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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • I ran the national half marathon. That is the longest I have ever run in my life and my legs did not fall off.

    I also had some delicious brunch at Granville Moore’s. I didn’t realize they served brunch, but they do, and it is awesome. Also some fine Bloody Mary’s.

  • Rant: This weekend was cold. It is cold now.

  • me

    Rant: The guy who sits in the cube across from me needs to stop chomping on ice all day, every day. I’m about ready to pull my hair out. Seriously.

    Rave: At least I get to leave a bit early today for an appointment.

  • Bear

    Rave: Super fun weekend with out of town friends
    Rant: Getting old = bad hangovers

    • Re: rant. yes, no one warned me about that, but the recovery time seems to have a direct relationship to my age. it’s like full day recovery now for a hard night out. wtf?

    • Same rant here. I can’t have more than two drinks back to back without paying some sort of penalty later, even when drinking relatively early in the evening and drinking water during and afterwards.

      Penalties may include: waking up at 3am sweating with a rapid pulse, lethargy and dizziness, headaches, and the need to take a nap the following afternoon.

      • A big glass of H2O and a super B complex multivitamin before bed has made the 3 am sweating/rapid pulse thing go away for me. Also stocking a big glass of H2O bedside in case of the nighttime wake up.

        • I thought age cured hangovers. I don’t seem to get them so badly anymore unless I drink tequila. Uh-oh. My mother used to say you know you’re an alcoholic if you don’t get hangovers. Not sure that’s true.

        • the important question is: how old are you?

          when i was in my 20s, my *sure fire* solution was:

          -at first wakeup, pee, drink a 32 oz gatorade, take 2 aleve, and go back to sleep for an hour

          worked every time. now at 33, it’s more like hide from daylight, take pain relievers to no avail, drink tons of water, nap, feel dull ache all day, be worthless. pho is my new favorite hangover food, btw.

      • Rant: My ongoing incredible problem with the love of beer (and wine and liquor). Call it rampant alcoholism.

        Rave: There is no reported shortage of beer in DC! If I could just figure out a way to satisfy my sex addiction! 😉

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: Roasted beets! Eating a small serving of roasted beets after too much to drink will eliminate hangovers for me.

  • Rant: Pulled the cord too late on my bus this morning and ended up going over the river. Since the bridge did not appear to have a pedestrain path, had to catch another bus back from Anacostia.

  • Rant: Second the cold rant. What in the hell was that snow on Sunday? So tired of my coat right now.

    Rave: all work events that are causing major stress right now will be over by tomorrow at 3ish (if I’m lucky). So much better when the week is front loaded.

  • rant: wish i had a personal chef…why am i always so hungry and eating bland work cafeteria food?

    rave: can’t wait to plan my april fools

  • Rave: Kingsman Dog park. So far, so good.

    Rant: Spent the weekend demoing plaster + lead based paint in a plastic bubble with respirators and body suits. It’s just sucky, sucky work.

    Rave: It’s done.

    • Didn’t make it to the dog park this weekend (it’s a looong walk from where I live), but hopefully soon…

  • Rave: Vacation starts in 15 minutes!

    Rant: My favorite Chicago brewery sold out to InBev. So much for being an independent operation. Now I must find a new beer to enjoy.

  • rant: today as I waited behind a DC DPW garbage truck in the alley behind my house, the driver got out and peed by the side of his truck. Happy Springtime, DC!

    I’m still drafting my letter about it.

    • Mark,

      An honest question – what would you have rather he done? Stopped working and drive back to the transfer station to use the facilities, or just do it and get it done?

      • bfinpetworth

        How about a third option – do it more discretely. Some of us don’t like seeing guys pull their wieners out in public.

      • There’s no need for the guy to drive back anywhere, there are plenty of 7-11s, grocery stores and such around with bathrooms too. If workers aren’t permitted sufficient break time to take care of their business in private, then DPW needs to change their policies

      • stinkypesto, I don’t normally say things like this on blogs, but: you’re an idiot. The proper end result is, no pee in my alley, especially from guys *whose job is to keep my alley clean.*

        Yuppiehell, you’re something worse than an idiot.

      • Piss jug! Go Trailer Park Boys!

    • I remember reading or hearing something a while ago about how hard female trash collectors have it because it’s harder for the to pee in a cup/jar/whatever while on the job. Apparently they aren’t supposed to take breaks so they just do what they have to.

      • houseintherear

        Um, pee INTO THE GARBAGE for crying out loud, not on the street!

        • have you seen that crusher thing in the back of the truck? no thanks. i’ll pee in the alley. actually, i’d wait til the truck was in motion and pee off the back of the truck for fun while hanging on with my other hand.

  • Like that guy was first person to pee in that alley

  • rant: a friend of a friend nearly killed me by starting to drive through a red light on H st (because she “didn’t see it”).

    rave: we’re not hurt – she slammed on the brakes (probably b/c the rest of us were yelling at her, because the rest of us saw the red light) and fortunately the large van that would have hit us slammed on its brakes, and stopped about a foot away from the passenger side of the car where I was sitting.

    rant: Shouldn’t people drive in a safer manner than usual if they have other people in the car? This comes two weeks after getting a ride with a friend of a friend who thought it was a good idea to drive 80 mph on rt 50 out to annapolis and back with the top of her convertible down. Am I just getting old? (I’m 31.) I have very little patience with irresponsible people these days…

    • She probably was distracted with all of you in the car and I’m sure it was on honest mistake. Give her a break. One time I accidentally started to turn the wrong way down a one-way street. Not something I’ve ever done before or since then, but I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood and didn’t catch the sign right away. One of the people in the car gave me hell about it, and I was thinking, “Ok, why don’t YOU buy a car and pay for gas and insurance so you can chauffer everyone around instead?”

