Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights/Pleasant Plains

This rental is located at harvard st. NW at sherman ave. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Available May 1: this is a recently-renovated (within the past 18 months) studio apartment in a Columbia Heights rowhouse. It is a GREAT DEAL for your own, private studio in DC.

It has new tile bath and kitchen (granite countertops in both). Carpeted. Very clean.

There is laundry in-house (adjacent to the room), cable TV, and high-speed internet+wifi. Power and gas are paid separately, split with all tenants in the house (though rarely exceeds about $75). Pet deposit is $250 + $50/mo (no dogs though).

The neighborhood is great: it is ~3 blocks to the Columbia Heights metro, “DC USA” shopping mall (with Target, Best Buy, etc.), 11th street bars and restaurants (such as Wonderland, Meridian Pint). You can also walk (~1 mile or less) to Adams Morgan, U Street, and the 930 club.

Also, within a two blocks are bus lines that take you to downtown, Adams Morgan, Dupont, Potomac Park, Van Ness, Cleveland Park and Tenleytown. (Buses 70, 71, 79, 64, H1, H2, H3, H4, H8).

The only drawback to the apartment is there is a low ceiling (6’6″) with a duct that comes down the middle to about 6′, so it will be most comfortable for someone below that height.

One year lease will get you the studio, I MAY be willing to work with shorter-term lease, but that is not preferred. Also, if there is more than one adult tenant, there is a $300 additional monthly fee.”

I’m curious what you guys think about, “if there is more than one adult tenant, there is a $300 additional monthly fee.” Have you ever seen that before?

Anyway, let’s assume it is one person – does $1000 sound realistic for this basement apartment?

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  • I’m just waiting for my afternoon animal fix! But this is truly depressing! $50.00 a month extra for a cat? $300 for a partner??? Midgets only?? Yeah – I’d love to rent the folding chairs too! (“we will work out a discount price on the furnishings”) Renters – I think you need to go Libyan on this one!

  • How is this even legal, at a height of less than seven feet?

  • f*** no. you’d have to pay me $5000k/mo to live there.

  • The price is right, but I’m not crazy about the ceiling height (are ceilings that low legal?) and the fact that I’d be splitting utilities with the upstairs tenants.

  • This is laughable.

    And it’s not legal as an “apartment.” They really should take that word out of the ad.

    I’ve seen a higher rent for two than one, but very very rarely. And $300 for an extra person in THAT place is ludicrous. You should get a $300 discount for squeezing two people down in there.

  • Does this have a Certificate of Occupancy as a rental unit? I’d call DCRA to check. This owner can be in deep trouble if someone found out.

  • seriously?

    And yes, technically you are 3 “blocks” from metro, but per google its .7 miles or about a 10 minute walk.

    No one is going to pay this to live in a studio midgit cave on sherman avenue. And if they do, my buddy who has an actual legal 2 bedroom unit on Kenyon, 100 yards from 14th for $2200 a month is really underpricing himself.

  • absolutely not. everything about this post is crazy. shared laundry and utilities with upstairs (yeah the w/d is in YOUR apartment) means that this is not a separate residence- certainly not legal in any sense of the word.

    a pet deposit AND a monthly pet fee is ridiculous.

    add a cat and utilities and you are talking $1125. no, just no.

  • This is a house share, not an apartment. The rules are different.

    • the ad says, “It is a GREAT DEAL for your own, private studio in DC.” and it’s posted under the “Apt for rent” section of CL.

      But I agree, it SHOULD be under the “room for rent” section.

  • The landlord should just make this a downstairs BR of the group house. They could probably still get 800-900 for the room, and it’d actually be legal. Seems like the slightly lower rent (assuming they’d actually be able to rent this out for 1000) would be worth being on the up-and-up.

    • I had a friend who rented a similar room on that exact block for $400/month in a group house. Granted this one has their own kitchen, but if you’re going to pay $800-$900 to live in a group house I would hope you would at least rule out basements with hardly any windows at all.

      • $400/month is really cheap rent. I think $700-1000 is more standard for a room in a group house. I dunno, maybe I’m wrong but I’d think they could get 800 even though it’s in the basement.

  • HAAA hahaha… No freaking way. $1000/month to live in someone’s nasty low ceiling basement? The fact that they think they can charge that much is extremely frightening.

  • I bet it rents within the month.

    Sounds like a perfect price to me for a shared house.

  • Wasn’t someone shot on this block last month?

  • Well, this isn’t an apt, it’s a shared house, so it’s posted incorrectly on CL. I would say that $1000 is a little high for a roommate situation, but $800 sounds about right. (maybe you can justify a little higher price b/c you have your own kitchen)

    And no matter what the LL says, if you are sharing utilities and the other tenants get to come in your “apt” to use the washer and dryer, then they aren’t your neighbors, they are your roommates.

  • total rip off…they can re-post as many times as they want but that’s ridiculous. I had an $800 HUGE room (larger than that) in a much better location and got the privacy of not having to have my roomates come in to my bedroom (b/c that’s basically what a studio is) to do their laundry. Would definitely check on the license to rent

  • LMAO! This is a joke! I could go to Barac in takoma and rent a studio in Dupont on 17th and Q with ceilings i wouldn’t hit jumping on my bed for 850$ to this day! These people have clearly lost it.

  • cl says it was flagged for removal. why? because people thought it was a bad deal? i think that’s unfair to the poster. there are alot of units that are rented which are not legal. this is not a ripoff, even if its not the find of the week.

  • It could be much better. The room that comprises the “apartment” isn’t that big. But you can’t get ANYTHING with a private kitchen for less than $900 close to here. I think $900 is a fair price, but someone will rent this at $1000 — a (short) bachelor with less of a preference for quality, or someone who needs to move last minute.

    The W/D is in a shared hallway. You don’t share the “apartment” with others. This is legal as a share.

  • Where is everyone getting the idea that the washer and dryer are located in the room/studio? IMO, the ad pretty clearly states that they are next to the apartment/room.

  • To pay extra for an additional adult is crazy. GREED. (and stupidity)

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