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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Had to put my cat of 13 years to sleep on Friday. Very, very sad…

    • Sorry to hear. Is 13 an average age for cats? I have a 10 year old cat. Is she considers old?

      • Thanks for sympathies, everyone.

        Not sure about the average age, but she was a former stray with a longtime kidney condition. Hopefully you’ll have many more years with yours. 🙂

        • So sorry to hear about your cat. I know how you feel. I had mine put down last fall. My cats all seem to live about 12 years. I have two new ones now though!

      • Life expectancy for cats varies quite a bit depending on whether they are considered indoor or outdoor cats. An inside cat who rarely if ever ventures outdoors might be expected to reach 15-17 years, possibly longer. A cat who is primarily outdoors might be expected to live about 9-12 years. This is why the Humane Society demand that all adopted cats be kept inside.
        Sorry to hear about your 13 year old cat. In january we had to put our 16 year old cat to sleep. Yep, it hurts.

    • saf

      Oh, I’m sorry.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You have my sympathies.

  • I’m so sorry to hear that. I had to do the same with my dog (of ten years) last summer.

  • Rant: Earthquakes and nuclear power.

    Rant: Thugs who murder, beat, and rape in Bethesda, wonder if they from the DC syndicate?

  • Rant: I saw a dog get hit by a car on 16th St NW.
    Double Rant: The driver drove away.
    Third Rant: The dog wasn’t on a leash.

  • Anyone know anything about this carjacking? From the MPD-4D listserv:

    At 7:00 PM, in the area of Grant Circle, NW, the complainant (in a vehicle) was approached by a suspect who brandished a handgun and demanded money. The suspect entered a burgundy minivan bearing a possible MD tag number of ACH015R and fled the scene.

    Lookouts: Suspect BM, 20-21, 5’8 – 5’10”, medium weight, all black clothing with a black mask, black “twist” style hair armed with a handgun
    Burgundy minivan w/ possible MD tag of ACH015R

    • Ah yes, MD thugs in Peeworth to get their fix. Wonder if these guys spent some time in Bethesda over the weekend too.

    • I live near Grant Circle and actually recall seeing a burgundy minvan driving around suspiciously, along with a gold looking sedan. Hmm, I’ll need to start jotting down license plate numbers more often.

      How did they know he was 20-21 if wearing a mask?

  • Since it’s been all bad news so far:

    Rave: Sunday was unbelievably gorgeous outside.

  • Sorry, looks like it’s not a carjacking, I misread it.

  • The George Ault exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American Art is fantastic! His work has so much to say about crisp lines and light… another good exhibit there is the Sci-fi on the third floor… if you like semi-creepy futuristic projections of nature taking over the earth and interesting plays on senses of proportion…

  • Rave: More daylight!
    High Anxiety Rant: I honestly don’t believe all of this super-seismic activity is going to end any time soon. My humble mind believes that the Earth has entered into a period of intense activity that will increase in both frequency and devastation. Not usually such a paranoiac but I can’t seem to shake that thought.

    • ah

      Rant: Less daylight. It was dark when I woke up.

    • Rant: people who aren’t seismologists reacting to natural occurences. Oh No 2012 the writing is on the wall people. I believe it was the saucer people, working with the reverse vampires to eliminate dinner. Look throught the looking glass people.

      • Part of my reaction is due to the fact that I work for an organization that monitors these things closely. Calm yourself with the 2012 references.

        • Part of my reaction is due to the fact that I work for an organization that monitors these things closely.

          Wait, I thought all the Heaven’s Gate folks hitched a ride on Hale-Bopp.

  • Rant: Woke up at 2:30am and was unable to get back to sleep. I can sense the wall coming towards me that I’m about to hit in 2 hours.

    Rave: I spent the waking hours writing a nice letter to a friend. Subject: sleeping.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Idea: Let’s move the clock back 1/2 and hour in the fall and then not touch it again!

    Rant: Daylight Savings Time and all the falling back and springing forward that goes with it.

