New Windows Go Into Tivoli – Future Home of Z Burger (Zebra Girl) in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP,

I walked past the Tivoli last night [14th and Park Rd, NW] and thought the progress on the construction was of note. They have converted two of the old movie poster boxes into windows and the ticket box area is really coming along…”

That’s wild that they converted the poster boxes to windows:

This of course will be the home to a Z Burger (or Zebra Girl as I and others will always call it) and the ticket booth will be selling milkshakes.

I took a peek in the window and there’s still a bit of construction to be completed but very good progress:

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  • do we know when it might open? will save me the weekly trip to Tenleytown

  • With Five Guys around the corner, I don’t see how they can be competitive

  • The Tivoli North neighborhood is lookin’ good!

  • Where will they put the pee stench? I tell ya, gentrification is killing this neighborhood. . .no more urban flavor.
    ZBurger is much better than 5 Guys.

  • I so wanted to like 5 Guys but their burgers are toooo greasy. Yay to guacamole topping and milkshakes, maybe Z Burger is not as cool as Mayorga Coffee but still.
    Here’s something fun – check out the calories in a large order of 5 Guys fries (yikes!):

    • in my opinion, when you’re eating fast food, you know you’re eating horribly so who cares if its 200 calories or 1200. you’re still going to eat it

      • I don’t count calories, but I agree that Five Guys burgers are way too big and way too greasy. It makes them disgusting and unenjoyable to eat in my opinion. But I’m in the minority, clearly.

    • Its a burger. Getting grease with it is sort of like complaining about getting your hair wet when you jump in the pool.

      • There’s a difference between the usual amount of burger grease and a quantity so extreme that it makes people feel ill for days later.

        • grease taste good

        • If five guys makes you feel I’ll for days you may have some sort of issue with your digestive track. I’m not being sarcastic. If grease makes you Ill, something might be wrong.

          • If you can digest that much grease without problems I think something’s wrong with you.

          • I think it just depends on what your digestive system is used to– I almost never eat meat and rarely have rich/fatty foods. If this is part of your regular diet I can see how your body could have become accustomed to it.

    • Look a couple lines up…
      “One Serving of Fries (approx. half of regular order)”

      4 people could (and should) split a large portion of fries at Five Guys. You warning is kind of like saying, “check out the calories in this entire meat loaf”

  • Looking forward to this place opening. Hopefully it lasts, unlike all the other places that have come and gone at this location over the past few years.

  • i drove to the one in tenleytown recently hoping for something remarkable. i found it to be almost identicaly to five guys from the perspective of the burgers. not that that’s a bad thing..but it was a thin patty (doubled up) like five guys that i didn’t expect.

    the seemingly obvious distinguisher is the milkshakes. while the multitude of flavors was interesting, i found the shake to be just OK.

    the REAL winner for me was the onion rings. maybe the best i’ve ever had – really good stuff there.

  • I’m reading a book about the siege of Leningrad where people were digging up old meat wrappers from the garbage to suck the grease out of the paper – so it’s good to know we will have a plentiful supply in the neighborhood should invasion ever ensue.

    But the renovation looks really good – I think the lack of windows plus the pissoir of the ticket booth were the critical factors holding back this space.

  • Zebra Girl is funny because guys who don’t speak English as a first language said it. Silly foreigners!

    • There’s cruel xenophobia in the world, and there’s just funny stuff & misunderstandings that happen in the urban polyglot melting pot.

      I’m sure there are still Parisians laughing over their vin ordinaire at my efforts to find a friend’s house on Ile St. Louis by describing it – in my fractured french as – “if you live in this house and your eyeballs fall out the window they will cross the river and land on the workplace of arabs.” (The friends told me you could see the Institut du Monde Arabe – across the Seine – from their house.)

      • ahh yes, this reminds me of the time i democratized a tribe of african animists by reciting locke while slaying a lion with a small spear i fashioned out of a fountain pen and and a branch.

        that was after i created light, of course.

  • Now the just need to turn the theater into a 2nd run theater with drink like the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse

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