Real Estate Firm Opens Offices Next to Eatonville at 1353 V St, NW

I’ve been curious to see who will be moving into the huge space next to Eatonville, there has been a build out for many months. I found out yesterday that the offices belong to the Sliwka Group. While it is just offices it does look pretty sweet:

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  • bfinpetworth

    If anyone is considering a purchase or sale in the near future, I highly recommend this agency. We used them last year to puchase our home and were entirely satisfied with the experience. Paul Sliwka possesses an incredible knowledge of DC, its neighborhoods, and its history, down to the smallest details.

    • We had a very different experience from the other side–trying to buy a couple of his listings. They were foreclosures, so they’re a different animal, but after the first couple of times, we lost interest in places once seeing they were listed by Sliwka.

  • yay, businesses filling empty spaces!

  • I’m sorry, but I would kill myself if I have to work in such a sterile environment with every passerby seeing me work in 10-foot windows. The panopticon much?

  • Paul Sliwka has helped me buy 2 forclosures AND a short sale. He is very professional and thorough, taking the time to answer every question and returned every call or email.

  • GO PAUL!
    He helped me tremendously when I bought my first house. I would have never considered Bloomingdale before working with him. He was particularly great at explaining his reasoning for taking me there – the house had good bones and the neighborhood had the infrastructure to really appreciate in the next few years. Not only did it appreicate, but my investment tripled in value in 8 years!

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