Rogue 24 “High-end fine dining restaurant” Coming to Blagden Alley

Well this is definitely going to be one to keep our eyes on. A recent liquor license application says simply:

“High-end fine dining restaurant in a small intimate space. Occupancy load of 52.”

Though Metrocurean reported this summer:

Chef RJ Cooper has found a new home for the ambitious 24-course menu he created while at Vidalia. The 52-seat restaurant will only serve Cooper’s 24-course tasting menu during one dinner seating Tuesday-Thursday and two dinner seatings Friday and Saturday evenings. The tasting menu experience will ring up at $130 and $170 for alcoholic beverage pairings.

The liquor license application lists the location as 922-924 N Street, NW (Rear) which is actually in Blagden Alley.

Ed. Note: 922 N St, NW facing N St was a recent GDoN post in Jan. ’11.

Not in a million years would I think this sight could lead to a fancy restaurant:

Though I do like this adjacent door:

Here’s the only indication that a “high-end fine dining restaurant” is coming:

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  • Former head chef from Vidalia striking out on his own. All tasting menu room with an additional lounge area. There is some serious talent in place for this restaurant. I really hope they can deliver at Komi-level quality. The potential is there.

  • NYC has always had that one extra layer that you need to look real hard to find in order to be rewarded with great food, drink, entertainment… Nice to see DC starting to move in that direction.

  • Anybody remember the Betapunks? Can’t look at that alley without them and those times coming to mind… How they would have scoffed at a Rogue 24…

  • I remember all the parties in that alley, early 90’s… great times.

  • Blagden alley? What type of wine pairs well with crack and used condoms?

  • I hope they keep the “HEY FOOL” sign on the door.

  • anything fun happening in alleys is way cool

  • The M Street Crew has been working these blocks for quite a while now. I imagine that they’re thrilled by the prospect of some easy pickings.

    • There’s a boxing gym in that alley. Maybe some of the crew will get their asses kicked when they choose the wrong potential victims.

  • Hey PoP since you were over in Shaw yesterday how come you didn’t give a nod to the new gallery at 1314 9th?
    Check out and be sure to hit the link to Thrillist for a great interior shot.

  • Wait…is this comment sarcastic or not? I can’t tell, but I’m really hoping its the later.

  • A “destination restaurant” is actually perfect for a place like this. And those great 90’s parties have been pretty well hosed off by now. (My friend with the cool space there is now a married father living in Cleveland Park!)

  • “destination restuarant” my ass. some people live in this destination. how ’bout just putting in something i can afford? i mean, i *might* go here once a year. but this restaurant is definitely not for the residents, it’s for the valet crowd that comes to Corduroy, Longview, maybe even the dreadful Mood Lounge crowd. I understand that’s a money making demographic, but it doesn’t contribute to the neighborhood options. Komi makes sense on 17th. Rogue 23 does not make sense off 9th.

    • How about YOU putting in a restaurant you can afford? Check out the rents, build-out costs, start-up & operational costs for 3 years, residential density & income, local demographics, number of casual non-residential visitors (transit users/passers-by) and then tell us you’re willing to invest in a “neighborhood options” – i.e. under $8.00 sandwiches and $12.00 entrees with $5.00 beers – place.

      I think sucking money out of the rich (for a unique quality product) a good thing?

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