    Rave: Tea

  • Bear

    Rant: Big presentation at work on an unpopular proposal. Kind of feel like I’m about to be put in front of the firing squad.

    Rave: I won a grant to do research on gender-based violence in South Africa, so if I totally bomb on my presentation I can escape to another country for a few weeks.

    • Your research sounds so interesting! I hope it will do some good.

      • Bear

        Thanks! I just found out that I was the only awardee out of several applicants, so I’m feeling really good about it! It is a daunting issue though, so I’m trying not to get overwhelmed.

        Rant turned rave: I did not bomb my presentation. It was pretty painless, in fact.

  • Rant: I left my keys at the SmartBike terminal at 10th/U around 11:!5 this morning — they were gone when I checked back at 12:30. Anyone happen to recover? Would be grateful to have back and could give a small reward.

    • You mean Bikeshare? I’d give them a call. They shift bikes all the time when stations get too full or empty. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of their drivers has your keys.

      • Er yes, Capital Bikeshare. Two of the Bikeshare staff were there when I returned — did leave name/number with them, and am waiting (hoping) to hear back…

  • Rave: Moved into my dream house this weekend!!

  • rave: managed to use yesterday to do alot of digging and yardwork. moved about 1/2 ton of dirt on my own. my garden wall is about 70% assembled! i manually sawed and assembled everything. how very old school of me. and im not sore!!

    rant: i have so much fsa money leftover that i am afraid im going to be out 800$. nothing sensible comes to mind to spend it on…

    • I hear you on the rant! My partner had the same issue. Of course next year, after you adjust the FSA money down to a more reasonable amount, you will probably break five bones and need stitches. Murphy’s law!

    • A friend of mine had this happen – she stocked up on first aid kits for camping and first aid supplies for the house. Her plan even accepted receipts from REI for the first aid camping kits. I know that isn’t $800 worth, but it might limp you a little closer?

    • Can you at least buy a bunch of medical supplies and donate them to a charity that could use them?

    • Bear

      Drugstore.com has a whole fsa-approved section on their website. I had about $150 left over one year and just stocked up on things like tylenol, cold meds, first aid, etc.

    • You can spend it all on sudafed and start your own meth lab. 🙂

  • Rant: trying to decide what someone having Love but not being IN love means when you couldn’t be happier with your partner. confused and unproductive at work today

    Rave: I still believe in love

  • Rant: Neighbors who decided it would be appropriate to blast Mumford and Sons at 4:00am this morning. As a result of interrupted sleep, I missed my run and am dragging my feet today.

    Rave: I do love the Mumford and Sons.

  • Rant: My friends ALL let me down this weekend, resulting in me spending 2 days inside on beautiful days.

    Rave: New couch got delivered; I’m starting to feel like more of grown-up now that I have some non-Ikea goods.

    Position on Daylight Savings Time: I’m really torn…it was so nice having the sun up earlier, I got to work early and in good spirits. But I know the lighter longer business makes for warmer and better rooftop happy hours.

    • “Rant: My friends ALL let me down this weekend, resulting in me spending 2 days inside on beautiful days.”

      I’m sorry, but that’s just sad. You honestly couldn’t find ANYTHING to do outside on your own?

  • Rave: a patient told me I looked like I lost weight this morning.
    Rant: the same patient is blind

    Oh well, take what you can get.

  • Rave: Grad School done for three weeks until last summer starting in April. I have free time to enjoy for once.

    Rant: Way to many drinking events this week. May have to skip St. Patty’s day to get in a good run.

  • Rant: Can’t shake the creeping virus cough grunk! Watch out, people, it’s everywhere and will knock you out for a week. I sound like one of those people you wish you weren’t sitting next to on the plane.
    Rave: It’s almost spring, just 5 more weeks until vacation.

  • Rave: I adopted a nine-week old puppy last Friday!

  • Rant: Really, really, really tired.

    Rave: Had a fabulous weekend and think this might be the start of my first relationship with real long-term potential.

  • Rave: Met a really great guy two weeks ago and have a had really great time getting to know/hang out with him. Rant: None of my friendsapprove of him…yet.

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