Scuttlebutt: Social to be Replaced by a New Restaurant in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP,

I noticed activity at Social in Columbia Heights this evening…any idea what is going on there?”

I got a lot of email along these lines last night. I received some scuttlebutt (from a very reliable source) but have little details. All I was told was that a new “full service restaurant” will be opening up in the space. I’m told that it will likely open in late April or early May. I’ll be sure to update when more details become available.

We last spoke about Social in Feb. ’11 located at 14th and Meridian Pl., NW in Columbia Heights.

Anyone else hear any details and/or scuttlebutt about the new restaurant?

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  • Great news! It was so sad to have the space empty.

  • Fingers crossed it doesn’t suck something awful.

  • I hope it’s a Subway! mmmmm

  • I noticed the smashed vases had been removed and the huge pile of leaves and trash that had been piling up in the stairwell to the bar area had been cleaned. Hopefully the new place has happy hour specials as good as Social did!

  • amen to that!

  • Even prior to Social’s opening, I had hoped that this location would become a sports bar/pub. I think that with the recent opening of Lou’s that dream is gone. Here’s hoping the new restaurant keeps the patio/sidewalk cafe areas nice and busy.

    • Seriously – we have plenty of bars now. Let’s get *ONE* freaking decent restaurant, please. I love Pho Viet and Red Rocks, but in general Columbia Heights is hurting when it comes to actual restaurants.

      • +1. Enough with the bars, already. Lou’s didn’t “kill the dream”, it fulfilled it. I’d prefer an additional nice place to eat + drink rather than a place to drink that also has fried bar food on the side.

        Also: “I’m told that it will likely open in late April or early May”
        I’ll look for it in August.

        • I’d think parking would be a problem for a more upscale restaurant in that location. They might be able to work something out with the Allegro for valet if its garage is less than fully utilized, but I don’t have any information on that.

          Also, I’d quibble with the idea that Columbia Heights has “plenty” of bars. Have you seen how crowded the existing ones get on the weekend? There’s obviously enough demand for a few more.

          • Well, on your first point, I’ll give you the answer that I usually get from everyone when I bring up parking: it’s 3 blocks from a Metro and there are 2 huge parking garages even closer than that. Plus several bus lines that run directly in front of the place.
            You make a good point about Alegro possibly working out a deal with them, though. Their garage can’t be at capacity, since they have so many vacancies there.

            Your second point is arguable. ‘Enough’ is a subjective measure, of course, but I do think the neighborhood is better served (no pun intended) by adding a nice sit-down restaurant, over another bar. Most if not all of these restaurants have bars in them, by the way, so a stone’s thrown from there gives you several options to drink.

          • Sorry to be pendantic, but it’s 4 blocks to the metro not three – or about an eight minute walk.

            I bring up parking because I live on that block and remember the (not small) number of Social patrons that used to park on the street. Sure, it’s located near buslines, but what percentage of people coming to enjoy a $50-100 meal (for 2) are going to ride the bus to get to the place?

            I really like the new signs on 14th that show distance/times to the Tivoli/DC USA parking garages, but I’d like to know how the traffic clusterf*#between Meridian-Park affects the willingness to reach those garages. During high traffic times and on Saturday/Sunday I regularly beat cars/buses from Meridian to Irving while walking/to from the metro.

            I when I said sports bar I mean another Meridian Pint-style place. I think it’d do better than the faux-K Street sheikness that Social tried.

          • i am surprised that taylor street man thinks there are so many vacancies at allegro. have you looked at the website?…not too many vacancies.

            how do i know? i have been living in the allegro for close to two yrs.

            the parking garage is way too small to accomodate any restaurant patrons-imo

  • If you like the new place go more often than a cheap happy hour to help the place stay in business

    • agreed. Columbia Heights residents need to loosen the purse strings if we don’t want these places to keep going out of business. I’m going to try to focus my restaurant dollars in the neighborhood.

    • Says someone who obviously didn’t patronize the establishment herself. The couple chances I gave Social, I got bland food and bad service. Apparently they got the bar happy hour right, and people came for that. I’m not going to patronize a place just because it is in the neighborhood, if it doesn’t provide a satisfactory product.

  • ha — that’s a new one. Blaming the residents for businesses going under. If the concept, quality, and service are all exceptional, a place should have no trouble staying open at this location. People will keep it local if keeping it local is as good as the competition in other neighborhoods (value, quality, service).

  • I’ll die of shock if there aren’t craft beers.

  • How about Sushi?

  • They have to compete with Ruby Tuesday. Better come up with something good.

  • Or a decent Italian?

  • My apartment overlooks Social and latest development seems to be some paper put up over the windows, presumably for renovations. I’ve also seen two people mulling around outside today, including one trying to get in the door. I’ll keep posting any interesting observations here. I will NOT miss the fire dancers at Social that would keep me up at night. Looking forward to whatever this is. I’m getting pretty sick of eating Johnny’s Carryout.

  • Craft beers and maybe overpriced cocktails with hand shaved ice from some self described mixologist?

  • I would love a genuine bistro/brasserie.

  • I think it’s safe to say no one has an f’ing clue what is coming!

  • We…So…Excited.

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