Republic Gardens to Re-Open as U4ria at 1355 U St, NW

Republic Gardens sits in a prime location at 1355 U St, NW but has been closed for many months. I was excited to see the front door open last Friday. We last spoke about the space back in March ’08 when it had plans to reopen after dealing with back rent issues. Not sure what the story on U4ria is – when I walked inside, there was a tv on but nobody to be found.

Anyone hear anything about u4ria?

If you’re in the industry – they’re hiring:

Note that the building still seems to be for sale/lease:

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  • Is it just me or does U4ria spelled like this make you think of a STD?

    • I’m sure a lot of people are going to end up referring to this place as “Urea.”

    • Nope, it makes me think of the Beverly Hills 90210 episode when Emily Valentine slipped Euphoria (i.e., Ecstasy) into Brandon’s drink.

      I know that doesn’t say very good things about me, but there it is.

      • That was my first thought too!

        (As an aside… That episode was recently on SoapNet one weekend afternoon and a plot point I’d forgotten about was that the Euphoria dealer at the rave wore a t-shirt with a “4” on it so you knew he was selling Euphoria. God, that show was stupid.)

      • So what happened with Brandon????

        • He got pissed off because he’d already refused to do euphoria with Emily, so her slipping it into his drink was a major breach of trust. He broke up with her, then she went completely apeshit insane and tried to burn down the homecoming float, among other things.

          God, sometimes I can’t help but wonder what I could do if I actually put all this brain space to good use.

    • I will never go there, in part because of the ridiculous name.

      • Nice, the name is Republic Gardens. Hey, I don’t care about the name…and to say that I will never go to a club because of its name is rather idiotic…in part or not…wait a minute…maybe you’re not even old enough to get into one! I think that’s what it is 😉

    • Made me think Uriah Heep.

  • I saw movement here over the weekend and got excited. I’ve always loved their awning and doors. I hope they keep the sweet “Republic Gardens” sign even with the new name.

  • If it is supposed to be euphoria, then should it not be U4IA?

  • spell fail. it’s always been u4ea.

  • OMG this thread is the best laugh I’ve had all week

  • I was at this establishment two Fridays ago and would like to share a couple of things with everyone:

    I asked management about the name U4Ria and was told that with the U Street theme they decided to call it U4Ria. However, the name of the club is and will remain Republic Gardens. I was happy to know that the club will not change the name 🙂
    I also found out that the place is currently being renovated that’s why it is not open full-time. I was told that there will be a grand opening soon.
    I had a great time, the music was great, the drinks were perfect, the staff was nice, so I will be going back.

  • I’m the owner of. U4RIA @ REPUBLIC GARDENS if U have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to call me.
    If you are looking for a position please stop by the club or call 202- 238- 9510

    Thanks. Joe

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