLY love – The White Stripes and The Strokes. The White Stripes broke my heart by finally announcing that they were breaking up. Seeing The Strokes live would ensure that my heart will no longer be an empty hole. I also like Lupe Fiasco and Ra Ra Riot. Oh, and that Theophilus London dude has real promise – just heard him this morning on NPR.

  • Because 17 year old me going to high school in rural NC in the early 00’s, would have died to be able to see The Strokes. I mean I had posters of them in my room and stuff… I still have never seen them, $55 is alot and I’m poor. Please

  • Because I voted for PoP in the CityPaper best of Washington poll for best local blog!

  • I need tickets because last night, she said:
    “Oh, baby, I feel so down.
    Oh it turns me off,
    When I feel left out”

    So don’t leave me out, PoP!

  • I like going to concerts

  • Because I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday!

  • Because I have spent the last hour and a half trying to come up with a witty and creative reason, but the best I’ve come up with is that I really like all of the acts and I really want to go!

  • Because I RaRaReally love RaRaRiot …and Crystal Castles …and The Strokes … And you, PoP <3

  • I’ll ride the metro to the greatest extent possible 😉 And recycle.

  • I really just want to take my girl, and listen to some amazing live music. Love and music…you really can’t beat that.

  • Because I am a poor, poor education masters student trying to do my best by my community by trying to become a DCPS teacher. I’ve been student teaching at a Shaw Elemetary and I’ve been volunteering my time, and my money, to developing arts programming and buying materials for students and young adults living in transitional shelters with Covenant House and So Others Might Eat. And as much as I love my students and my community and would give them anything, I certainly don’t love not being able to go to sweet concerts, like this one, because I can’t afford it!

    • can you encourage SOME to get along better with their neighbors? SOME does a great and desperately needed service but has really caused a lot of problems for nearby residents.

  • I loooove the Cold War Kids! When I lived in Chicago, I would watch them at this tiny tiny venue called The Hideout!

  • What can I say to make you choose me? Some story about how I don’t have money to go or something?

    Basically I am awesome, have an extra $20, but it would be really fun to win tickets to a concert I have been excited for.

    That was my attempt..

  • i was out of town when girl talk came to 930. it would be awesome to see him at sweetlife!!

  • Because I’m too cool to have ever listened to any of those bands. Dumb it down for this Chipster.

  • Because I want to believe I can still go to a large outdoor concert extravaganza w/o wanting to kill every 22 yr old who steps on my feet and/or bumps into me. Won’t you help me believe in the power of my dreams Pop?

  • Because it’s probably the only ‘festival’ concert I’ll be able to attend this summer, and what better way to start it off than with some upbeat tunes by the returning Strokes and some “get your ass up and dance” Girl Talk!

  • Because I’ve been a big fan of Cold War Kids since the beginning and I’d love to see them again! Thanks PoP!

  • do they have BikeShare all the way out there? thats a long haul on my fixie.

  • Because POPping on these tickets is financially irresponsible right this moment unless POP hooks me up.

  • Ok I changed my mind, give the tix to Illinois Ave if his rap is true!

  • because i’m bitter they’re charging for the sweetlife fest this year. bring back the bank parking lot!

  • because I am the only person reading this who didn’t have to google Theophilus London, and my dog plays fetch with vinyls.

  • You know that photo circulating on the internet about a hipster trap?×668.jpg

    Well, this festival is a hipster trap of epic proportions. Pick me and I can help save the hipsters from themselves (neon sunglasses optional)!

  • As an avid follower of Prince of Petworth since moving to Petworth for internship 3 years ago and staying, I figure its time we make this love a 2-way street. And my birthday is 3 days after the concert, so it would be a great present!

  • Because I’d sell the tickets on Craigslist and buy beer with the proceeds.

  • Because there is no better day than May Day for capitol to do a solid for labor!

  • Because i didn’t think i could love POP anymore than I already do!!!! I am a hugeeee fan, always spreading the pop posts to non-pop readers! The lineup is PHENOMINAL! Heard of Theopolus London Yet? Then its time to youtube “humdrum town” pronto! I’ll trade you a complete re-cap of the day’s awesomeness.

    Good Luck choosing a winner!

  • I want to go because I have never been to a music festival before in my life! I love all the musicians, and I am really impressed with the whole ethos of the festival.

  • Cause it’s gonna be A-MAZ-ING.

  • yes, please! i’d love to see the strokes

  • I’d love to go to this show. Outdoor concerts remind me of being back in Florida, which always makes me smile. I also tried really hard to get tickets to Girl Talk at 9:30 Club with no success, so my friend and I held a consolation GT dance party in my living room.

  • Because this sounds like all kinds of awesome, and I wouldn’t normally fork out for it, regardless of how awesome. A little love for a cheapskate?

  • Because I just finished my comps and I am in desperate need of a good time.

  • Because I’m a kindergarten teacher and my life consists of learning the alphabet and how to sneeze while also covering your mouth at the same time…

    i need a release!

