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  • they did a really good job on 13th n park, a shame they are going to demolition the house on girard – the house is neat and funky.

  • I love their work, but I woulda kept the original house… JMO

  • Still a little too transitional on those few blocks for me… but looks nice

    • It may be transitional, but the transition is happening pretty rapidly, in terms of real estate. Whem completed, this project is going to bring in a pretty penny I have a feeling.

  • Any idea of the quality of their work? Checked out their site, and it all looks nice, but what of the craftsmanship?

    Speaking of which, PoP, love to hear reader remarks on some of the many boutique builders in the area.

    • I second this request. I grew up the son of a builder, and am always curious about this. It would be nice to get some guidance for who has a reputation for doing good work in all of these rehabs and new constructions.

  • Looks good. But hey, Cap City Re, please leave some single family homes in my ‘hood. Thanks.

  • The original house seems way more interesting than the rendering of a yet another popup condo building.

  • Like the proposed design except the awning/overhang above the front door.

  • I am the writer of the CH Heritage Trail and the CH chapter in Washington At Home. It is a shame to lose 1323 Girard and have it replaced with a more urban style house. The current house dates to 1891, which is just before the streetcar running up 14th Street was electrified and the rowhouse building boom started. In other words, the style reflects its status as a suburban house, and too few such houses remain in the southern section of CH.

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a swipe at the longtime derelict owners of the house just west of 1323. Their negligence kept this block down, but it looks like they’ve made improvements.

    I don’t know know what to say about the gawdawful Easter Seals building on the corner. It replaced a magnificent building.

    • Oh, definitely. I think that it’s always appropriate to fight ardently to preserve whatever style exists when a historic society is formed. We should preserve this historic suburban style in the middle of an urban neighborhood. And don’t get me started on how this company is recklessly providing denser housing near public transit, unfortunately raising the taxpaying base in our city.

      • way to show your strong connection to the community you grew up in newby.

      • But where are they going to graze their horses or park their buggies?

        • Victoria you raise such valid points for not destroying the historic fabric of our neighborhood! By all means bring on the mediocrity, I’ve seen the light! I can’t wait to cast my eyes on the 1/2 thick brick facade that will encase this master work of 21st century design.

      • My point was regarding style, not density. The project does not appear to substantially increase density. I favor Transit Oriented Development, which this is not. This is just a developer altering the historic fabric for the sake of expediency. I’m really not that ardent a preservationist, but you are apparently a proudly thoughtless opponent.

        • “thoughtless” ha!

          How many free standing homes are left in CH? How many high density buildings are there? How many high density projects are underway or have been completed in the last 10 years… come on Mr. hyperbole give me a break. you have your noble angle but you are very one sided.

          • How is favoring both historic preservation and dense redevelopment one-sided? You do not make clear the reason for your questions, so I’ll assume they are intended as gibberish.

            At 120 years, that building is one of the oldest in the neighborhood. The developer could have preserved – even enhanced – what remains of the historic streetscape of that block and achieved similar density.

    • Ah, I see that you’ve mentioned Dorothy and Gary, Brian. They’ve helped abuse more than just this block in DC.

  • How the hell were they able to get apporval for this project!?

    I know DCRA’s job is not in historic preservation, but this is out of control. The new building looks like the cheesy rowhouses they built along 13th. Sucks because I know this builder could have done some cool stuff with this house.

  • This is next door to the infamous Gary Imhoff and Dorothy Brizill’s house. Surely they’ll have something to say about this.

    • tell me more about gary and dorothy. that property is disgusting and gets worse every day.

      • actually, i’m thinking of the property two doors over, which is a complete abomination.

        • Gary and Dorothy are two “watchdogs” who spend a lot of time nitpicking public officials, keeping a listserv that is read by a fair number of people, and try to continue to wield outsized influence for a pair of people whose time in the spotlight should have been over a long, long time ago.

  • Thanks PoP for posting!

  • These guys are doing some of the best work in the district right now. IMHO

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