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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

This weather is so awesome – I suspect it’s gonna be a free for all for outdoor dining/drinking spaces tonight – so I will give thanks for awesome porches! And even better are awesome porches before the mosquitos descend. Enjoy whatever outside space you find!

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  • Rant: Job sucks

    Rave: Not unemployed yet. And nice weather and bachelor party for friend this weekend.

  • Rant: how is it that the green line runs trains every 6-9 minutes during rush hour going through the U Street Station?!?!

    Rave: can’t wait to eat lunch outside today with my childhood best buddy who I haven’t seen in 5 years.

  • Rave: Outside enjoying the day with visiting grandma and kids out of school, wearing shorts! and no shoes! And no mosquitos! Yippee!

    Rant: Didn’t think ahead to stock up on beer and grilling meats for the all day family backyard beer bbq. Will have to go shopping.

  • Rave – Corned beef and cabbage for St. P’s day dinner and warm enough to drink our Guinness on the front stoop while the kids decorated the sidewalk in chalk. After a bunch of shamrocks, rainbows, a ninja and a damn fine unicorn, they drew a hopscotch board, then got silly and continued it 126 squares down the sidewalk.

    Passers by started hop-scotching including an old lady with a cane who managed 3-4 steps.

    Rant – Grouchy old man 6 houses down came out and yelled at them and threatened to CALL THE POLICE. I went down to talk to him, explained nicely that it was just chalk, which would wear & wash away and besides, it was a public sidewalk. He repeated his threats to call the police, and told me I had no right since I had “just moved here.”
    (5 years ago for this block, 17 years a block over.)

    This on the most littered street in Columbia Heights where blood is usually the only decoration amidst the broken glass.

    Rave squared – people are still hopscotching past his house!

    • Go chalk shamrocks!

    • Maybe your neighbor was once badly injured in a hotch scotch accident and this is causing PTSD. Or more likely, he’s an ass.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love that people walking down the street started hopping the scotch.

      More hopscotch on public sidewalks!

    • I saw lots of chalk art on a nearby street here in Capitol Hill. Made me smile. What kind of person could possibly be opposed to it?

      • It was actually kind of a great ogre-type thrill to the kids (6,7 & 8 years old)- especially with his giant barking doberman. The highlight of the evening, except maybe for the Klondike bars for dessert.

  • Rant: Last minute friend-of-a-friend house guest in town for the NCAA games. I’m all for my home being a refuge for people passing in and out of town (or working to set up their own homes), but a male guest in a of both men and women peeing with the bathroom door open? In what world is that appropriate?

    Rant: Same guest is the most boring eater ever. I think I might scream if I have to see another plate of meat and potatoes (or hunt for yet another most-boring-restaurant- in-DC contender).

    Rave: The work week is almost done and I met two huge deadlines both a day ahead of schedule. It is amazing how getting the support I need to be proactive revolutionizes my professional world.

    Rave: Long weekend in honor of Naw-Rúz and excited to plan for a day of renewal – sleeping in, gardening, and undertaking my first experiment in dry walling over failed plaster.

  • “in a house of both men and women,” that is.

  • Raves: Beautiful weather, celebrated St. Pat’s and without a hangover, brave Japanese, great boss for the first time possibly ever, great colleagues, NPR, PoP finding beauty.

    Rants: A challenging client, climbing expenses, people who steal statues from cemetaries, NPR funding got cut — not nice.

  • Rant: three McDonald’s in the past ten days have had the Shamrock shake machine out of service. GGGrrrr!

  • Rant: The horrible situation in Japan where I have friends and family are suffering. My Dad is going to lose his business as a result of the disaster and has never been so depressed in his life. He also can’t get a plane out of Narita until Wednesday. My vacation to Japan that I have been planning for over a year had to be cancelled yesterday.

    Rave: My husband will be home in a week from a deployment to Yemen. We will be going away to the Southwest in place of our original plans. All that matters in the end is that he will be home safe and sound.

  • Rant: Being censored I think it’s clear when I am serious or when I am joking do you really to delete my humors comments and deprive the readers

    I’ve totally overbooked myself since spring break started. I have to much shit planned and not enough chill time

    Rave: No paper due this weekend. I’ve awarded another contract with ARRA funds. Another pain in the ass contract of my desk. Hooray for irresponsible spendingg.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Garbage trucks early in the morning
    Rant: Spring allergies
    Rant: Crappy week

    RAVE: FRANKLIN!! Franklin makes everything better.

  • RANT: Some douchebag egged and keyed my car last night.

    To pre-emt the haters: parked on a street in Foggy Bottom where I always park, not too close to the person in front of me, not to close to the person behind me, didn’t “take” someone’s usual spot…hell it’s *my* usual spot!

    • You must of have pissed someone off. That sounds like a crazy Ex.

      • I’m engaged and have been dating the same person for over 4 years. No crazy ex’s live in DC. I’m thinking it was a drunk college kid.

  • Rave: The dentist gave me a new crown. I was in and out of the office in an hour. She gave me lots of drugs. Drinks run down my face but who cares if you can’t feel anything.

    Rant: The spring pollen is already driving me crazy.

  • Rant: Coworkers made me fill out a bracket. In the spirit of school loyalty, and not knowing anything about basketball, I had GMU going all the way. They got a good laugh out of that.

    Rave: Starting to see why people are so obssessed with this stuff– it’s somewhat exciting!

  • Rave – Dog obeyed “leave it” commands for all but the most irresistibly delicious horse “cupcakes” on the trail in Rock Creek park today.

    And a glimmer of hope in Wisconsin – plus really inspiring stories from my Madison friends.

  • Rave – Home Opener tomorrow: Go UNITED!
    Rant: Horrible cold that will not go away.

  • RANT: Groups walking toward you on the sidewalk, 2 or 3 or 4 abreast who don’t shift around as they approach you, forcing you, the single walker, into the dirt or the street if you don’t want to be knocked over.

    Attention people: All you need to do is move over for 5 seconds, let me by, and then you can go back to walking next to each other. it’s not that hard!

  • Bear

    Rave: Happy hour on the Derby roof deck in 70+ degree weather. Got there early enough to enjoy it…and left when it started to get packed.

  • When that I happens, I stop walking, stand there and make them move around me.

  • When that I happens to me, I stop, stand there and make them pass around me.

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