(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “Federal porch-front overlooking green Grant Circle” edition

This home is located at 5 Grant Circle, NW:

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The flier says:

“Another total renovation by Urbiz! Federal porch-front overlooking green Grant Circle. Stunning open layout w/ all the bells & whistles. Gleaming HW floors, custom kitchen, shining new baths. Skylights & transoms brighten the upper level, private deck off master suite. LL offers an enormous family room/guest suite w/ full bath. Fenced yard, private parking.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Well I waited a little too long to post this one. It’s already under contract in 8 days. But I’m still curious what folks think of the renovation. This 3 bed/2.5 bath was going for $550,000. Did someone get a good deal?

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  • Total and intelligent renovation – very good deal.

  • Its a beautiful home… I just dont know if I’d want to spend half a mil to live in petworth.

    • That particular spot is great, except for all the traffic, and fear for your life from all the kids in the area packing 9mm guns.

    • Name another neighborhood in DC where you can buy a fully renovated house for $550K. Petworth is a great deal.

      • Anacostia.

      • Trinidad
        H Street (north side)

      • 16th Street Heights… the 4br house we’re currently living just went for that. Check Zillow.

      • really man? just look it up. there are lots of neighborhoods in dc to buy a renovated house for under 550.

        • Maybe I should have clarified: Petworth is one of the few neighborhoods in DC where you can buy a renovated house for $550K, have relatively low crime, be in walking distance of the metro, walk to shops and restaurants, etc. I agree there are many far less expensive neighborhoods but you usually have to give up one of those criteria. Petworth is where I could find all of those. I also didn’t buy a renovated house so didn’t spend that much either. I just recall at the time I bought seeing someone exclaim that you can’t “buy a house for less than $500K and walk to the metro” and it was funny to me b/c I found it very much not true. But they probably weren’t willing to try any up-and-coming area.

      • brookland_rez

        Brookland. And it’s a detached house, not a rowhouse. And the neighborhood is safer.

        That is house is beautifully renovated though, and I still think it’s worth the price.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Brookland is not “safer” than this part of Petworth. I suggest you sign on to the MPD 5D Yahoo listserv which covers Brookland. Just last week there were multiple robberies in Brookland. Personally I love Brookland and it does have some nice detached homes. However it is completely inaccurate to say it is a “safer” neighborhood than Petworth. In my opinion both neighborhoods are comparable and equally (relatively) safe. Neither of them are Cleveland Park. I live 3 blocks from this house for over 8 years and have been perfectly safe. I’m not an idiot and common sense is required for both neighborhoods. Not sure why people are so quick to label one neighborhood safer than another similiar neighborhood. I think it is an indication of some major insecurities that people have.

          Don’t forget to register for the Yahoo MPD 5D listserv to get all the news about Brookland crimes and MPD 4D to get Petworth crimes.

    • Honestly, I dont know, but if Im spending half a mil, I would want a better location, I would rather live in a condo, or maybe even buy a townhome in one of the suburbs, its not that the location of this house is anywhere close to the bars or the metro. I would have to drive to go anywhere for the fear of getting mugged or because of the distane to the metro.

      • Seriously?? I live around the corner from this house. We have 3 people in our house and 1 car….. the car gets driven maybe once every couple of weeks and that is mostly just to go to Home Depot.

        It is a 10-11 minute walk to the metro(12-13 minutes if you get stopped at every light………7-8 minute walk to Yes….

        The 64 bus practically drops you off in front of the house…. and it takes you to 11th street in 4 minutes. I routinely walk to and from Target…

        It never ceases to amaze me how people in DC refuse to walk more than 10 minutes.

        I mean you can scoff at the price but not because you would have to drive everywhere…….living without a car in this neighborhood is really pretty easy.

      • I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 4 years and walk everywhere, and I have felt safe. Granted, I don’t walk at 3 am in the morning generally, but in that area during the day and evening there are lots of joggers (myself being one), parents with strollers, and friendly neighbors. Not that there isn’t crime, but the crime doesn’t deserve the knee-jerk reaction that Petworth often gets.

  • Good deal. Seems to have a contract already.

  • extremely jealous of this house for that price.

  • Beautiful – congratulations to all involved

  • I paid more for less. That house is beautiful.

  • Good deal. Personally, I wouldn’t want to hear all the traffic on New Hampshire, but it’s a nice house in an otherwise great location.

