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Pound Coffee is opening it’s second location on Capitol Hill, Pound The Hill, at 621 Pennsylvania Avenue SE. I was able to stop by Thurs. afternoon to get a sneak peek before their soft opening next week (official opening March 14th.) I’ll say it straight off – just based on aesthetics – this is by far the nicest looking coffee shop I’ve seen open in DC. Hands down. The space is just awesome. It is clear that owner Karl Johnson spent a lot of time on fulfilling his vision. And his vision is far more than a coffee house. Those who are familiar with their first location, Pound in NoMa, will recognize that they offer great international lunch options as well. Pound on the Hill will not only offer international lunch options but will also be serving breakfast and dinner. And in the next 6 months or so stay tuned for a liquor license.

And while the paint is still drying I couldn’t resist asking about future location and there is no doubt in my mind we will be seeing more. Obviously, the focus will be on ensuring Pound the Hill is a success but in the next year or two keep your eyes peeled for Pound the Street (U Street) and/or Pound the Circle (Dupont Circle). And if the coffee and food taste anywhere near as good the space looks I’m sure will Karl and his partners will be Pounding many more neighborhoods.

And to further entice you to check out the new space – the folks from Pound the Hill will be offering one of their specialties free. 1000 of their specialities – Nutella lattes. Starting March 21st, for 10 days in a row the first 100 people will get a free Nutella lattes. Nice.

What do you think of the space (lots more shots after the jump.)

Back lounge area used to be a carriage house (world map coming soon).

Prime outdoor patio space out back coming soon

Karl looking over the operations, note the wireless ipad check out/payment system

The details are sweet, from the coffee bean bag bar to tin ceilings to exposed brick to (continuing the world travel theme) photos from all over the world.

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  • Looks fantastic! Is the patio accessible via the alley?

  • It is a nice space, and it’s the only positive thing that has happened in DC since Gray became mayor. The exposed brick, tin ceiling, etc are nice touches, and I gather their coffee is pretty decent. I haven’t tried their lunch stuff, but in this location I may have to give it a go. Can’t wait until warmer weather when the patio comes into play.
    Good job guys.

  • I stopped by here on my way to work this morning. A day too early! Sad. Still, looks awesome. I’m psyched for a Starbucks alternative so close to my office. Peregrine is just a few blocks too far…

    • do you think Peregrine and this new Pound are spaced far enough apart?

      • I will never abandon Peregrine.

        It continues to strike me as weird that Pound will be selling curry dishes, gyros, beef shwarma, and other noxious dishes amidst coffee. Just doesn’t seem to jive with me. Too many conflicting, overwhelming smells.

        Although that nutella latte sounds enticing

  • Just about a block, although Peregrine will get more of the weekend traffic from the market. I expect more locals to go to Pound and have a relaxed coffee since it can be difficult to get a seat at Peregrine. Speaking of which, does anyone know if you are even allowed to sit down in Peregrine if you don’t look like an unemployed 25 year old with a Macbook?

    • +1. I think the macbook, the half-disinterested in life /half smug look with the shabby chic outfit are the keys to getting a table.

    • I dunno with an iPad POS system, doesn’t get more hipster than that

  • I love Peregrine, but don’t find the space that inviting (awesome coffee and design ok but cramped and cold). Yet I imagine this space could be too inviting for homesteaders, which ultimately will make it less inviting.

    • True, True. Peregrine can be all of the above and sometimes worse. But I’ve learned to simply ignore it, because where else are you going to find such delightful coffee and espresso shots? Regarding the staff, kindness seems to melt the ice a bit.

      Bottom Line (for me): If Pound is about excellent coffee & espresso, then I’m all about Pound. Or else it’s simply another storefront on my way to Peregrine.

  • Nice! Looks better than I thought it would. Can’t wait for this to open in my neighborhood…

    Thanks for getting the shots

    • Agree – I hope this inspires others to open similarly cool things in other DC neighborhoods.
      Though I think I’m stuck with Starbucks as Glover Park isn’t cool enough to have two coffee shops – though we soon will have two strip clubs again.

  • The coffee shop that I practically lived in during college had a sweet backyard patio, and I’ve been pining for something like it since moving to DC. This looks a lot smaller but it’ll do!

  • Wow! I love the pictures of Pound! So much attention to detail, and such great decor! This looks like the perfect spot to nestle in for coffee and a book, or lunch with friends. I can’t wait to see what the international cuisine tastes like! I also love the fact that Pound, run by small business owners, is able to create something even more enticing and upscale to a Starbucks. Way to go, Pound!

  • Pound the Heights has a nice ring to it!

  • Pound the Square (as in Mount Vernon Square) sounds good, too!

  • Poond.

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