The 5pm Post – Support New Tryst/Diner Concept Coming to 11th and Monroe St, NW

Dear PoP,

Hey there! I learned about the awesome plans for a “Diner-plus” diner-café-bar in my neighborhood on PoP. My house was so excited, we decided to e-mail Constantine to set up a Q&A/chat, of sorts, with him and our neighbors.

He was great, and we’re all friggin’ thrilled about the venture. Anyway, this Wednesday, there’s an ANC meeting, and they’ll be taking up his plans. Apparently, there’s a small band who don’t want to see the place go in. They won’t be able to shut the project down, but they could definitely throw some sand in the gears, and if enough people show up to voice their support, it could really help. If anyone else is as excited as my housemates and I are about seeing this vacant graffiti magnet of a building turn into a neighborhood hot spot, they should definitely come out! Here’s the info:

Date: Wednesday, March 9th.
Place: Harriet Tubman Elementary School (Gymnasium) – 3101 13th St (ENTRANCE on the parking lot side on corner of Kenyon St & 13th)
Time: 7pm

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  • Good on the ANC, that’s their job, to “throw sand in the gears” and slow things down so that real neighborhood input and concerns can be heard. Thanks for publicizing the meeting.

  • Pop can u please tell us about community meetings earlier than 2 hours before

    • You can easily find out the schedule of ANC meetings for any ward in the city – this is a blog, not

      • There are a number of people who rely on this as their first (and only?) source of news in the city, though. Take from that what you will

      • Don’t be a douche – who has the time to look up every ANC meeting anyway?

        • Who has time to look up ANC meeting times? Well, most ANCs meet the same time/same date each month. So if you were interested in ANC business, you would make a point to look this information up at least once. It’s not that hard.

          And the implication was that PoP was somehow responsible for the late notice of this ANC meeting.


        • Not to be snide, but the easiest way to keep abreast of ANC meetings is to be an adult — by this I mean do the bare minimum that’s required to be periodically informed about things like this.

          Almost all neighborhoods have multiple outlets: blogs, listserves, Facebook, Twitter, etc, that they use to let you know of impending meetings. Sign up. It’s easy.

          Also, as someone below points out, they’re almost always held at the same times every month.

    • are you a child? look it up yourself and keep up with your own schedule.

  • Let me guess … Is William Jordan “leading” the small band of nay sayers? Anyway – good luck tonight and please let us know how it goes. Can’t wait for his spot to open up!

  • Damn. I wish I’d know about this in advance. I have gotten a babysitter and turned out in support. Damn you william jordan.

  • Yes, this “small band” of NIMBYs sounds like William Jordan to me, too.

    • I’m baaaaaaaaaack! New bar/restaurant/dog park? – NAY!!!! Progress and development in Columbia Heights? – NAY!!!! Anything OTHER than section 8 housing, homeless shelters, boarded up buildings? – NAY!!!! Keep Columbia Heights like it was 20 years ago or my band of merry nimbys will be there to oppose it! I will show up at any and all ANC meetings where progress is being discussed to ensure my incoherent, long, rambling, contradictory arguments against it are heard.

      Just kidding – not really William Jordan (or am I …)

  • Fantastic idea. This will go over big. Can’t wait for this building overhaul. It will really make the block shine.

  • Another very nice N & B paintjob, how it so pretties up the city.

  • I went to the ANC meeting – all actually very supportive and civil, organized, businesslike and really kind of amazingly warm and fuzzy. Yes, the absence of W. Jordan was a huge part of that. With him gone – all in all it was really was a good exercise in local civic governance – and a good assortment of all the various people in the CH neighborhood. A bit tedious of course – but what’s the opposite of tedious? I came away really thankful for those willing to serve.

    Though quite funny – everyone on the council was embarrassed to actually have to say “Blue Banana.” (They were up for an extension of their liquor service hours.)

  • I was there also and I’lll add to Victoria’s comments. The 11th St location will have a whopping 7,000sf of space vs Tryst’s 3,000 and all lit up 24/7. Agressive goal is to open in September. Constantine bought the first floor space. The facade will be all glass but he has not applied for outdoor seating (this year) as I think he wants to get open before requesting anything special. Food will be similar to his other establishments with some “surprises”. No name for the place yet. The crowd was supportive to extremely supportive with no complaints. There were questions about security and I think Constantine addressed them well by saying if it was needed he would handle it.

    • To those of you who could and did attend, thank your for the updates.

    • From last night:
      Constantine: We’ll serve diner style food but with a twist.
      Dottie: excuse me, for those who have never eaten at your other establishments, what does diner food mean?
      Contantine: I think you should eat at my other restaurants.

  • stellar news. fingers crossed that this can actually be done.

  • I wish I would have known as well…but, I am a neighbor of the building and have to admit that I have mixed feelings about the plan. On one hand having the space occupied and with something awesome is great. On the other, I do worry about parking density of the new attraction (as well as the condos, but that is another story I suppose). To the original commenter, please be advised that simply because you and your house mates are excited does not mean that there are not legitimate concerns of other residents that shouldnt be heard.

    • i think putting up signs advertising the tivoli/giant parking would be great, as would some kind of arrangement where that garage and the DC USA garage could offer overnight/long term parking for neighborhood residents. mt rona’s (13th and monroe) brings in lots of cars on wed nights and sunday mornings, so it could get pretty packed at certain times.

  • Nice picture, what lens?

  • Dear Constantine: Please carry shoestring french fries, and do some research to make them tastier, and don’t just carry tater tots. Maybe a full liquor license? Otherwise, carry on.

  • @Jason, I believe the Prince of Petworth uses a Canon G11.

  • Awesome to hear that the facade will be all glass. Hope they make it completly openable walls of glass at various spots to take advanatage of the beautiful days. I love seating near the opening in that kind of setup.

  • Glass will be openable like at Tryst.

    BS -Talk to the owner. Constantine understands the issues of being part of a neighborhood. Several at the ANC meeting who are neighbors of his current restaurants spoke of him being a great approachable owner that added to their neighborhood experience. Most walk to his current establishements (Tryst/Diner/Open City) as parking is really scarce there also. Most workers are local and take bikes or public transportation. He has a win-win policy to increase neighborhood security by offering steep discounts to police officers from 12am-6am at his current places and plans to do that on 11th also. Additionally this place will have a community room.

    I suggest we all work with Constantine and see if he can’t allay our concerns. He offers local ownership with a strong track record of success, good and reasonably priced “diner” food, a coffee shop space to simply hang-out, etc. and a nice compliment to the bars currently focusing mostly on alchohol. Imagine a Tryst at 3x the space. With Sherman slated to become pedestrian friendly I imagine many from 15 block radius walking there similarly to me walking from CH to Tryst today.

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