Pound Coffee Closes in NoMa

Wow, I was surprised to see this – Eater DC reports:

Khalil Ghannam, owner of the coffee shops, confirms that they had to close the NoMa location this morning — for good. While Pound had every intention to keep both locations running, he says, issues with the landlord proved too difficult.

Their Facebook page says:

“For our NoMa regulars, we really apologize for the lack of notice as things did not work out as planned on the logistics side of things…but Pound NoMa is no longer open, but the friendly staff is all working at Pound The Hill! We love all of you and you are amazing customers. We hope you can venture to the other side of the Hill to see us soon.”

Pound NoMa was located at 1300 2nd St NE. Their new location on Capitol Hill is located at 633 Pennsylvania Ave, SE – we took a look earlier this month – early reports say that the shop was smashed crowed this weekend.

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  • I feel like they got in too early. That area needs 3-5 more years of development before street level commercial is really viable.

    Incidentally, that 5 Guys is one of the worst in the area in terms of order reliability.

  • I was at the new Hill location over the weekend. Overall I love the concept, the menu looks great (though I didn’t eat) but the experience was awkward. There’s nowhere really to wait for your coffee so people end up crowding and the drinks take a long time to prepare. There were multiple people making the drinks… all trying to do a part to make all of them instead of one person preparing each one, so it was a little confusing and some people who ordered before me were waiting a lot longer than me for their latte.

    It’s cool that they use an iPAD for ordering and paying but it’s awkward and kind of slow…

    And good lord their drinks are expensive!

    So, I know I sound like a square, I’m not trying to. I’m sure they’re still working out the kinks and methods, overall the space is awesome, very warm and welcoming, my nutella latte was realllllly good. I just think they need to streamline their method a little to move customers through a little faster, especially the ones who are taking their coffee to go.

    • If you go to a place within the first few weeks (or months, sometimes) of opening, you really need to lower your expectations a bit. I’m sure they’re adjusting to the inevitable opening kinks.

      I’ll definitely miss the NoMa location.

  • smashed crowed = when roadkill birds are thrown at a person or object, such as a new cafe.

  • This is horrible news. Too bad they couldn’t hang on a little longer, especially since the giant new 600+ unit apartment building a block North at Eckington & Harry Thomas started this morning.

  • Is the landlord here GSA?

    • GSA is the owner, but the space is managed by Capital Realty Group. They are the landlord in this case. Pound’s space is very small, and I think that they had trouble negotiating with an expansion into a portion of the vacant Heidi’s space next door. Of course, that Heidi’s space is now completely leased.

  • This sucks salty testicals man! I live in Eckington, so I could walk up there and get a Nutella latte. There is no way in Charlie Sheen hell I’m going all the way to Penn ave location…

  • Why would anyone go to Pound with a Tynan nearby? No issues there, plenty of seating, and they serve decent beer. It seems like Pound would’ve only been able to grab opportunistic business from GSA folks who’d have to walk a block out of their way to visit Tynan. Not a big customer base.

    I notice all the shops have applied for outdoor seating. With all the cranes around there, it looks like a lot more offices are going in. I wonder how many of the businesses are operating at a loss right now.

    • “Why would anyone go to Pound with a Tynan nearby?”

      Because people don’t usually like the taste of Joy dishwashing liquid with thier mocha latte. The drinks there are terrible.

      • Also I guess one could ask, why go to Pound with a Peregrine nearby (Eastern Market)?

        Shrug. I don’t think it’s too crazy to have multiple coffee options in one neighborhood. Plus Pound has a great menu and is applying for a liquor license. Totally changes the game!

    • Because Pound’s coffee tastes better than Tynan’s and their staff is friendlier and more knowledgeable about coffee? Just spitballing, here.

    • Echoing other commenters. I’ve only been to the Tynan in CH and the Pound in Eastern Market, but Tynan is not committed to serving excellent coffee.

      Granted, the EM Pound isn’t at 100% yet, but they at least have the equipment and desire to become a Peregrine/Filter/Dolcezza-level coffee shop.

  • I tried to go there Saturday to the new one and they were closed….AT 3pm!

    They won’t last long with hours like that…hopefully it’s just temporary.

    • I tried to go there Saturday at 7:30 am and they were closed. (Note: there hours posted on the door state that they’re open at 7am).

      Maybe they ran out of coffee? It’s ok, I’ll just continue to go to Peregrine.

  • The biggest problem for this location was that everyone thought it was called Poond Coffee, a name that doesn’t sit well with a lot of folks.

  • sonofa- we just moved offices there, and it’s been my daily stop. I can’t believe they never even said anything. BOOOOOOOO!!!!! 🙁

  • I like both Pound and Tynan – cuz they’re both local DC businesses (i.e., not Starbucks or Caribou).

    Pound NoMa never impressed me much, unfortunately. Coffee was alright, but the space wa ssmall and had zero character.

    Tynan’s coffee is actually pretty decent. And the space is far superior – naturally lit with plenty of comfortable seating.

    I’m rooting for both companies to do well. No more big corporate chains! Good luck to the the local guys!

  • Tough to reply to all of the comments, but we are a DC owned very small business and want to continue to have a strong connection to our customers. So here I am to participate in the discussion!

    Pound The Hill officially opened today. Last week we were opened for limited hours for a soft open week. Our normal hours are 6:30am to 9:30pm, open to 10pm on Weekends and open 7:30 to 8pm on Sundays. Our prices are actually cheaper than any other local independent shop, which is hard to do given the very high costs of running a premium coffee shop. We are certainly confident in the quality of our coffee and food and hope that you will all come give us a try now that we are officially open!

    On the NoMa store, it makes us sick how abruptly it happened (and the fact that we had to close it), but it was absolutely never our intention to have to do it this way. Most of this was out of our control. Our sincere apologies to our loyal customers. But we must focus on the positive and ensure we deliver on the awesome expectations for Pound The Hill!

  • pfft! they were always closed anyway

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