  • i f-ing love it

  • This house has a very broad appeal. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went above asking. $570k!

  • Just a little high, but not too bad.

  • A beauty. I’d kill for the lower level space.

  • We checked it out during the open house…and we we’re impressed, especially for the asking price. There were a few small signs of a flip job (water stains already showing on inside walls around new windows, exposed circuit panel) but for $550K…what a deal. The view off the front balcony was stunning…not a typical view for a DC row house. Great buy.

  • Ok, I went to see this house last Sunday during its one and only open house. I should mention that the open house was a bit odd because the listing agent was blasting music pretty loudly through his ipod dock. Congrats to Urbiz for flipping this so successfully (and it looks like the one next door is also having a lot of work done).
    Was it a great renovation? No, but it’s a fine enough house. Obviously I don’t know how it looked before hand so it’s very difficult to judge these things, but there’s very little of the original character of the house left. Sure the pocket doors and the two random pillars are interesting touches, but so much of the house just looks and feels like new construction. I don’t want to set off a shit-storm of hate on this blog, but a lot of the house felt very Home Depot. When you’re inside the house you may as well be in the Kentlands or some other subdivision, because it just feels so cookie-cutter.
    In all honesty it’s a decent sized house that’s tastefully decorated in an interesting location (a bit far from shops/restaurants for my taste), so I’m not surprised that it sold quickly at that price. But if someone was looking for a house with character I don’t think this was the one.

    • Except that Kentlands is 45 minutes from downtown and this is 10! Also, try a 10 minute walk to Domku and Yes Market; add another 5 for things that are soon to come. Metro is 10 minute walk down a very well lit and busy throroughfare known as New Hampshire Ave. Did it ever occur to you that these houses are ALL somewhat the same and that’s what the original builders’ intended? Of course the renovated versions will seem alike. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the music and sorry you don’t get what sunsets will be like from that balcony. Does your house boast sunsets? Now please tell me what is your area of expertise self-proclaimed expert?

      • dude, way harsh! mellow out and jettison the hate. why can’t we all get along?
        [seriously, the captcha code is SUKK!]

  • I found it interesting that they left the beautiful pocket doors, but the dining room is still very open to the living room and hallway via the hallway side of the house. A little strange, but definitely the pocket doors should have been kept. Very beautiful.

    Having not seen it in person, my only other comment is the green paint color, though tasteful, is everywhere inside and out, and too me gets boring.

    But otherwise a well-planned layout and presentation – and the beautiful sunsets will rock to balance the traffic noise.

  • bfinpetworth

    I’m close by to that house on the other side of the circle but on 5th instead of right on the circle. We have really enjoyed living there. I think that house is a good deal – its very large for the neighborhood. I’ve been admiring it for a couple weeks from the outside and am happy to hear there is a contract on it. We bought our place last summer and I’ve been concerned that we paid too much, but this alleviates some of my concern.

    The traffic noise right on the circle would be a concern, but with windows shut most of the time and the back yard protected from the noise, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal. But our neighborhood needs to figure out a way to slow traffic down around that circle and the side streets around it – the Maryland commuters treat it like a freeway!

  • Love to see a nearby house sell for over 500K. But what happened to the fireplace??

  • There’s another house on 5th a few blocks north that is for sale and a terrific renovation. Several other homes in the neighborhood. Adding to what PetworthRes said, it is also so peaceful in the evenings off the major streets. Like I’m in a small town. Very nice. I’m around the corner, so I hope the house brings a good price! Starting kitchen renovation next month.

  • Looks very very nice, love the kitchen, tons of natural light, gorgeous master bedroom, decks are amazing, backyard is awesome and great all purpose room in the basement.

    But…..for $550 I would want at least a 4 bed, 3 1/2 bath or 3/2 and a 1/1 inlaw suit.

    I own in Colombia Heights so would be very happy if this sells for $550, but just saying think its a little over priced.

    But, again there is not much on the market that is this beautiful so buy it up!!!

  • Great renovation and a great price point. Looks very well done.

  • I went to the open house last weekend and also live on the circle. Nice place. Urbiz seems to have it down and a lot of their listings seem to sell in a matter of days. The listing agent told me that even before the open house there were 3 offers north of $550K. Will be interested to see where this one ended up.

  • I live very close to this house and think it looks great for the price. If the basement had a kitchen, though, it could be rented out as an apartment, which would make it a no-brainer.

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