Retail Space at Corner of of Potomac and Pennsylvania Ave, SE Sells – Annie and Teddy’s is No More

Back in Oct. ’10 we looked at the prospect of Annie and Teddy’s coming to the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Ave, SE, on the same strip as Wisdom and Trustys. It sounded awesome:

I’m sad to say (as many have surely guessed/assumed by now) this venture is no longer going to be. In fact this retail space has recently sold. However, the new owner is currently in talks with prospective established business owners to open a new venture here. Some ideas that have been discussed include a coffee shop/cafe offering breakfast lunch and dinner. The space already has a liquor license so beer and wine could possibly be served in the evening hours. Since the retail space has only just sold it is likely that we won’t see a new tenant here for about a year.

I’ll be sure to update when a new tenant signs on.

In the meantime – for those that know this area – do you like the idea of a coffee shop/cafe filing this space?

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  • I live nearby and I’m happy if a coffee shop/cafe fills the space and all the better if it stays open as a bar/dinner spot at night, but that was a pretty bad bait and switch scam for whoever bought the condos above that space.

    • bait and switch? that’s a deliberate scam. you really think they were scamming the tenants?

      • no, I should have used “bait and switch” since I don’t think they were being malicious – I think at one point they did intend to develop the restaurant there, but I also think they put up the concept signs early in order to attract buyers for the condos

        • correction, *shouldn’t*

        • Alot of times people do intend to develop something, but then run out of time and money dealing with the endless red tape in dealing with the city. Just saying.

        • If memory serves me correctly, the concept was still a Cajun restaurant with live music Thurs-Sun just before all of the condos sold; less of a bait & switch + more of a return to the original idea?
          I think a coffee shop/café/bakery/sandwich place would be great + would do fantastic here – especially if it also served dinner. Trustys/Wisdom are already a pretty good pull for this area at night, + adding a place that could take advantage of that traffic + still sell me a morning coffee/pastry would be fantastic.
          Maybe Im dreaming, but a good café-type place on that corner + anything else in the abandoned KFC would really be amazing.

    • I doubt living above a loud, busy tavern is much of a selling point. Living near one, yes. Above one, no.

    • I can say there’s nothing I’d rather live one floor above more than a cafe. It’s like having a catered yard. Roll downstairs to work from home. Grab a quick coffee when you’re in a rush other mornings.

  • I live near here and always gripe about the lack of to-go food options (other than ordering pizza/chinese or going to harris teeter) and dont want to deal with H street parking for Taylor/Pie. I would welcome a place with sit-down AND counter/to-go service.

  • craft beers. jesus, when will this end?

  • I live nearby as well and would love a good breakfast/lunch spot. We have Mangialardo’s a block away but sadly they’re never open in the evenings or on weekends. Another great sandwich place or a non-bar food option (not to say another bar wouldn’t be fun) would be nice.

    • I would love if Mangialardo’s was open past 3pm. I think I’ve eaten there twice, just because I had a rare weekday off. So good!

  • Yes, please. I would kill for even a basic coffee shop in my corner of the “Hill.”

  • More delay? Was looking forward to this as a much needed addition to the neighborhood. Trusty’s is fine for what it is but would be nice to have some variety in the area.

  • I live a couple of blocks away on Potomac Avenue and would love love love a decent coffee shop on the corner. I think it would get some traffic, given how relatively far away the nearest good options are. Having any sort of eatery other than a fast-food joint or Subway-style store there would be a big plus for the block, the corner, and the neighborhood generally.

  • Do you know who owns the space now? I am looking for a space to lease for a bakery/breakfast/lunch spot. Please send me any other info you have. I would love to take a look.


  • Someone ought to do something about the old KFC at Penn and 15th that has been vacant for…decades now? That really would be a substantial improvement on the block.

  • is it ok for PoP to pass your contact info on to the new owner?

  • A real French bakery would be ideal, or just a bakery with bread sans partially hydrogenated oils. If not that, I’d take a Giffords, though I suppose those shops will never exist again. So then, a brunch place would do.

  • I definitely think a coffee/shop diner feel would be right at home in the neighboorhood. As someone who is closer to the bridge that to Eastern Market, McD’s isn’t cutting it for when I’m too lazy to make coffee myself or crave mid morning pastries…

  • I live near Eastern Market and work down at the Navy Yard, and would love to see a good carry-out place that delivers to both locations. I would personally put up fliers in my office building to make sure it gets a lot of business. 🙂

    As much as I would love to see a good bakery there, I’m not sure it would do so well unless it were exceptional. A lot of people are lazy and would rather buy baked goods at the Harris Teeter while they’re already there for groceries.

  • POP, thanks for sharing my info. I will check it out soon!

  • I posted this months and months ago on this very blog — the Folkman/Cashion venture was DOA ages ago.

  • Oh man, a coffee shop (especially one with wifi) would be used by me several times a week. As someone right by the armory, I hate having to basically go to eastern market to sit down in a coffee shop. Talk about untapped market!

  • I also live up the street and I’d welcome a coffee or any type of restuarant. I think a liquor license is key b/c I doubt a coffee shop alone would survive with out some sort of liquor sales in the evening hours.

    Anything is better than the low rent 7-11 that existed there before. Bring on the sanwiches, coffee and micro brews!

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