Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Georgetown

This rental is located at 31st and Q Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This adorable apartment is a true one bedroom with big windows that overlook Q Street. It has been a wonderful home for a year and a perfect place for someone who wants a charming apartment right in the middle of Georgetown and walking distance to Dupont, Rosslyn and Glover Park.

This apartment will be available for April 17th (could do the 1st if needed) for a one year lease!

Features include:

*Walk in closet
*Hardwood floors
*Full kitchen and bathroom
*3rd floor of a small/medium size apartment building
*Spacious and bright bedroom and living room with two large windows in each
*Dog/Cat friendly apartment and building
*Up to date amenities and a responsive leasing agency
*Laundry in building not unit
*Utilities are not included in this price ”

$1475 sound right?

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  • that is an amazing deal! could easily be priced at $1700 or higher.

  • well, you don’t quote the last 2 bullet points:

    *Laundry in building not unit
    *Utilities are not included in this price

    but I still think it’s an okay deal for that neighborhood.

    • I don’t really see why a single person needs in-unit laundry anyway. That certainly wouldn’t have bearing on my decision to rent a place.

      • Really? In unit laundry is a big attraction for people – not having to hoof to some dank communal basement for coin op laundry is nice regardless of how often you have to do it.

        • Personally I’d rather have the extra space for a closet or something. But I guess it’s atrractive for people who are opposed to physical activity or paying for things with quarters.

          • Also, just because it’s a communal laundry doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in the basement.

          • Sometimes, I think it’s good to have had out of unit laundry, because you get to know your building mates a little bit better. What about that cute lady (or dude) in 707?

        • In unit laundry is definitely high on my list of priorities and, being someone who runs about a 5K every day, I’m certainly not opposed to physical activity. Having to dig for quarters is annoying, but that’s not the main reason I like in-unit laundry. It’s just nice to be able to do a load of laundry and do other things at the same time. And, after knowing way too many people who have had things stolen from laundry rooms, I just don’t trust people enough to leave my laundry in a communal room.

      • in-unit laundry changed my life. I will never go back.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I seriously don’t see those two bullets! Weird. Do other people see them from the craigslist ad?

  • This one must already be gone, sight unseen. This is a ridiculously good deal.

  • Actual deal – and in the better part of Georgetown.

  • Cute place for a decent price (although I’m guessing kitchen and bath fixtures are old(er) since they’re not pictured). Definitely worth it for a pet owner!

  • I just have to put my two cents in here… in-unit laundry is not necessarily a necessity BUT an on-site unit is in my opinion. Laundromats are virtually non-existent in DC (particularly in Georgetown) so you could be “hoofing-it” for many miles trying to locate one with pounds of laundry in tow. It’s not like NYC where there is a laundromat on every corner. I’m fine with coins and shared laundry over in-unit systems, but if the building is not equipped with either than that is most definitely the reason for the low rental cost… and certainly an important point to consider before moving in.

    • Agree completely, but “Laundry in building not unit” implies that it is on-site right?

      Ultimately I think it’s one of those things you have to see for yourself. I lived in a building with a large, clean communal laundry a few steps away from my apartment. Not much of an inconvenience there, especially since I rarely use the dryer. However if doing laundry means going down 6 flights of stairs to a sketchy basement where there is only one machine, that’s a problem.

  • It’s funny that Gtown is priced lower than super-dumpy parts of the city…

    • Well, the location and lack of metro accessibility and street parking is an inconvenience to some.

  • Sorry, but you gotta have in unit laundry.

  • Great deal. “you have to have in unit laundry”, no everyone has a price at which they would give it up. This is priced accordingly.

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