(Re) Judging Restaurants – Torries @ Wilson’s

I got a little panicked last weekend when I saw the Wilson’s sign was gone (see photo above). Fortunately it appears to just be the sign. Wilson’s is located at 700 V Street, NW just off Georgia Ave, NW. I’m intrigued by the breakfast options – anyone go here for breakfast/brunch? Seems like a good deal:

And here’s the rest of the menu:

Any fans? We originally looked at them back in Dec. ’08. I feel like this place should be more popular.

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  • You mean they no longer hav veg with turkey?!?!?

  • I live about 2 blocks away and was always skeptical. However, a friend convinced me to check it out the morning after a night of drinking. And I have to say that it’s an awesome greasy spoon diner. Friendly staff and diverse crowd that included hipsters. Great value. Really tasty biscuits and gravy. They are revamping their menu and are getting ready to roll out a new marketing campaign. Might even extend time open into the wee hours. Definitely worth checking out. Don’t let the location fool you. This place is definitely on the up and up.

  • I used to frequent there a lot on Saturday mornings. Good breakfast, the fried croaker and grits is a must try.

  • I must add that the place is called Torries. Back in the day, if I remember correctly, the Florida Ave Grill and this place were owned by the same people.

  • Beats the hell out of Florida Avenue Grill. And at a fraction of the price. A couple of Howard grads who have been going here for years turned me onto the place.

    Liver & onions for the MFWIN.

  • If the rasta pressure baking the front steps with incense could lighten up I might try it…

  • For the life of me, I can’t remember anything specific about the food here, which means it’s probably OK.

    Anyone know when they open? I imagine early, because of the senior contingent.

  • my friends and i go there all the time. good food, great price, and you can always get a table. i highly recommend.

  • I gotta stand up for FL Ave Grill on this one. The food selection at Wilson’s is more varied but of lower quality. Yeah its cheaper, but you notice (e.g. kraft singles type cheese) Still, not a bad cheap breakfast.

  • Admittedly, I only ate there once, but I thought the place was filthy and the food was disgusting.

    Waitress was nice, but very curt. Did not feel welcome there at all.

  • I live in the neighborhood and never thought the place was in business. They do an awful job of making the place look like its in business. In need of a small but not hip makeover. Could be a gold mine with some basic sprucing up.

  • And its never open at night when it could make a killing from 9:30 patrons.

  • Love it. Great owners, good employees… good food at a great price.

    The soups are generally spot on.

  • Found Wilson’s to be a little too greasy of a spoon on a visit a couple years back, with the food not being all that great.

  • Breakfast is great here. You can always get a nice booth. They do have much better biscuits than Florida Ave Grill, and your clothes don’t smell as greasy when you leave. I recommend grits w/ salmon cakes.

  • This is my favorite place for breakfast in the city. Where else can you eat eggs, bacon, home fries and a biscuit for 5 bucks? I haven’t eaten the rest of the menu, but this place is timeless in my opinion. Go there once, the staff remembers you every time after that. What more could you ask for?

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