  • Because I have been wanting to take my 6 year old son to a “real” rock show (besides Ft. Reno) and he loves Ra Ra Riot (I do too).

  • I moved to DC less than two weeks ago and I frequent your blog to learn more DC. Right now I’m spending more than I’d like to live near the Hill (a quick need to relocate made for a hasty commitment to housing — sight unseen), so $55+ is more than I’d be able to spend for a day’s worth of fun.

    However, I’m planning to move somewhere more affordable in June (Petworth, perhaps!). Hopefully then I won’t have to beg for free tickets online. Though I still may.

    I’m already thinking wistfully of the festivals I’ll be missing in Chicago this summer.

  • Because Virgin Fest sucked and I hope to have a better experience at this venue. Also because the line up is sooo not worth $55 and that I’m sure SweetGreen might want at least one or two non-LNSers in attendance

  • Because it’s there.

  • I met my girlfriend at Girl Talk’s set during Lingerado in Florida back in 2007. We’ve been together since and it would be awesome to snag us free tickets to go.

  • May 1st begins 3 straight months of my life being difficult (exams and then the bar). What better way to start it off than with an amazing show?

  • Because I’m willing to take Monday as a vacation day because otherwise I’d be limiting my ability to enjoy fantastic bands to the best of my natural ability.

  • Because I can read your mind.

    Right about now you are thinking…the submissions so far have been lame.

  • May 1st is my bday, honest Abe! I love me some Lupe Fiasco and I plan to memorize his brand new album in anticipation of this show. That and break in my dancing legs for some sweet ass Girl Talk.

  • I would like to go because spontaneous dance parties are my favorite thing and I would just love to rock out to The Stroke, Ra Ra Riot, Girl Talk and all the other awesome artists!

  • because I’m recently single, after 6+ years, and could really use some girl talk between us royalty about modern man to stroke my ego before i declare a cold war and love to be some sort of doomed fiasco. if you dont do something to get me to my castle in the air, i’ll start a riot that you could see from the moon.

    Crystal Castles • Ra Ra Riot • Walk the Moon

  • The Sweetest thing in Life is getting the chance to attend the raddest show of the year and go a little crazy with friends! Plus it’d be fun to let loose, de-stress, and dance my worries away before university finals week 🙂

  • Because my 2.5 year old says “play Feel So Down, Daddy!”

  • I’d like to win them because I would dance so hard my pants would fall off. And everyone knows, when Susannah’s pants fall off, it’s officially spring. So I would make spring arrive earlier!

  • because I love seeing live music, and my wife is pregnant, and my ability to see live music will pretty much end come October once the baby is born!

  • Because the Cold War Kids are Truly a Great Band

  • Because a little part of me hopes that The Strokes will bring out Andy Samberg so he and Julian Casablancas will perform their smash SNL hit “Boombox” (see: and somehow Crystal Castles will have Robert Smith come out for a surprise performance of “Not in Love”

    Also, I really like salad, frozen yogurt, and Girl Talk. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Because I’m the biggest live music fan you’ll ever meet but haven’t gone to a big show in some time due to the cost! Oh yeah, and I’ll definitely be celebrating St. Patties day with you at Chickass!

  • hey all!

    i’d love to win tickets to sweetlife because as many of you probably are i’m a broke college student! i’d love to get an opportunity to spend a weekend with my boyfriend making friends and enjoying kick ass music before he goes overseas this summer. i love the line-up, have an open mind towards bands i haven’t heard and will spread my good vibes towards everyone else attending!

  • Because we used to be co-workers, hit me up.

  • Please pick me, pick me!! I love The Strokes plus I love Sweet Green. I want to take my Mom with me and I am really happy with the idea that it is going to be an environmental friendly concert! Thanks!

  • 1) I’m a brokeass law student, and finals are going to cruelly gobble up my late April birthday this year. Since finals end the preceding Friday, tickets to Sweetlife would be the best belated birthday present I’ve ever gotten! Only Greg Gillis can lift me out of my post-exams sleep-deprived funk.

    2) I couldn’t make it through Property class without pictures of sweet transoms and fluffy kitties on PoP.

  • I want to win tickets because I “discovered” the Strokes 5 years too late, and have not been able to see them live yet.

    Also if you give a ticket to me I’d be willing to go with a complete stranger from this blog because hell why not.

  • Please pick me, because I am a fan of 5 of the acts (so I would definitely enjoy the concert). I’ve been waiting for Spring, and this would just ROCK MY SOCKS!

  • There’s a subsection of my closet full of clothes deemed inappropriate for Real Life. It could probably be made useful for this occasion. Also, face paint.

    An absurd amount of technicolor face paint.

  • Because mom gave me my grandmothers middle name-Dorcus.

  • Because GirlTalk is awesome!

  • Almost exactly a year ago to the date of this festival, my two very good friends were married (bridesmaid right here!). They moved to a beautiful condo in Columbia, MD and I never see them anymore and it’s super sad. If I won the tickets we could go to the festival and I could see my two good friends 🙂

  • As the world’s oldest teenager I need to keep up with what the cool kids are listening to these days.

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