PoP Preview – Touchdown – Opening Today at 1334 U St, NW

Back in Jan. we learned that Touchdown would be replacing Momo’s Sports Bar and Codmother would be opening up on the ground level. I’m happy to report that Touchdown is opening up today and Codmother expects to open up in another month or so. I was able to attend a soft opening for Touchdown last night and snapped lots of photos.

For those familiar with the former Momo’s space – it is a very similar layout that feels much fresher and brighter. It continues to occupy two floors and the third floor space will likely feature some sorta music component but those plans weren’t revealed last night. But back to Touchdown, there is an ode to the 1924 Champion Senators and old baseball pictures cover many walls. But for soccer fans – fear not – there is still a DC United banner flying proudly.

You can see lots of photos including the menu after the jump but I just wanted to add one more cool feature from the bar – they are looking to include a bocce component in the nearby park on the 1300 block of V St, NW.

An email this morning lists some events for the Grand Opening today:

-UEFA Champions League:Arsenal vs. Barcelona 2:55p.m-5:00 p.m.
-NCAA Conference Tournaments All Day Long!!!!
-Happy Hour 3p.m.-7p.m.*(25% off Draft, Rail, and Food)
-Budweiser Power Hour 6p.m.-7p.m. Bud Girls, beads, Budweiser Buckets and we’re raffling off 2 tickets to D.C. United’s home opener!
-Bacardi Night Cap 9p.m.-11 p.m. Bacardi Girls, beads, Corona and Bacardi Limon shooters, and we’re raffling off 4 tickets to the Washington Wizards game on April 1, 2011!
-Happy Hour from Midnight-Close! *(25% off Draft, Rail, and Food!)

First floor

Lots more photos including the menu after the jump.

First floor towards back

First floor looking towards front

First floor taps

Second floor

Second floor front

View of park through alley from second floor where they’d like to set up bocce games

Stairs to third floor, plans to be revealed at a later time, likely music/dj.

Dedicated to 1924 Champion Senators

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  • +1 for the Flying Dog Imperial Porter on tap

  • SusanRH

    TV’s look small, food doesn’t look sustainable and the beer list sucks 🙂

  • Not a ‘real sports bar’, they have two regional craft beers on tap 😉

    And it’s Heavy Seas Loose Cannon (flipped around) – if anyone from Touchdown is reading. Love the DC baseball stuff on the walls.

    • I guess if that is your definition of a “real sports bar”. To me, a real sports bar can just have all brands of miller and bud beers at realtively cheap prices, lots of tv’s, and lots of fried foods. That is an honest to goodness sports bar. I love craft beers and much as the next guy, and would love to see them in all sports bars, but they are not an integral part of a genuine sports bar. At least not for the 99% of America that does not live in hipster strongholds.

    • Touchdown is a neighborhood bar, not a Sports Bar.

  • Everything about everything sucks. I’m moving to Cleveland. They have huge TVs.

  • French fries dressed with duck fat! I’d endure sports for that!

  • Whoa expensive drafts! $9 for the Flying Dog??

    They look like the same exact tables and TVs leftover from Momo’s. Nothing wrong with that.

    • It’s the Gonzo Imperial porter, which is $10/4 on a good day at whole foods or your local beer shop. $9 pints for that is legit.

      This is nitpicky, but every time I see a new place where drink prices end in something other than .00 I want to smack the owner twice, once for me and once for the poor servers.

    • Actually, the beer prices are pretty good. The Imperial Porter (which is a big beer) only slightly on the high side, but forgivable given the location. The overall list is nicely balanced from both a style and cost perspective.

  • Nothing has me fumbling frantically for my wallet like a menu item listed as “plain burger”.

  • Looks good. But if they are doing an old-time baseball theme (which sounds great), why did they name it Touchdown?

  • Finally, a sports bar with a name that screams sports bar.

  • A bar named Touchdown that didn’t open August – January?

  • The beer list is a big win. I like options in cans, bottles and draft. Nice variety of styles and prices represented.

    Menu looks good, too. I’ll definitely be checking it out!

  • Excuse me, what? $4.75 for a can of Pork Slap?!?! A CAN?!?! I can get that at Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen for $3…and a free hotdog! And as far as your ridiculous price of $3 for a can of Natty Boh goes, let me just say that I’d rather pay $10 in gas money to drive up to Baltimore and drink Bohs at Nacho Mama’s where I can get them for about buck apiece. I might end up paying more in the long run, but at least I won’t have give money to you ridiculous bastards. Screw you Touchdown, and your pretentious hipster excuse for a “sports bar.”

  • Speaking as someone who is not willing to spend way more money in gas than on beer itself :)… the beer prices seem reasonable and I love the draft/can/bottle options.

  • I saw this place crowded when I walked by last ngiht, around 10:30. Was it not open then?

  • Remember most of those beer prices probably included DC’s very high 10% sales tax.

  • it’s a gallery space, pictures are collections from certain artists and will be changing periodically

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