Shooting at Sherman and Barry St, NW Sat. Night

From MPD:

A few minutes past midnight [Saturday], in the area of Sherman and Barry, there was apparently a dispute that took place between 2 large groups of people. Moments later, someone started shooting at a few of the participants in the dispute. An adult male was shot in the wrist area and was transported to a local hospital. Subsequently, a weapon was recovered from the area. Anyone that has any knowledge of this or the events that led to this around Georgia and Barry, Sherman and Barry .etc, are encouraged to call 202-727-9099

Captain Aubrey P. Mongal

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  • Freaking A! That’s my bike route.

  • Yikes, I live right by here. No bueno.

    • I live around here too and am sad to hear this. While there has been a lot of recent activity up Sherman, this one is a little too close for comfort for me. I guess I always thought the increased police presence in the area due to the 9:30 club was an effective enough to deterrant. Guess it isn’t when idiots with guns start getting into arguments on the street.

      Considering this is right next to a Howard dorm, you would think the University would be doing something to increase police presence. I know Howard isn’t always on top of their stuff, but this seems like a case where they need to really step up and take action.

      • i don’t expect much from Howard University itself. but i would think that the students have probably organized some anti crime groups. they’re often the biggest victims.

  • That explains all the cops near the 930 Club as the Grace Potter show was letting out. I thought it was just her protective entourage.

  • pro tip: don’t argue with people out on the streets. just walk away.

  • Spring!

  • Surprise! The few blocks around our place at 12 and Euclid have been hot in terms of violence in the past 6 months. It seems like every weekend lately, if not more often, somebody is mugged or shot. I am not leaving this neighborhood because of all this, but (sigh) again it would be nice for some local entity to step up and start to try and address this shit.

    Also…I have heard absolutely NOTHING as follow up regarding the young woman found in the trash can around Thanksgiving and was thinking about that in light of the increasing levels of neighborhood violence. Anybody know anything about what happened with that?

  • Just curious – what kind of ‘local entity’ would you like to see step up? Do you go to your PSA and ANC meetings to try to get involved? Do you voluteer at the Boys and Girls club or are you interested in doing any kind of mentoring/tutoring?

    With the risk of sounding cliche… YOU (the royal you) are the local entity that can step up and help.


    • I completely agree that the neighborhood is generally who needs to step up, though I think some kind of more “official” involvement would be great. I’m a law student, and to fulfill that cliche, have VERY little spare time (i check in on PoP as a study break) but what I do try and do is every day say hello to ALL of my neighbors, talk to the kids at Cardoza when I am out with my dog and. It’s not much but it’s what I can do for now, and I will tell you that the kids are always surprised that somebody “like me” is interested in talking and are beyond polite and friendly. So…I do what in my current capacity can and hope that friendly greetings at least help show the neighbors that I care.

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