New Occasional PoP Feature – Props to the Cops

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We talk a lot about crimes in our neighborhoods, when warranted I’d also like to highlight some good police work.

From MPD Friday night:

Around 10:30 last night, Third District Officers received a call from a citizen advising that a young male was breaking into cars in the 1300 block of W street. The officers arrived in the area and stopped a person matching the caller’s description. After further investigation, the officers found 2 separate cars that were broken into as well as had property stolen out of them. Recovered from the person stopped was property matching the description of the items taken from the vehicles as well as a 9mm handgun from the subject. The male was placed under arrest.

The subject arrested is described as:

Black male approximately 15 years of age, 5’8, 120 lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans, riding a red and silver bike.

Anyone with information relating to this event, or persons in that area that match this description are encouraged to call 202-727-9099. Thanks again to the citizen that called and alerted our officers to this individual, together we have taken another gun off the street…….

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  • If that little piece of trash had broken into my car, I’d pay good money to watch those cops pistol whip the living daylights out of him with his own 9mm.

  • Fucking A! 15 year old with a 9mm. What is it with this city that 15 year olds carry such weapons so casually! I can’t stand it! I wonder how long before he is back out on the street?

    • Thanks to DC’s amazingly backward juvenile justice system, he’s probably back on the streets already.

      • What’s all this DC business? Heads up – this is going on all over the country and indeed much of the world! Maybe not every single community, but quite a few!

  • Surprisingly effective work from MPD.

  • They ALL have guns. This guy will be back on the street soon enough.

  • while many of these thugs do have guns, they often don’t get arrested with them on their person. hopefully this will lead to lead to a stricter punishment – but i’ve frequently heard complaints by the cops of the DA not actually pressing the weapons charge.

    the kid will probably say he stole the gun out of someone’s car and it’s not actually his.

  • probably was hard to catch on his getaway bike.

  • Effective tomorrow, the DC laws regarding disclosure of the violent youth offenders changes! Wonder what will come of it. Wonder if getting caught with a loaded firearm counts as a “violent” offense, probably not.

  • Way to go cops!

    In the 80’s my old man had kid pinned to the ground that had tried to climb in our apartment window (17th and T). The kid finally broke free after an hour of struggling. The cops should up 4h after the initial call.

    You guys have come a long way. Keep it up.

    • If the cops had shown up, your old man probably would have been charged with assault and battery.

      • me

        Which is absolute bull, because you should completely be able to restrain someone after they BREAK INTO YOUR F***ING HOUSE.

  • 15. How sad!

  • CPWL first offense is a misdemeanor and breaking into cars not really a crime in DC, much less for a juvenile. Hope he’s got a record or he’s already back out.

  • Glad you are posting these stories PoP!

  • My car was broken into last month a couple of blocks from this location. While I didn’t have a 9mm in the car, I wonder if the cops can inquire about the backpack full of dirty laundry that was so cruelly taken from me.

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