Red Rocks Sporting New Outdoor Seating in Columbia Heights

Red Rocks located at the corner of 11th and Park Rd, NW is now sporting a new outdoor seating set up. So what do you think – do you like the new tables and chairs or did you prefer the old picnic table set up?

A little bit of neighborhood trivia – Red Rocks originally switched from tables and chairs to picnic tables back in July ’08.

Photos courtesy of James OBrien

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  • i liked the picnic tables, but they can fit a lot more people more comfortably with the new set up. i especially like the benches attached to the wall/railing.

  • Picnic tables made it more likely you would chat with people you don’t know. Which can be a good thing.

  • whatever they an do to keep the long wait times down is good. only question is how are they going to fit umbrellas in since space looks pretty cramped and come summer they will def need some shading.

  • The picnic tables had more character. I don’t like the new ones but they provide more seating, which is a good thing because this place is always packed. Whenever a friend suggests RedRocks, I tried to convince them to go to Moroni’s, where the pizza is as good as RedRocks and there’s always room, but it’s not as hip.

  • Is that Hugo “Hurley” Reyes (Jorge Garcia) from Lost on the far right of the bottom picture?

  • Big upgrade, I think, both aesthetically and functionally. As a reasonably large person, I found the picnic tables very uncomfortable to get in and out of, plus no back support.

  • Just had lunch there on Sunday. I’m partial to the picnic tables, more family like and dog friendly. But either way, it’s an incredible restaurant and I’ll continue to make my way up there!

  • My how times have changed. Remember the [email protected] and moaning that greeted Red Rocks’ announcement that it was going to start serving food outside a few years ago (during the first year of its operation)? It was supposed to be the end of the world. Guess not.

    • Funny, I was just about to mention how as much as I am glad a restaurant like Red Rocks in the neighborhood, their location does bother me, specifically the commercialization of a connected residential dwelling, the placing of industrial-level kitchen equipment on the street, the front yard partitioning with a Home Depot grade stockade fence, etc. Again, glad to have the pizza and applaud the investment in the neighborhood, just wish they could have occupied one of the dilapidated, commercially-intended 11th street properties around the corner.

  • Does anyone else find it annoying that RR has a big refrigerator on the patio on the 11th street side? Isn’t there some kind of a building code about this? They also have a bunch of garbage by the refrigerator, and in general the outside of the place is a bit dumpy looking.

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