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  • no. let’s just give up on this city and start another one somewhere else.

  • Not everyone has extensive money to renovate. What can you do…

    • Sell it to a flipper and go live some place easier to maintain. The seller can probably get $200-$250 for it as-is.

      Old people don’t want to move though, so it would take an intervention.

      • It doesn’t get easier to maintain than masonry buildings. You have to neglect them for decades to get where this house is.

        A wood frame structure would be having all sorts of additional structural problems if left in disrepair for 40+ years.

        • I’m not sure any house is easy to maintain with a budget of zero.

          DC’s masonry housing stock is in horrible disrepair because of the lack of upkeep over the past 40 years. The percentage of houses that get painted instead of repointed is huge. I’d say well over 50% of brick window arches have become structurally unsound due to lack of maintenance as well.

          When you need to account for 40 years of lack of upkeep the cost is much higher than a stick house.

  • salvageable? no.

    And considering what looks to be crappy construction, I do have to wonder about the damage it might be causing to the rest of the structure.

  • I live near that house and that house had a tarp covering the pop-up for a long time. At least they boarded it up. At some point someone has to do something because it’s likely affecting the neighbors. It’s awful to walk past.

  • I don’t see why the pop-up couldn’t be salvaged. It’s still a blank slate from what I can see.

    However, there appears to be a significant bulge in the party wall between the house and the one to the left. Given the lean of the left porch collumn, the lower middle section of that wall is shifting into the featured house.

    I’m more worried about the ability of that wall to bear the load of this pop-up.

  • “What’s Worse Than a Neglected Building?”

    Wong Tong says go to Detroit and find out!

  • I kind of like that place. The exposed brick is nice. Just replace the porch roof and it’d be a gem 😉

  • I love how they have two “approval” stickers on the window with the permits. I wonder what actually passed inspection in that house??

  • I talked to the woman who lives next door to this. The story she told me was the son of the woman who used to live there (forgot if she died or went to a nursing home) got it in his head that he could fix up the place. It had a blue tarp on it for years, and as you can see, he could not fix it up.
    He might not have had the money, but that’s a lame excuse. Jesus or St. Paul said you can make fun of people who go about building a tower (or a pop up)without first counting the cost. Besides the neighboring woman told me the structure habors rodents.

  • What is a pop-up???

    • The part that “pops-up” above the roof line of the other houses. Typically constructed more recently than the original building. Typically ugly as sin.

  • Almost everything is salvageable… for a price. Is this area of shaw part of a historic district?

  • Tons of fire trucks outside of this house this afternoon. I was so surprised to see that I recognized the house.

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