Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

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This rental is located at Kilbourne Pl NW at 17th St NW. While I normally don’t like to post options without pictures I think this one might be a really good deal. The Craigslist ad says:

“Newly-renovated 2-bedroom English-basement apartment is in a quiet, non-smoking townhouse 6 blocks from Metro.
Washer/dryer, A/C, wall-to-wall carpeting.
Monthly rent of $1650 includes heat, water, and cooking gas. Tenant pays electricity.
1-year lease; security deposit of $1650.”

$1650 sound right for this 2 bedroom English-basement apartment?

In lieu of a photo of the unit please accept this photo from a Mt. P resident:

“Here’s one of the first crocuses of spring, just a wee touch of very welcome color, in Mount Pleasant.”

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  • That is an absolutely phenomenal price. There is probably some catch, especially without pictures (does it have a kitchen? windows? a bathroom? is it really a 1br? is the carpeting moldy or covering a bunch of dead bodies?) but if not then someone will be getting a sweet deal.

  • No way to judge whether or not it’s a good deal without at least seeing a few photos of the unit.

  • Just how “English” is this basement? Does it have teency tiny windows? Any closet space? What’s the square footage? I’ve seen English basements that sounded like a great value fromthe descriptions, but were so dark and nasty I wouldn’t have lived in them for half of what they were asking…

    How can you tell anything without a pic or at least a floor plan?

  • PoP, no offense, but I’m not sure why you decided to post this. Like others have said, it’s really hard to judge w/o pictures, and the lack of pics I think increases the chance that it’s actually a scam. There are a couple dozen other rentals listed on CL in MtP that would make a better candidate for one of these posts.

    That said, yes, if everything in the ad is accurate it’s a good deal, even if it’s dark and nasty. But if it’s actually a 1BR (or 1br+ den) then it’s not a good deal.

  • If there isn’t some unmentioned fatal flaw – it’s already rented.

  • I’m guessing the second bedroom is really small (I lived at 18th & Kilbourne and the basement tenant told my roommate the second basement “bedroom” was the size of a closet). That said, it’s a great location (I miss it!) so if a couple is looking to share a place in the neighborhood and value the extra storage/office space of the second “bedroom”, it seems like a good deal.

  • I’m very skeptical without photos.

  • Way too good to be true.

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