Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Glover Park

This rental is located at 2844 Wisconsin Ave., NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Studio apartment home with all Utilities Included.

$1365 per month and 494 square feet.

Step-down into living room area with view of the private pool.

Walk-in closets and updated kitchen with ample counter & cabinet space.

Cable/internet accessible and laundry facilities on site.

24 hour emergency maintenance service.

On the bus line to Tenleytown/AU (Redline) Metro Station or to the heart of Georgetown.”

$1365 sound right for this studio?

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  • I live around the corner on Idaho Ave and rent a condo for $1100/mo + utilities for 400 sq ft. Id say this is priced just about right. I kind of like that this unit has the “step down”area.

  • Minor quibble: This is Cathedral Heights, not Glover Park.

    • And I’d say this is fairly priced. Studios in the nicer, long-established neighborhoods seem to be creeping into the $1300/month range. Pool is a nice touch if you like that sort of thing.

  • That two-level living space is adorable and so Holly Go-Lightly. Love that ~60’s(?) railing.

    Have no idea if this price is right — wouldn’t be my preference, seems high — because it’s too far from a metro.

    • I love that railing too. Makes the carpeting almost bearable.

      This is a nice location, provided you have a car and don’t mind being a bit removed from everything. A very quiet and beautiful neighborhood.

      • Great location, but I rent a 1br a few blocks away for $1450 utilities included which is about double the square footage. There are better deals to be had.

        • The only 1BRs I’ve seen in this area that are in the $1450 range do not have the amenities of this unit (pool, new-ish kitchen and carpeting). That said, I would have guessed a studio this size and in this location would go for around $1300. Also, you have access to both Wisconsin Ave and Mass Ave buses so a car would be nice but not a necessity.

        • Really, double the square footage in that neighborhood for $1450? In an apartment building or house?

          • I bought a different place in December, but until then I paid $1450 a few blocks north of there for a 1 bedroom in the Alto Towers building at 3206 Wisc. It was great – tons of windows, all with Cathedral view, and lots of space.

            The reason it was so cheap was because there was no dishwasher and the only A/C was rented window units. Also, after living there for 2 years with no problems, we suddenly got roaches really bad, but management was very proactive in addressing it.

      • I live nearby and don’t have a car and have survived for years without one. There are plenty of Zipcars around and like other said the busses run frequently. The Woodley Park Metro is about a 15 minute walk.
        It is a bit high – but you are paying for the pool – and apparently with the love that railing is getting the railing/double-level.

  • I used to live in that building with the same floorplan when I first moved to DC in 2004. It was about $930/month then. I loved the railing and step-down but I moved to Cleveland Park after 12 months to be closer to a metro. Also, the heat controls were crazy in that building. During the winter, you couldn’t get the temperature lower than 88 degrees. Chocolate bars in my cabinet melted and the building couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything to fix it.

  • I live a few blocks north and have a 1 bdr all utilities included for $1225/mo. I’ve lived here for a little over three years and it’s a rent controlled building. That being said, there is no dishwasher, garbage disposal–but it is a very well managed building.

  • I’ve known people who live in that building (Garfield House or something like that). It’s a nice building with a nice pool, but it’s too far from Metro to justify that price.

  • it really doesnt take anytime at all to get to the metro. N2, N4, N6, N8 all 10min to dupont circle red line or 15 min to farragut orange/blue.

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