Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rave: Woo-hoo! Thanks Vincent, Lorraine, Howard and Sulaimon! Now everyone has already forgotten about me!

    Rave: Sweet! $2000 a month!

  • Rant: The jackass driving down the bike lane on 14th at Thomas Circle who almost ran over me and my dogs this morning…He then continued through the circle, driving in the bike lane the entire time and blowing through red lights. Oh yeah, he had kids in the back seat too. Jackass.

    • houseintherear

      This is why every bike rider in the city should carry an air horn.

    • You’ve taught your dogs to pedal a bike? Impressive.

    • Wait, not only was he driving in a bike lane but he also blew through multiple red lights?

      What were you doing in the bike lane with dogs, anyway?

      • crosswalk, maybe? Jeesh. Give the guy a break.

      • I was walking across the street, in the pedestrian crosswalk when he came cruising down the bike lane and blew through the red light, just missing my dogs and I as we crossed. I was shocked at his driving and watched him proceed around the circle, in the bike lane, through all the red lights barely missing several collisions with other pedestrians and drivers actually following the rules.

    • This is why I’ve considered carrying a baseball in my pocket.

  • Rant: I hate Grad School. I hate my job.

    Rave: Last week of Grad School then 3 weeks of until my final semster.

  • Rave: My little guy turned 3 months this weekend!

    Rave: Spring is almost here!

  • Rave: After like 4 hours trying to loosen 3 stuck nuts and cursing the gods hundreds of times, I finally was able to remove the old nasty kitchen faucet in my rental unit and replace with a new one. Hope the tenants like it!

    Rant: Two of my friends combined owe me $3000, and there is little sign they intend to take the need to pay me back seriously. Any knee breakers out there in PoPville available for hire 😉 (just joking!)

  • Rant: So I have trouble sleeping no matter what but it was exacerbated by the drunk guy who decided to nap on the hood of his car in a semi-conscious stupor at 3:30 AM on Biltmore St. He got thirsty at one point and used our garden hose and then returned to his car hood hammock shouting, ‘Aaaaah!’ about every 45-minutes or so. He remained there until his equally noisy friends returned to the car, packed him up and drove off. Life in AdMo…

    Rave: I’ve decided to go back to caffeine. Gave it up for about two weeks and was truly disturbed to learn how artificial my energy level really was. I’ve decided that this vice will be retained in perpetuity and no further attempts to curb this addiction will be attempted. I’m high voltage again and loving it!

    • I’ve found drinking a full glass of water has nearly the effect that a cup of coffee does in the morning. Try it out.

  • Dreamy deal on the apartment. Congrats!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Happy Lundi Gras!

  • Rant: What is up with Dickson wine bar and Dodge City not opening until 6pm on a Friday evening?!

    Rave: American Ice Company WAS open!

    • Agreed. Neighborhood places should be open for when people are getting off from work.

      • what time do they close. if they open at 6, staff probably has to be there by 5. how long a shift should they work?

    • Agreed! Dickson will now open at five on Fridays! Happy hour will go til 7pm. Thanks for the feedback.

  • revel: great weekend away in upstate NY, even with some snow on the way back.

    rant: the apartments for rent in my neighborhood all seem to have at least one of the following: insanely high rent, no-pet policy, sketchy landlord, or bizarre design choices (a living room where the walls and floors are all tiled? A closet on the only wall it makes sense to put a table?).

  • Glad you found somewhere that you wont have to constantly compare to New York! Congrats!

  • Rant: Drunk facebooking. Sent a friend request to an ex gf last night. I’m not sure what I’ll do if she okays it.

    Also, hungover and I should be home in bed instead of at work.

    • Yeah, I’ve found that latent attractions suddenly become urgent when I have had too much to drink. Reaching out via e-mail, phone, FB, text, what have you…too many channels for copious embarrassment these days.

    • I would suggest a breathalyzer. One for your Facebook login and one for your desk at work.

  • What possible rationale can the DMV have for charging SEVEN DOLLARS for an online, uncertified copy of my own driving record??

    My good points aren’t recorded for 2009 and 2010. What are the chances I can get this fixed fast and free?

  • Rant: Pound Coffee wasn’t open on Sunday morning
    Rant: Peregrine has the 3rd worst coffee in Capitol Hill (#1 Starbucks, #2 Port City)
    Rant: Burned my fingers grinding bolts off this weekend

    Raves: Sleep, modest renovation traction.

  • Rant: Was having a great time with a new dude…who then promptly disappeared off the face of the earth. Why can’t people just be adults and communicate instead of just hiding behind silence?

    Rave: Spring will be here soon! Crocuses are blooming

    • Bear

      Ugh, I’m so with you on that–happened to me recently too. He resurfaced after almost a month and expected me to be happy to hear from him. Bad form.

    • At least you won’t waste 6months wondering if it’s going to work out.

    • Sad. that silence is *not* a good sign… It takes new names, immaturity, stonewalling, insecurity. I hope you meet someone who can communicate responsibly.

  • Rant: Jury duty tomorrow. I always get picked for a trial.

    Rave: It’s not grand jury duty. That gives me nightmares.

    Rave2: Is spring really here?

  • Rave: Boss asked me to manage new hire. It’s actually just going great…

    Rave: Monday is over.

    Rant: Colleague sends me crazy biotchy email. I create some work for her and run into this morning. She sees me and turns on the sweetness, “Is there anything you need help with?”

    Rave: Personal communication is usually good.
    (What would happen if all the PoP readers were in one room?
    Like Lou’s? or an Open House? for a million dollar home on H Street? LOL)

  • Rant: Walking down Park Rd on Saturday afternoon with my 4 year old to get some lunch at the Uptowner. Approached 13th St. to see bare naked male buttox 25 feet ahead of me. Turns out that the guy was completely hammered and needed to go number 2 right there on the sidewalk. Nice.
    Rant: I’m still disturbed by that…
    Rave: Luckily my kid didn’t see what was going on.

    • Omygod, that is the best-worst-rant I’ve read. The bar is set at a new low! You poor, poor thing. Thank goodness the child was spared.

    • me

      It’s probably the same guy that took a dump on my front step last November. And my husband and I saw the whole thing, while running down our steps, trying to get outside to yell at him before it happened. Not so lucky. I feel for you.

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