      Being the person with a car is a thankless job, let me tell you…

    • I’ve got to admit: I ran the light at 4th and Bryant, NE, on the way to Home Depot on Saturday. I honestly didn’t see it until I was going through it – something about the way the light was positioned. I think I’m a pretty decent driver overall – and usually completely paranoid about other people being awful drivers when we have the baby in the car – but we all screw up sometimes.

      • My office overlooks an intersection that recently replaced its stop signs with a traffic light. The first week we saw so many people inadvertently drive through the red– they were all so accustomed to it being it stop sign.

        I’ll admit it’s somewhat easy to almost miss a traffic light when you’re driving through a neighborhood that mostly has stop signs. And the lights in the circles are confusing as hell.

    • i challenge you to drive under 70 on rt 50E and not feel like you’re a granny.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: person walking his dog off leash that ended up chasing me and my dog. Argh. Go to a dog park.

    Rave: planting flowers in my garden despite the cold.

    • +1. There is a guy in Adams Morgan who lets his giant UNEUTERED dog walk all over off leash. I’ve had to make many a detour with my own dogs (on-leash of course) when we see them on the sidewalks of AM.

      • Related rant: Up until recently I was renting a place in VA, and our landlord were constantly getting notices from the HOA claiming we were walking our dogs off the leash and not picking up after them. It drove me crazy because we did neither. I responded once denying the claims and they acknowledged it, but the letters kept coming. Our landlord just got another, and we’ve been gone for a month now! I’m wondering if I should send the HOA a nasty letter in response or just let it go.

        I gotta say, it’s nice living in a dog-friendly neighborhood now where I can walk my dogs on a leash and pick up after them and not get harassed.

  • rave: ran the 1/2 marathon this weekend, coz I’m only 1/2 crazy

    rave: was watching a bit of that old movie “Secret Garden” and was so shamed I finally went and cleaned up my own garden.

    rant: work day is going by ever so slllllloooooowwwwwllllyyy

  • Rave: cherry blossoms, sushi, new friends

    Rant: cold weather, haters

  • Rant: “I like you but I cannot be in a committed relationship”

    Rave: Does this mean I have a free pass to do whatever I want when I am not with her?

    • yup, that’s what that means.

      • wish this didnt suck so much.. im a very traditional guy from a very very small town. dont know if i can deal with this.. big city girls are evil!

      • That, and I think it may also mean “I think you’re a great guy, honestly. I like how you get me off. But I pine for someone else, possibly someone I’ve had my mind on for some time who may or may not requite. Bottom line: I don’t want to hurt your feelings by leading you on.”

        Or maybe she’s just not the marrying kind.

      • if you’re the dude in this relationship, enjoy the role reversal from the norm.

        statistically, you’re gonna have a much better time in DC than she is. i have no shortage of 30-something awesome female friends (smart, good jobs, good looking) who can’t find a halfway decent single dude.

  • rave: moving to petworth on wednesday.
    rant: moving to petworth on wednesday.

  • Rant: Megabus is megalate!

  • Rant: called MPD on the sketchy neighbor I mentioned in the peeping Tom thread on Saturday afternoon. Pre-cops, he’s talking to himself, having an argument with a fence, walking up my back steps and down my driveway, drinking a 40, smoking something that didn’t look like a cigarette. Very sketchy. MPD rolls up (within 2 minutes, to their credit), and he’s their best friend. Telling them that whoever called is wasting their time, that they need big crime, not little stuff, that he’s practically a junior police officer. And they bought it.

    So if the OP from that thread is reading this, how does this description compare to the guy you saw? About 5’10” to 6′, black male, late 20s to early 30s, medium complexion, often with a bit of scruff/unshaven, almost always wearing a backwards black Yankees cap, black jacket, black and silver sneakers. He lives with his mother and grandmother and has some sort of mental health issues, possibly bi-polar. He’s fine for a while, then goes off his meds. That’s when he starts using/dealing the non-prescription stuff directly behind my house and starts bothering the neighbors. I’ve seen him peering into my next-door neighbors’ front windows. He harassed another neighbor about being her boyfriend for months.

    • Memory rant: We had something like that once on 15th St. The guy would pass out right in front of the front door, you literally had to step over him, and when he got angry would attack the door trying to get at us. Cops called, show up, oh yeah, we know this guy, nothing we can do, and would leave.

      Sometimes DC’s tolerance of poor struggling people is frustrating, and I guess sometimes it makes a little sense and makes the place livable. What should they do, lock him up? Export him to our far off colony of misfits (like Baltimore or Detroit)? Issue a restraining order (isn’t that your job to pursue?). Too bad our finest aren’t better at offering suggestions for solutions that might work.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Signed up to get free basil seeds from the internet. I hope they arrive.
    Rant: My dad’s birthday is coming up and I’ve got no clue what to get him. What to get an aging hippie type that has everything he wants “except maybe a piano”?
    Rave: Nice slow Monday at work so I can contemplate my container garden and my dad’s birthday.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: the Popville community is super helpful, not to mention entertaining!

  • Rave: The cab driver who was apologetic today about charging me the $1 surcharge.

    Rant: According to this blog I spend my day shopping for Louis XIV antiques or Thomas Moser. I hate French furniture and have no idea who Thomas Moser is.

  • Rave — I was waiting for the bus and a man walked up to me and told me I looked beautiful. And then walked off. Made my day!

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