Pizza No. 17 Opening Soon in Dupont

Back in Feb. ’11 we learned that the old Pasha Bistro space at 1523 17th St, NW would be becoming Pizza No. 17. Thanks to all who emailed/tweeted about the new awning ( follow PoPville on twitter here). When I went to check it out last weekend – they were having a tasting. But because, from time to time, God hates me I had just eaten and was unable to try any. It does look good though (see below). Anyone else have a chance to try a slice? The owner I spoke to said they’d open Mon. or Tues. but I haven’t gotten an email so I’ll just stick with – they’re opening soon, really soon.

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  • randomduck

    Why is it that nearly every pizza joint in DC hops on the 12-inch “authentic Neopolitan” pizza size (and often offers that as the only size)? It’s pathetic if you want to, say, order pizza for take-out or for a larger group, as you end up paying a lot of money for very little pizza.

    That said, I hope Pizza No. 17 offers a good pie. I just hope that they aren’t trying to copy the Paradiso/2 Amys/Sette Osteria model of “12 inches is the biggest/only size we offer – $15, please,” because it’s tired and not the least bit true to the pizza ethos.

    • Very good point. I want a chicago style place that isn’t Uno.

    • get off your high horse / road bike

      they started by offering free pizza, a good move in my book. pasha didn’t exactly offer take-out for larger groups either; did you protest the single-serve concept of Mediterranean food too?

      • randomduck

        Ray C:

        I spent years living in Connecticut, where a 12″ mozzarella pizza from one of the heavyweights (e.g. Frank Pepe, Sally’s, Modern Apizza) would never break the $10 mark and would feature exceptional ingredients. And and 8″ pizza would command even less. Even in NYC, $10 is the top price you’d pay for a small pizza (usually 10-12″) at one of the stalwarts of the pizza scene.

        So it galls me that pizza places here in DC insist on charging a minimum of $12-14 for a basic 12″ (read: small) mozzarella pizza. It’s nuts. Sure, I could pay less for the tripe that is Jumbo Silce (yup, pizza snobbery).

        As for the single-serving Mediterranean ethos: that’s all well and good if the restaurant is going for the full Mediterranean vibe. But it sure seems that Pizza No. 17 is going for the “Pizzeria Napoletana” model (e.g. 2 Amys), which is simply silly in a part of town where quality pizza, offered at a lower cost and with take-out assumed as part of the business model, is sorely lacking. Sure, it’s simpler to offer one size (less equipment to juggle in the kitchen), but to me it’s simply laziness in action to try and hit upon a rule that the big pizza cultures in the U.S. ignore.

        Will I give Pizza No. 17 a try? Certainly. And I admire that they offered free pizza as a welcoming gesture (much as Pi did a few weeks back). But I do wish they would offer better value for the buck: $8.50 for a plain 8″ pie is quite steep.

        As always: just my $0.02 – YMMV.

  • Chicago is a fabulous city but their pizza is gross. Give me thin and charred please. New York all the way.

  • FYIL I got an email from Pizza No 17 last night to saying they’re opening on Wednesday (tmrw).

  • Rudi, Giuseppi’s in Rockville has a great large pie.

    • randomduck

      Rockville is a hike for me, living in Dupont.

    • randomduck

      That said, I may make the trek out there to give Giuseppi’s a try.

      Here in the District, I tend to consider Pete’s the bellwether of good pizza: trained in New Haven, and will cook to “proper New Haven” levels by request.

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