PoP Pre-Preview: Lost Society, Boutique Steakhouse, Coming to 14th and U St, NW

Back in early March we learned that:

Lost Society is a “boutique steakhouse, located on the second and third floors of this corner building, will feature a steak centric menu that blends market fresh produce, grass fed local meats, and regional seafood with innovative techniques to create both familiar classics and bold original dishes.

The space features full dining, bar and lounge space, as well as a rooftop deck.”

I’m happy to give a taste of what the space is gonna look like. The entire space including the outdoor area is around 5400 square feet. And let me just straight away that this roof deck is going to be absolutely amazing. And if all goes well, Lost Society hopes to open “sometime in April” and I’ll be sure to update with the menu and exact opening date when it is announced.

The second floor features a huge wrap around bar

Lots more photos after the jump.

Great windows on 2nd floor

Looking through 2nd floor bar

2nd floor view

3rd floor

3rd floor bar

Large outdoor deck off 3rd floor

Separate roof deck bar

View from roof deck looking west on U St, NW

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  • Going to be great. Can’t wait!

  • Not quite critical mass, but getting there, at least on the flats. Kudos to all who turned this corner around.

    • all those = Eric Hilton (who I think — not positive — is behind this as well)

      • Don’t know if he is behind this one (don’t think he is), but his group really has an empire on the U St stretch – from 18th to (soon) 9th, they will have left their mark in a big way. Regardless of how you personally feel about their individual ventures, they have definitely changed the neighborhood in a very positive way.

  • This place is going to be awesome. It is also going to be way packed all the time. But that is fine. Hopefully their inevitable success here will encourage others to come up with interesting concepts and spaces in the neighborhood as well. I can’t wait to try it.

  • It’s official. “Steak-centric” restaurants are the new fad. Sorry, cupcakes.

  • aight. i’ll eat my words. i dissed the idea of a steakhouse, but i’d at least go have a drink on that rooftop. looks hot.

  • Wow. I gotta find a babysitter.

    In the 20+ years I’ve lived in DC, that building has never been occupied.

    • There was a Hogs on the Hill in that location probably around 1995, but I don’t remember anything since. I always figured it would end up a Starbucks, which is the only thing that was able to beat the curse on the NW corner of 18th and Columbia…

      • The Hogs on the Hill was there from roughly 1990-1995. It was briefly replaced by a funky little bar that would have been the spiritual grandfather of the Red Derby had it lived longer. Called “Le Grand Fromage” (?)

        While I’m here, I’d I like to suggest that people stop describing their restaurants as “-centric” (unless preceded by a latinate modifier — “ethnocentric,” “geocentric,” possibly “oenocentric’) lest they sound like 14-year-olds trying to look smart. Also, “boutique” anything can quietly leave the stage.

        I’m sure the owners are wonderful people. The PR team should likely be beaten about the head and shoulders, though.

      • Ah, I forgot about Hogs on the Hill. And yes, I considered it as cursed as 18th and Columbia because it’s a great structure in a prime location and it made no sense whatsoever as an empty building.

  • I hope the steak is delicious enough to overpower the overwhelming smell every building that houses a Subway seems to take on.

    • People on this blog say that a lot, but I have never noticed anything buy pleasant smells coming from subway. I am not even a huge fan of their sandwiches. I eat them if I want something quick and it’s available, but that’s about it. People love to hate Subway on this site.

      • I think it’s that “bread baking” scent– if you can trick yourself into thinking it’s actually from bread baking it can be quite pleasant. Otherwise it’s kind of nauseating. If they would just tone it down a little it would be fine.

        • I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that fresh baked bread should NOT smell like wide-open ass.

          • your first mistake was ever smelling wide open ass.

          • +1000000000000000000000000

            OMG that was friggen hilarious! :))))))

            Sorry subway lovers – if you think that’s the smell of fresh baked bread, then you’ve never smelled fresh baked bread. Plus it’s already wafting down half the street thanks to the one on 12 and the other on 16th!

    • Oh the ambiance…

  • Nice, can’t wait!

  • So, is there a literary, historical, political, or DC-local’s reference that I’m missing here? What does “Lost Society” mean or refer to anyway?

    Kind of a silly name on its face. Sign sucks too.

    • I think you’re thinking of Hemingway’s “Lost Generation” of post-WWI Paris expatriates. That or Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World.” The latter would make a smashing restaurant. And speaking of dinosaurs, any news on when Spike Mendelsohn is opening his Victorian era archeological fraud themed hotdog restaurant, “The Missing Link?”

  • The grand poobah space has finally been filled…..

  • wandafish

    Yeeeeaaaaaahhh. More rooftop decks, please.

  • Will there be any vegetarian steak? Vegan? Gluten-free options?!

  • ha ha vegans!

  • Anyone hear about the new place in Cleveland Park that serves nothing but steak?

    • Noted earlier on the old post — went there last night with the fam’. It’s wonderrrrful. It’s called Medium Rare. Sauce delicious. Steak served in halves so that it stays warm. Lovely and rare — just like I wanted.

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