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  • Don’t let the Caps jerseys fool you, this is how crowded the platform gets almost every morning on Yellow Line Chinatown. I asked a cop, who was standing around twiddling his thumbs, if it was a safety hazard to have that many people on the platform. He just shrugged.

  • Nice – my first concert was also Bon Jovi in 1986…at the Capital Centre…

    They opened for Ratt.

    \m/ \m/

  • I saw ’em in Providence during the Slippery When Wet tour. The memory that stands out to me was how we went around to all the restrooms, poured water all over the floors, and made them slippery in real life.

  • I am actually in that crowd (spotted myself) and remember it well. Was such a crowd that people in the upper walkway were taking photos and even video of the spectacle. The train on the otherside had broken down (doors would not close) and they requested everyone to go across to the other platform where they would re-route the next train. At the same time as everyone was going to the other side a train unloaded tons of Caps fans, making for the perfect mess. (And when I got on a green line train, giving up on the red line, that train too had to wait awhile as its doors also would not close!)

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