New Restaurant, Watershed, Coming to NoMa Menu Released

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And it sounds freaking awesome. Back in Jan. we learned that the owners of Equinox will be opening a new restaurant, Watershed, in NoMa (in the Hilton Garden Inn) in April 2011.

You can now see their menu here. It sounds awesome. I’ll be eager to hear what folks think of the “Rappahannock River Oyster Po’ Boy with Butter Lettuce, Shaved Onion and Tomato Remoulade, Artisan Baguette”. What sounds best on the menu to you? Is it April yet…?

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  • I’m so excited to check this place out!

    Plus, as the in-house restaurant for the new Hilton, this will also be one of the few restaurants in town that actually opens on their scheduled date! (unlike Kitchen on K, which I imagine will be a while…)

  • Also, the map is off by a block. This will be on First NE between M and N.

  • Isnt this going to be a hotel restaurant? Just another one of the many things the NOMA BID folks have done to say screw you to the greater neighborhood.

    • Yes, it’s the hotel restaurant for the Hilton, but so what? Plenty of high quality restaurants around town (and around the world) also provide room service for the hotel they’re co-located with.

      Also, what are the “many things” that the BID has done to piss you off? From where I see it, (1) we have a ton of new retail that’s come in the last couple years; (2) the outdoor movies are starting up again this summer; (3) the BID staff helps out with our neighborhood cleanups outside their boundary; and (4) the BID members *PAID* 1/3 the cost of the Metro station!

      • They name a building “NOMA West” when its in the eastern part of NOMA and is actually in Eckington, they dont keep much of their retail open at times that the community can enjoy them as well, and why should I thank them for paying for a metro station that primarily benefits their own financial interests? Its not like many people can get there from the north or the west of NOMA. Sure, the hill is served, but there’s a lot of overlap with Union Station – so there’s still a huge underserved area to the north and west.

        And its not a Hilton, its a Hilton Garden Inn. So this is basically an upscale restaurant thrown into the place a Howard Johnson’s diner belongs.

        I am grateful that the BID street cleaners go beyond their boundaries – but how much does that balance out for the other bs?

        • I feel sorry for you. Do you really think there is some sort of shadowy “they” that conspires to close retail early in NoMa? Five years ago, there was no retail outside of the McDonald’s-Wendy’s-Burger King trifecta. Just a year ago, only Au Bon Pain was open past 5.

          As for access to the station, it’s been improved now that the Metropolitan Branch Trail has been extended. Some of that improvement was paid for as part of the PUD for the NoMa West project that you dislike so much. Even more improvements to the trail will be part of the upcoming project at the corner of NY and Florida.

        • the name came about because 2 buildings were slated for construction. noma east and noma west. but it doesn’t really mater at all because they’ve changed the name altogether.

    • do you know what “BID” stands for? it’s not a civic association.

      do you feel like you will be unwelcome into a restaurant because it’s part of a hotel? if they still serve you, who cares who they cater to?

    • you should do some more research before blaming the BID.

  • You lost me, Anon. How does the fact that this restaurant will be attached to a hotel screw our neighborhood? I live a few blocks away and bike by this spot daily on my commute to work . . . and I’m thrilled with the new food options in NOMA. I suspect I’ll be eating at Watershed a few times a month and am not at all deterred by its attachment to a hotel.

    • I’m lost too.

    • Because by being in the hotel, it is catering to the hotel guests. Why cant they have a free standing upscale restaurant? Its not like a partnership with the Garden Inn is quite like City Zen and the M.O.

      I get what NOMA is. Its meant to cater to the business community and not the residential one. I mean they are selling apartments for 2500 bucks a month and all of the new retail has very limited weekend hours and virtually nonexistent evening hours.

      • Um, in case you didn’t notice NOMA is still very much a work in progress.

        Your complaint about certain types of retail (particularly lunch food places) being open limited hours is also the case for similar restaurants in Bethesda and downtown (among many other places). In the very building you are bitching about Harris Teeter has regular hours, Tynan is open on weekends, as is Potbelly’s. All of them are relatively empty during these times, so you might want to consider patronizing them instead of whining.

