Protecting Georgetown Law School Students

I always thought of this as more of an elementary school/middle school protection…

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  • Actually that sign is next to the playground for the on-campus day-care. Also, the campus is across the street from a homeless shelter, and has had security problems in the past as a result.

  • They can increase penalties in drug free school zones. But, this is the first time I’ve seen one not at a K-12 school.

  • Once upon a time I saw a male crackhead/bum smash a bottle on the head of a female crackhead/bum in the park that used to be across from GULC from a little study corner I used. The place has its problems now but it’s hard to imagine how much better it is than it used to be.

  • Those d-bags at G’town Law are hitting more grams of crack per day than Charlie Sheen.
    Seriously, whenever you see “Drug Free” signs you know that the last thing the place is is drug free.

  • It’s to discourage the law students from bringing in black market Adderall.

  • I’d file that photo under “Yeah, right.”

  • Sterling is right – There is a daycare center on campus and the sign pertains to that center.

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