Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – North(ish) Columbia Heights/West(ish) Petworth

This rental is located at 1235 Randolph St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

-New Kitchen
– Maple Cabinets
– New Stove
– New Refrigerator
– New Floor
-Renovated Bathroom
-New Carpet
-New ENERGY efficient windows

-On-site Laundry
-On-site Manager
-Secured Entry Way

-Blocks from Georgia Ave NW and Metro Stop
-Tenant responsible for Cooking Gas and Electric”

$979 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • yes, less than $1000 in CH is a very good deal, but i think there is a reason that 1) there are no real pictures of the unit 2) the number of sf is not listed – or maybe i just didn’t see it.

  • Yeah, I live right near there and I’m guessing the SF is just above a studio-size apartment.

  • It is a well-maintained and quiet building. They missed blocks to Yes, blocks to Red Derby, blocks to soon-to-be-under-construction Safeway.

  • I have a guess who this particular David is 😉

  • This place is a dump.

    • You handle makes it appear you live in NE. Why would you say this building is a dump?

      • What are you implying about people who live in NE? Are they supposed to have lower standards or something?

      • Yes, I do live in NE. That’s very observant of you. I had a friend that lived in this building. There is a reason the rent is so cheap, its a dump. You can clearly see that from the pictures.

        • Thank you for the response! I believe it is correct to not portray this one-bedrom as luxury for $980 per month.

  • Incorrect. I am wondering if someone who lives in NE has knowledge about this building in NW.

  • rofl.

    i lived in this EXACT building in 1994-1997, when it was infested with roaches coming from every director, crack dealers, prostitutes, etc.

    idk how much better it has gotten in the 13 years since then but i would DEFINITELY advise anyone considering it to check out their management and all the tenants of the apartment before even considering it.

    • okay, not exact. but in the area, and in a similar building. regardless, looking at pictures, it looks like a shitty apartment.

      • @Melody – that’s a huge difference. there are some really nice buildings in the area. don’t write off a whole neighborhood because one area had crap management and insect problems. that’s like saying that you’ve eaten at Grand China Carryout, and it was therefore Red Rocks is surely gross too.

  • my fav part is the sign in front of the building specifying “no vagabundos.” i assume that translates somehow to loiterers…but makes me smile every time.

    • This is why I have such trouble finding a place. When I fill out an application and they see my name, they lose interest right away.

  • Whenever those “No Loitering” signs are neatly posted, that means there are city-subsidized tenants in addition to non-subsidized.

  • Did someone really just question whether this neighborhood has changed at all in the past THIRTEEN years?

  • Seems like a good deal.

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