Win 2 Tickets to The Whigs April 8 at 9:30 Club

I support most bands from Athens, Georgia… If you’d like to win two free tickets – just let me know why you want to go in the comments.

F 4/8
Converse Presents Get Out of the Garage Music Tour featuring
The Whigs
w/ Get Out of the Garage winner: Beast Make Bomb
Brought to you by Rolling Stone & Journeys
7:00 PM Doors
Tickets available here.

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  • yes! I want to go because my musician husband (of 3 months) and I haven’t been to a show in a VERY long time because it’s simply not in our budget — my company is tanking so I may be unemployed soon and he has one more year of grad school to go. we’d be most appreciative of a fun night out!

  • A band who associated themselves with the mid-19th century political party that Honest Abe once stood for should put on a heck of a show

  • O.K., Alright, Nothing Is Easy but I will travel Half The World Away In The Dark if I am on the guest list for The Whigs at the 9:30 Club.

  • I went to UGA in Athens and love love The Whigs! I was in college when the Whigs first began. They are truly awesome. Still living in Athens, they talk about their love of Athens and continue to really represent Athens music. It’s amazing to see what they have accomplished in just 9 years. I deperately need some Athens music in my life! My current fellowship salary doesn’t quite support my love of concert going. It would totally rock to be there!

  • If you give me the free tickets, I’ll promise to use the money I would have spent on tickets at local businesses such as Duffy’s and American Ice Co. Everybody wins.

  • I am the sole surviving member of the Whig Party.

  • I have a mutual friend with the band and would love to go and introduce myself!

  • Go Dawgs!

  • Because otherwise, I will just sit in my garage until I am eaten by vicious city raccoons.

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