Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Van Ness

This rental is located at 3429 Yuma Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The community is walking distance to restaurants and located near area attractions (ie. Woodley Park Zoo, University of District of Columbia). The community is also located near numerous conveniences including some of Washington’s finest restaurants, cafes, delicatessens and coffee shops. Galleries and museums are nearby as well for you and your guests to visit regularly. You can walk to work, take the metro or a short commute in your car to various locations throughout the District. Please call for an appointment today.”

Does $1,395 sound right for a 512 sq feet 1 bed/1 bath rental?

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  • wow, that is ridiculous. coming from chicago, I was shocked at the prices of rent in DC. The “cheapest” rent I could find for one room in a group house in Petworth is the same ammount the 2 bedroom flat I was living at in Chicago.. with a roommate splitting the cost. $1400 for a 1 bedroom makes my mind explode even though someone will eventually move in there and probably think that it’s a reasonable deal.

    • Yes, but it’s a completely different housing market here, and for legitimate reasons. Assuming the listing is not misleading (big assumption), this vacancy will be filled in a heartbeat. And the new tenant actually will have found a (more than) reasonable deal.

      • +1

        I know, there’s some sticker shock, but DC’s a hot place to live and housing is in short supply.

    • Agreed. The DC housing market is way over heated – chiefly because of new suburbanites moving into an urban environment for the first time. People don’t know the true cost of housing. Imagine the effect this is having on low income people.

  • This is a good deal. It’s a great, safe, walkable neighborhood – one of the last remaining underrated areas in the city. Anywhere else would probably wind up costing $1800 or more for a 1 bedroom.

    • I pay $1425 for a 1 BR that is a hair bigger than this one and has a private patio a block from the U Street metro (and all the good stuff the area has to offer).

  • This building complex is rent-controlled and a bit out-of-date, hence its low price for the neighborhood. Utilities are also included, though you’ll have to pay *a lot* if you want to put an a/c in your window during the summer. Pretty responsive on maintenance concerns, but not the best. Walls are thin, so you’ll likely hear your neighbor’s tv and be able to tell when they’re in the shower.

    Super close to Metro and Giant and fairly quiet (not including your neighbors). Not much to do in the evening – or really any time – but easy walk to Cleveland Park or Tenleytown.

    Overall, a pretty good deal for DC.

  • With utilities – fair market value – not a deal.

    • Would someone please show me where to find all these sub-$1400 1BR (non-studio), metro-accessible apartments exist in NW DC? If you can, you would probably help save some lucky reader a lot of money on their next rental. But I’m pretty sure these places don’t frickin exist. And don’t tell me “oh, but I pay $___ for my place, and it’s bigger than this and has gold appliances too.” Show us some Craigslist ads or something.

      • +1 million. I pay $1400 exactly for my 1 BR, but I’m not within walking distance to a Metro. I looked for a decent 1BR close to a Metro last summer – no way, unless I wanted to live in a basement. I walked by the apartment building in this ad (I didn’t get to see the interior of a unit b/c there were none available) and the windows looked ancient from the outside — I’m guessing that kitchen appliances and the building in general is kind of ancient as well. My guess is that it’s a place people stay for a year or two (the location will be very convenient for some) and then move on. They allow cats which is nice, and that in itself could cause this place rent quickly. (says the cat owner!)

        • I would also like to point out that a lot of people who chime in saying they rent a 1BDR for a lot less end up disclosing that they actually rented the unit 2-3 (or more) years ago for a lot less. They probably still pay less because laws only allow a certain increase amount per year. But it’s still not a relevant comparison.

          2-3 years ago I was renting a HUGE studio which was really more like a Jr 1-bedroom not far from this listing for $850. But you couldn’t get a studio in that building for remotely close to that if you rented today. It would probably go for closer to $1100 and I’m sure they have no problem filling their building.

          • PoP, you should just copy and paste seriously’s and maire’s comments on every one of these posts, to rebut the ignoramuses that come out of the woodwork on these posts.

            People complaining the the rent is too damn high in DC are either

            1.) Jimmy McMillan

            or, more likely

            2.) People who haven’t had to look for a rental apartment in quite some time. What you’re paying now for an apartment you rented three years ago is completely irrelevant.

          • I think the issue is that people erroneously assume their personal experience is always average, when in fact there’s little reason to expect that because you have a (ultra rare) $1000 one bedroom, everyone else does as well. People should know that one bit of data does not an adequate sample size make.

            The thing that gets me is that everyone expects prime locations to go for so cheap. Everything in DC within a mile of metro is prime, regardless of crime rate or walkable amenities. It doesn’t matter if you think the neighborhood is a dump, or that 10 or 5 years ago it wasn’t half as desirable.

      • one option is to look outside of NW. I live in SW, a block from the metro and a supermarket, and I pay $1200 including utilities for a bigger (but not that big) 1br. There’s more crime than Van Ness (and about as much to do) but it’s safer than many other areas of NW.

        As for this apt, I say good deal. Not great, but appropriate for the neighborhood.

        • Ditto– I used to rent an entire rowhouse in SW for $1600 (granted, this was three years years ago, but it was a very nice house!). The crime was a bit too much for me, but I imagine the area’s gotten a lot better since then.

  • The square footage is studio-esque. I wonder how spacious this one bedroom really is?

  • I lived there for a year 5 years ago and my apartment had roaches that never left. No amount of spraying my management helped. Probably didn’t help that a family of 5 or 6 were living in the apartment below me…in a 1 br unit. That whole building was just infested.

    Nice neighborhood. Good, quiet street. Horrible building and management.

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