        What the BID has to do with the hours a hamburger shop is open is not clear to me. These stores are businesses and will not open during hours when they can’t cover their costs. The way to change that is to patronize them when they do open.

        • Thanks for your patronizing response. I do patronize these establishments when they’re open – I go to Harris Teeter multiple times a week. I go to Tynan on Saturday mornings, Potbelly’s occasionally in the evenings… I cant go to Roti, except for a small window on saturdays. Pound isnt open on Sundays.

          Obviously it is a work in progress, but everyone in my area, including, it seems you, feels that we need to engage in hero worship for them being some sort of urban revival messiah, instead of being critical of the fact that they could do things better and be more than just a commuting worker destination. There’s nothing but night clubs and empty sidewalks every other time of the week.

          • The businesses you mention will probably change their hours when it’s profitable. There’s still not a lot of residents in the immediate Noma area. Once all the apartments fill up, I’m quite confident the places will change their hours. If they could make money extending their hours now, they would have already.

          • And yet you seem to think that they’re capable of acts worthy of hero worship. They’re not the developers, they’re not the planners. Their powers are limited. You realize this, right? What a BID does, that is?

            For example, their powers don’t include telling a private developer what to name his new housing development. Suggestions can be made, but their powers are limited. And by the way, the basis of the redevelopment, at least initially, is commercial space-based. This is not H Street with old commercial 2 and 3 story buildings on a central corridor that can support fine-grained restaurant and nightlife-focused revitalization. It’s a blank slate of empty lots with high price tags. Which means offices and retail for the time being, though lots of residences along the way.

            Can’t say I really follow your point. I’d recommend looking up the term “BID” as a starter.

            Nothing more entertaining that folks storming a room screaming with 8% of the information they need to sound informed. Always good for a laugh.

          • hero worship?

            i’m not worshipping anyone, just pointing out that there are dozens of projects still in the works and the situation you describe is almost certain to be resolved upon their completion. There were zero businesses open on weekends as recently as 2 years ago, now there are several, with more on the way.

            you are complaining about a restaurant in a major block-sized development, not a restaurant “in a hotel.” and this restaurant will be open on evenings and weekends.

            the exact same comments would have applied to the whole chinatown/penn quarter area 20 years ago – it was a completely vacant ghost town after 6PM, with only homeless people and patrons of the many sketchy red light district establishments on the street. I remember going to a restaurant called Coco Loco across the street from the Chinatown metro station after dark on a Thursday night and actually feeling scared it was so desolate.

      • Corduroy was located on the 2nd floor of the four Points Sheraton for years. Being located in a hotel doesn’t prevent a restaurant from being good or from catering to more than hotel guests.

        Hooray for more decent restaurants in NE!

  • I’m not excited by the menu and will probably never have reason to go to this area or try it out. Best of luck though.

  • Huh?

  • Good for DC, great for NoMa. Good for dwellers north. This is a within a 10 minute walk for Truxtonites and some Eckingtonians.

    This is the best thing that could have been added, IMHO. Presumably, this place have a bar, so it’s a little taste of things to come. Developers will take a cue from this place as to what kind of bar would fit well in the NoMa community. With the hoards of office workers and affluent renters hereabouts, it’s a question of how soon.

    I know I’m bullish on DC in general, but I’m particularly bullish on NoMa and Near Northeast. I have a crush on NoMa.

    • for a place built up from nothing, noma’s growth has been exemplary. it is astonishing what has happened there.

  • I can’t wait for it to open! Give me an oyster happy hour, and I’ll be in there nearly every week 🙂

  • The menu looks amazing and well-priced. I wish there was something similar close to me in Mt. Pleasant. To those who question whether this is a good fit, I think yes. I work two blocks away and there aren’t many places to go out for a good business lunch that aren’t very expensive and/or out of the way. Plus, Constitution Square and the apartments under construction across the street will no doubt bring patrons.

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